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First Car: 2nd Hand vs Brand New

Finally... Barack has come back! to P-E-X!

Barack's looking to buy his first car, but the question is, to get a brand new or an old one? Well Barack's friends mentioned that getting a second hand one will free Barack of the burden of paying monthly if a bnew one is bought. The downside of a second hand is that if not inspected properly, there'll be broken stuff that can affect the safety of the vehicle and the ones riding it. As for brand new, what was mentioned to Barack is that you are the first owner, all is fresh from the factory and under warranty and insurance, in the expense of paying monthly.

So what is recommended for an entry-level driver like Barack? Thank you!

If you smell what Barack is cookin'!


  • I think a good question to barack is, if barack bought a brand new car is barack going to have a hard time paying the monthly payment? is barack gonna live a ballin on a budget lifestyle for 5 years? if yes, then go for the second hand!

    good luck! what barack wants barack gets :lol:
  • Barack's gimmick is far from being amusing or funny.
  • @Barack_Says

    IMHO if it will be your 1st car and you don't have any prior experience at driving, get a 2nd hand car. The likelihood of you denting the car or hitting something is quite high.
  • mars11
    mars11 引きこもり
    if you can afford a brand new one then go for it.
  • my_2_cents
    my_2_cents In your pocket.
    Buy the car you can afford. Borrowing money to buy a car isn't the smartest move because you pay more.

    With me, I buy brand new but keep the car for 10-15 years.

  • finally, Barack has come back to PeX!

    my budget is between 130-150k. Though I've been eyeing a few mid-late 90s Corollas (both big bodied and small bodied ones), and also this mid 90s Civic. preferrably manual tranny.

    Barack still can't afford to pay the monthly for a brand new vehicle.

    if you smell what Barack is cooking!
  • JobyBryant24
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    If Barack has enough money, Barack should buy the new one. But if Barack, is medyo thrifty, Barack can buy the second hand car. Since entry level pa lang sa driving, second hand is for Barack.

    And now since Barack has a budget of only 130-150k, then Barack has no option but to buy the second hand.
  • is a mid-late 90s corolla good for the budget? or is it a high-maintainance once given its age?
  • well you barrack have no choice anyway.

    Also even very old cars (vintage cars like 50's or 60's) can be road worthy if done right.

    rule of thumb is do not cheap out on parts. always buy original parts. Treat the car right and it will serve you well.
  • Yes go for toyora corolla.. Lots of parts brandnew and used japan surplus.

    From the smallest screw to the highest performance engine, name it and you have it.

    Maintenance is cheap for the ride that makes other head turn around when your corolla was as smooth like a brand new car... hehehehe

    I suggest corolla from 1993 - 1998 very spacious for a family of 5...
  • what about a Lancer GL 1993-95 model for 100-150k?
  • what about a Lancer GL 1993-95 model for 100-150k?

    for 150k you can go with either gli & glxi 93-95 model sir, just a heads up on the servo :)
  • K.I.L.L.
    K.I.L.L. My brain only has 512mb!
    Just save up some more. If you buy a second hand car, you would still need to set aside some money for repair and maintenance. Don't rush. Nothing wrong with taking public transport for the meantime. I take the train all the time.

    If you don't know anything about cars, then learn about cars first. Study the different systems that work in a car.

    A 90's corolla can be a reliable vehicle provided that it has been maintained well. However, any used vehicle would already need parts replacement so do expect "surprise" costs as soon as you buy a used vehicle. A good amount for repairs would be around 50,000.

    Lastly, please don't refer to yourself in the 3rd person. It's not amusing.
  • if you do not know about cars, learn it by having a car... Di ka matututo kapag walang kotse..

    Kapag brandnew namn bibilhin nyo mas maganda para no hassle sa mga sira. Pero dapat magaling ka nang driver para maiwasan ang mga sagi at bangga.. Kung newbie ka pa lang sa pagmamaneho i suggest buy used car muna atleast kapag nasagi or nabangga ay hindi nakakapanghinayang..

    Given na talaga na kapag second hand car ang bibilhin mo ay may mga repair kang gagawin. But you can minimize it if you have trusted mechanic that can help you search for a good used car..

    things to remember when buying used car:
    1. Legal papers - OR/CR dapat correct entry lahat nakasulat dun
    2. Engine - dapat maayos ang makina.Dapat hindi nag-oover heat. Need mo ng mechanic dito.
    3. Paint - mahal po magpapintura kaya dapat maayos din ang pintura ng oto na bibilhin.
    4. Underchassis parts - check nyo kung may kalampag
    5. Shock/suspension - mahal po ang magpalit ng set ng shock absorber kaya suriin mabuti kung ok pa mga shock.
    6. Alternator -
    7. A/C - isa din ito sa mahal ang pagpapagawa.
    8.Interior - dapat fresh pa mga seats,dashboard/ at mga plastic panels and covers.
    9.Sounds - kung mahilig kayo sa music, pakicheck din baka sira na.
    10. Tires - naku po mahal din ang set of tires kaya dapat yung bibilhin mong oto as much as possible new set of tire na..

    Kapag may ilan sa mga yan ang wala sa ayos pwede na kayong makapag negotiate ng mas mababang presyo kasi ipapagawa nyo pa kamo.. hehehehehe
  • what about a Lancer GL 1993-95 model for 100-150k?

    ang mahal naman niyan. meron ako Lancer 91 model, 80k lang. PM mo ako kung trip mo.
  • 150K?? Pang DP lang to sa bnew eh.

    Barack naman oh!
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