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Multimedia arts or industrial design?

Hi CSB students, I'm currently a frosh student and I would like to shift from CDA to either of this courses. Can you please tell me which is better. Please reply I really want to know. The job opportunities and benefits. Thank you :)


  • Hi there! Oh I see, I can't really say which one is better as the 2 degree programs are different in their own ways.

    Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts (ABMMA) focuses on multimedia communication, graphic design, programming, digital media, anything that has to do with media and the internet as well.
    With this you can become involved in the following: Advertising, interactive media, multimedia education and training, graphic design, print media publishing, illustration and visualization, video production, animation, corporate communication, etc.


    Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design (BS-ID) trains you to design new products that are innovative, value-laden and enjoyable for users. You will be trained in product design and development, master business-related concepts such as entrepreneurship and management.

    Job opportunities are the following: Product design, toy design, graphic design, packaging design, exhibition design, furniture design, transportation design and design education.
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