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Classification of Video games in the Philippines?

MANILA, Philippines - The vice chairman of the House committee on children’s welfare urged yesterday local executives to immediately enforce regulatory classifications for video games that are sold in stores or played in gaming arcades as many of them promote violence or sexual promiscuity.

Bagong Henerasyon party-list Rep. Bernadette Herrera-Dy said that there is no specific government agency that classifies video games.

She said the age and content ratings being imposed by the international Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) on video games do not strictly bind compliance in the Philippines because there are no locally produced video games.

Herrera-Dy issued the call in the wake of gun-related violence in the country with the Caloocan City and Cavite shootings resulting in the death of nine persons, including two children.

She warned that violent video games are readily available to minors in their homes and in gaming arcades, and are easily accessed from various websites.

“In fact the New York Times has reported that a Web site promoting a popular video game has tapped manufacturers of a high-powered sniper and assault guns as among its advertising sponsors,” she said.

Herrera-Dy said that under her proposal, local government units must impose classification standards for access to video game CDs sold in stores or those played in mall fun centers and Internet shops.

She said the audience classification ratings of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) could be used as the same standard of classification for video and Internet games in the meantime.

She vowed to file several anti-gun control and violence prevention measures such as the video game classification standards, believing that strong public support may give these proposals a good chance of being passed into law before the closing of the 15th Congress in June.

“In the absence of national laws that would ensure stringent gun licensing regulations and violence prevention measures, local government units may step in because they are capable of taking quick and determined steps to protect their constituents from a culture of violence that has slowly crept into our communities,” she said.

Herrera-Dy admitted that there is no direct connection between video games and the incidence of firearm violence, but “this should not deter local and national legislative bodies to pass laws against video game violence, most of which are even more brutal and ruthless than those committed in real life.”

Pointless. A waste of government resources. Major gaming companies do not even see the Philippines as a viable game market and there are practically no official releases of consoles in the Philippines. Plus most people play pirated stuff or pirate their games anyway. How are you going to classify those?

I've never really seen arcade games as excessively violent. The most played violent arcade games as far as I can see are fighting games pero matatanda yung mga naglalaro usually, guys in their 20's or 30's. Usually at the Super Street Fighter 4 AE and Tekken machines sa Megamall. Most of the younger kids seem too intimidated to play these games, too much work to master. The shooting games are never played as extensively since they're too expensive and boring, maybe one or a few tries but that's it.

While some Internet Cafes do offer some games, do they even need a warrant for classification? I haven't really played those so I can't say. Some of the most violent games I've ever played are Flash games that you can easily play from the Net. Madami din ako nakikitang bata who rent PC's just to play Flash games. Classify the browser?

Will a classification even help? Yung mga U.S., Euro and Japanese console games already have classification ratings on their boxes. I suppose Asian versions lang ang wala but an entire law just for Asian version games? Pahirap lang IMO ang magagawa nito.

Why do I have a feeling she's just getting on the anti videogame/guns bandwagon blowing in from the U.S.?
She vowed to file several anti-gun control and violence prevention measures such as the video game classification standards, believing that strong public support may give these proposals a good chance of being passed into law before the closing of the 15th Congress in June.

Definitely no support from me. She'd accomplish much more by trying to curb down piracy.

Videogame Sin Tax coming up soon. Going full speed on DD pag mangyari yun.


  • PangitQuestPangitQuest PEx Rookie ⭐
    kadalasan sa mga yan pinanganak nang walang utak..hehehe

    lagi lang sila nakatingin sa video games, pero hindi need nang video games para makakita ka nang violence, nood ka lang nang TV ang dami dyan, teleserye lang panay kidnap, patayan, at kung ano ano pa na gimik para magaya nang pwede manood, kaya nga kung base nyo yung mga insidente nang mga violence dito ang tanong saan mo ito napanood?..hahahaha

    isa pa kung me utak yan, ang video game meron rating na yan, so kung nalalaro nang bata ang mga hindi dapat well kasalanan nang magulang yan, hindi nila tinitingnan kung ano pinalalaro nila sa bata, example ang mga ***** papanood mo ba sa anak mo? syempre meron malaking M or X na nakalagay dyan, ganon din ang mga games, meron malaking M din yan kung pang mature, pero sino me kasalanan? hindi ang mga bata, kung hindi yang kagaya nyang walang utak..hehehe

    tanda ko yung sa mass effect, yung KUNO sex scene doon, meron na interview sa fox ata yon, then sabi masama daw yon, hindi tama sa bata at kung ano ano, nang tanungin kung nalaro nya ang game hindi daw, ako nalaro ko yung game, well same lang din sa mga TV na nakikita yung makikita halos don, so nangyari sa huli yung na promote nyang book ang daming umatake na fans at sabi na walang kwenta yung book nya panay lang daw sex pero hindi daw nila nababasa..hahahahaha
  • val_venisval_venis PEx Rookie ⭐
    lahat na lang gustong pakialaman ng gobyerno. una.. bisyo ko naapektuhan, ngayon naman pati ba naman mga laro. :bop:
  • DriversuckerDriversucker PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Sa U.S. nga may classification system din pero gumagana ba? NOPE!

    Kita mo nga dun mga bata na five years old pa lang hustler na sa CoD at Modern Warfare.

    Imbes WALANG KWENTANG Batas na ganyan pag tuunan na lang nila ang pag iimprove ng quality of Education sa bansa.



    Compare nyo generation ngayon at yung mga Marcos Baby (mga pinanganak mula 1972 up to 1986... kasama na ako dun :D ) mas nakakaintindi sila ng English dahil umaga pa lang babad na sa English shows at cartoons.

    Ngayon ang mga nakakaintindi na lang ng English ay yung mga bata na may Cable TV sa bahay :(
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