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Favorite Survivor TV Series Quotes

gotta lick itgotta lick it PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
it is one of the longest US reality TV shows with various foreign franchises. the most famous quote would be the TV show moniker "... outwit, outplay, outlast."

what are your favorite survivor quotes?


  • mars11mars11 引きこもり PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    Abi has all the social graces of a mack truck!
    -Malcolm Freberg (Survivor: Philippines)
  • Eat yo rice.
  • You have made my life a living hell from day one. Forget chu, go home, goodbye!
  • mars11mars11 引きこもり PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    ^i soooo love Crystal!!!
  • Well of course:

    "Stupid people. . . Let me just say that again. . . Stupid, stupid players"

    - Shii Ann
    (She had the gall bladder to say it lol.)

    Pretty much anything from Sandra (in all her season 1 and 2 and reunion shows) is quotable haha.
  • mars11mars11 引きこもり PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    ^i super loved Shii Ann! she is one true blooded All Star!

    "You have underestimated my powers. Perhaps you should spend some time analyzing your own..."
    -Shii Ann's confessional as she votes Colby off, that sealed his demise in All Stars.

    "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones..."
    -Shii Ann's message to the bitter jury of All Stars

    Sandra is truly a character!

    I can get loud too!
    -Sandra faces off with Jonny Fairplay

    it grew legs and walked off...
    -Sandra's conclusion to the whereabouts of the missing machete

    i'm against you!
    -Sandra to Russell!
  • LOL @ I can get loud too :lol:

    "JT gave Russell his heart today. And Russell is just going to stab it a million times, and hand it to me, and I'm going to eat it”
  • "Shut up, Probst!"
  • mars11mars11 引きこもり PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    i will always wave my finger in your face!
    -Alicia Calaway during her fight with Kimmi (Survivor: Australia)

    it would be downright depressing to watch green bananas turn yellow without my debaucherous little villains...
    -Parvati's speech before her best play using two idols (Survivor: Heroes vs Villains)

    i hope you guys all get bit by a freaking crocodile. scumbags
    -Judd's extro before he walks off to get his torch snuffed (Survivor: Guatemala)

    i ain't done playing just yet...
    -Russell Hantz before playing his second hidden immunity idol to blindside Kelly (Survivor: Samoa)

    seriously, who is this jack *****$?!
    -Erinn's confessional while mocking Coach (Survivor: Tocantins)

    it's a fvcking stick!!!
    -Eliza's reaction after she found a fake idol that Jason thought was authentic (Survivor: Micronesia)

    i'll think about you guys when i see the stars through the sunroof of my new car.
    -Cindy's extro after she was voted off (Survivor: Guatemala)
  • mars11mars11 引きこもり PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    i am going to make sure those freaking evil stepsisters of mine are not going to win a million dollars!
    -Christy's final words after she was voted off (Survivor: Amazon)

    i might envy your position in the final two but never your position in life...
    -Eliza's jury comment towards Twila at the final tribal council (Survivor: Vanuatu)

    i am the new dragon slayer!
    -Sophie's confessional as she votes Ozzy off for a third time (Survivor: South Pacific)

    hello! i'm still a person!
    -Peih-Gee, frustrated after she was not picked after a reward challenge (Survivor: China)

    i'm voting for you tonight because when you snore it sounds like someone choking a walrus.
    -Courtney's constant votes for Jean-Robert at tribal council (Survivor: China)

    i love seeing people cry, when you crush their dreams.
    -Tyson's crusade to bully Sierra (Survivor: Tocantins)

    i am a lot of things, but i ain't no hershey bar.
    -Colby's comment over his disdain to being Jerri's object of ogling (Survivor: Australia)

    cos you're wrong! so shut up!
    -Christina's frustration over Alicia's false accusations (Survivor: One World)
  • Not really a quote but i still cannot phantom the idea how Angie Layton came up with "cookies" at that particular time. Regardless, very cute and "bangable" still. :D
  • silverwhizsilverwhiz 10th PEx Oscar Pool Winner
    Courtney is the queen of one-liners. :love:
  • silverwhizsilverwhiz 10th PEx Oscar Pool Winner
    I plead to the jury tonight to think a little bit of the island we have been on . This island is full of, pretty much, only two things - snakes and rats. And in the end of Mother Nature, we have Richard The Snake, who knowingly went after prey; and Kelly, who turned into the rat that ran around like rats do on this island, trying to run from the snake. I believe we owe it to the island spirits we have come to know to let it end in the way that Mother Nature intended: For the snake to eat the rat.

    -Susan Hawk of Survivor Borneo
  • gotta lick itgotta lick it PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    MajorPain wrote: »
    Not really a quote but i still cannot phantom the idea how Angie Layton came up with "cookies" at that particular time. Regardless, very cute and "bangable" still. :D

    ".... poor girl. All she wanted was some cookies."

    - malcolm freberg
  • mars11mars11 引きこもり PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    "the game's afoot!"
    -Tarzan's mantra when he doesn't want to talk strategy at tribal council (Survivor: One World)

    "let's see if i can make a deal with this car"
    -Yau-Man's proposition to Dreamz for immunity in exchange for the car (Survivor: Fiji)

    "i've been bamboo-zled!"
    -Richard's line after he got blindsided (Survivor: All Stars)

    "i need somebody to pee on my hand!"
    -John Carroll's plea after he got pricked by a sea urchin (Survivor: Marquesas)

    "i'm 150 to 200% satisfied with the wife i have!"
    -Ted to Ghandia after their grinding incident (Survivor: Thailand)

    "abi's a bit like having a girlfriend who hasn't gotten the message and won't leave after you've broken up with her"
    -Malcolm's confessional on Abi's behaviour (Survivor: Philippines)

    "somebody call a whambulance, terry‘s crying on the course!
    -Aras mocking Terry in a challenge (Survivor: Panama)

    "we're not going back to immunity!"
    -Angie mixes up her words while venting frustration after multiple immunity losses (Survivor: Palau)
  • Johnny Fairplay's confessional about his not so dead grandma who's probably watching Jerry Springer.
  • courtney-yates.png

    I dislike everyone else more than I dislike Todd and Amanda and I think they mistake that for friendship.

    You know like, I’m not trying to be a monk here, like, I’m tired. I wanna go sit back with a lemonade, like I don’t really wanna be like, bowing thirty-seven times. And we bowed! We bowed for like days, I swear to god, we were there forever!

    I’m a waitress from New York City, dude, what do you think?

    You think I know how to do any of this stuff?

    This isn't like, welfare.

    Whether it be a piece of pizza or a spot in the Final Three, you can always count on Todd.

    'm probably the biggest ***** on the planet.

    Jeff Probst: Courtney still looking for her father. Courtney: Shut up, Probst!

    I have never been anything but my own winsome personality since day one!

    Like I’m going to keep anyone warm?! I weight seven pounds… I can’t even keep myself warm! Get off of me!

    I believe that the USA Hockey Team is missing a player. (About Denise)

    I think the censors are going to have a hard time with me on the show.

    It’s almost like a pageant. (About the immunity necklace)

    I'm voting for you tonight because when you snore it sounds like someone choking a walrus.

    I seem to be marooned in a land with flight attendants and Sunday school teachers.

    It's like my own private Hell. There's like, exactly the kind of people I don't like being around.

    Everything's always great, isn't it amazing, like you're doing a really good job with that.

    I'm not a liar y'all, I just went along with him.

    He's become the Susan Lucci of tribal council; his name is always up there, but he never quite gets voted out. (About Jean-Robert)

    Peih Gee is on a crusade to be the most annoying person at our camp. The position is filled. We have Jean Robert. We have him.

    Well now i can fall in the water, but i don't want to fall in the water. This Water's gross, I'll just sit here.

    I actually hate kids.

    Jeff Probst just called me fat!

    I made it through the end, and you know *looks behind her in the Reunion show* hey guys!

    Break her shoulder!

    It's no secret that Russell has a little boy crush on Parvati, because he's, I mean, let's face it, he's like a bandy legged little troll who, you know, sort of like scampers around with his tooth missing and, you know, is in and out of the bushes and never washes, and she pays attention to him and she has, like, no problem flirting with... clearly... anything that walks.

    You never know what's gonna happen between now and when the sun goes down.

    What a trooper!

    Thank you Jeffery. (To Jeff Probst)

    Thanks Dad. (To Coach)

    I'm still here over a bunch of strong players, so twisted ankle, skinny chick, whatever, I'm a determined little ***** and I'll put up with a lot of crap to get to the end.

    Banana wars!

    If that little troll plays an idol...

    source: http://www.ilovesurvivor.com/2012/08/courtney-yates-famous-quotes.html
  • and of course! Courtney's bestfriend in HvV

    Sandra Diaz-Twine


    I never trusted you from day one and you can't be trusted. (To Fairplay)

    I can get loud too, What the F**K.

    When we got back to camp, I kept thinking you know what, You're not gonna enjoy Rupert's Fish, so I got to camp first, and I grabbed the bucket full of fish, and it was so damn heavy and I tripped on a vine and I spilled all the fish, and I started arguing with Jon to the point where it saved me because they never pointed the finger at me as to being the one dumping the fish.

    My plan right now is to start on the two water cans. I'm gonna hide those, I'm gonna hide the nets because they haven't used them in a long time. I'm gonna hide the pickaxe, all the knives, throw the machetes, I'm little by little, they won't even see it coming, I'm gonna hide the spear and all four masks therefore they won't have a way to fish.

    I swear on my two kids that I'm with you guys until we're in the final three.

    As it stands now, if either Darah or Lil wins immunity, then the other one goes, I really don't give a damn which one goes as long as it ain't me.

    Last time I was mean and this time I'm meaner, you know I'll lie I don't care, but I'll make up a good lie.

    That's someone I can see myself aligning with, until it's time to cut his throat.

    I'm trying to stay as long as I can.

    He's a stupid ***! (About Russell searching for the idol)

    You need to get in the ocean and wash your ***.

    The worst tribe ever put together is the villains tribe, I should not even be here, I should be with the heroes cause I can't stand Jerri, I hate Coach, I hate Danielle, I hate Russell even more. So Any of those four, I'm not gonna pick one above the other cause I equally hate them all.

    Russell he don't know how to play this game, yea he's done good so far, but with me, he don't know what he got himself into.

    This is what we get for being *****es!

    You know how some people forgive but don't forget, well I don't forgive and I don't forget.

    I don't want my big mouth to get me in trouble.

    It's time for revenge, and this is for Courtney, Boston Rob, Tyson, and even Coach who I don't care about, but I'll stick him in there too.

    I think I'm gonna keep it for myself cause I'm so damn greedy. (about the idol)

    That's how confident I am that I'm not going home.

    I'll write your name again and if I make it to the final three, you will still give me your vote (Voting Rupert out)

    He wants to micromanage the whole tribe, and unfortunately I'm not the kinda person you can micromanage.

    I'm feeling wonderful because regardless, Russell keeping me around, because I'll never get a single vote, but I don't know about that!

    Every villain for himself.

    I came for one reason and one reason only, for another million dollars.

    This is how I hustle, This is how I make my money, I come and play survivor, that's what I know how to do, that's what I'm best at.

    Russell is obnoxious, so I took his hat and I threw it in the fire, I don't care.
    That's a payback for everything he's done to me in this game. I don't care.

    I've been soul surviving since my alliance been wiped out.

    The only people here that like you are right there, *points at Russell's family* 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

    It was dirty, it was funky, so I threw it in the fire (Reunion show - About Russell's hat)
  • gotta lick itgotta lick it PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    jaypogi wrote: »
    Johnny Fairplay's confessional about his not so dead grandma who's probably watching Jerry Springer.

    "can i get a hug?" (second to the last tribal council survivor pearl islands)

    "you guys are dumber than you look." (during the tribal reunion survivor pearl islands)

    "i played a perfect game last time. i consider myself the greatest player in the history of the game." (survivor heroes vs villians)

    - johnny fairplay aka jon dalton

    "the most infamous of all Survivors." (survivor heroes vs villians)

    "forgive my skepticism." (survivor heroes vs villians)

    - jeff probst
  • mars11mars11 引きこもり PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    "this is Shane's thinking seat. this is mine for the rest of the... actually, could no one else sit on my thinking seat?!
    because i picked it! you want this one?! i'll go get another one! i want one! this one! i just want mine!
    -Shane flips over his thinking seat (Survivor: Panama)

    tyson, you be careful or you will fall off.
    i just don't want you to break your pretty little face.

    -Erinn mocking Tyson on a challenge (Survivor: Tocantins)

    i don't know how i necessarily became the junior deputy firewood b!tch.
    -Rob Cesternino's confessional about Butch's obsession to firewood (Survivor: Amazon)

    making love is my sport!
    -Dave Ball's comment to Jeff's question while on a challenge (Survivor: Samoa)

    first and foremost i would like to congratulate myself on being the most naive person to
    ever play the game of survivor.

    -Matt's reaction to his second blindside (Survivor: Redemption Island)

    this is my island!
    -Troyzan's mantra (Survivor: One World)

    she opens her mouth and i want to put a gun on mine!
    -Jenna Lewis' comments over her annoyance to Shii Ann (Survivor: All Stars)

    i'm a former special agent with the defense investigation services
    -Phillip Sheppard (Survivor: Redemption Island)
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