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TEAM MARIAN: The Lady Boss & Primetime Queen Continues To Tempt Your World [TM.4]



  • Butch Francisco Salutes Marian Rivera by Butch Francisco

    This is the reason why I salute Marian Rivera. She knows how to say thank you even for the littlest nice thing you say about her.

    I’ve been asked a hundred times by people outside of showbiz if she really is difficult as she was often pictured by her detractors. Oh, she definitely had bad press. Why do you think showbiz outsiders never tire asking me if she truly is quarrelsome?

    My answer to that? I never experienced anything unpleasant in any of my dealings with her as in never. On the contrary, she is the most approachable and accommodating among the young showbiz stars today.

    If ever she got into any fight, I suspect that she had been provoked. Maybe patience is not one of her virtues. But neither is she the type who would allow herself to be trampled on. It is her right to fight back.

    My fondness for Marian began when I saw her audition for Marimar. I wrote about it and she in gratitude sent me a token with a little note. I no longer remember what was in that tiny package and what became of it, but I treasure the note that showed not only appreciation, but also respect. In return I also showered her with respect.

    I can’t categorically state that we are close friends, but my respect for her will always be there.

    It all started with two simple words: Thank you.

  • 28th birthday with MarianKnights and DAMAS Kids


    28th birthday with Red Cross Philippines



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  • Marian Rivera with PRC team in Rescue and Relief Operations




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  • A Little Respect For Marian Rivera By Cai Subijano

    Show business is a fickle industry, much like the weather we’ve been having lately. Showbiz can rain on any given artista’s parade without warning and turn up the heat when someone’s in the hot seat. Taking in Marian Rivera’s six-year career, complete with the requisite breaks and career milestones, some 25 to 30 lucrative endorsements at any given point and enough Internet and Twitter controversy to bring a bearded Middle Eastern tyrant down, it’s hard to believe that she almost didn’t get her big break. To be more specific: If Angel Locsin didn’t jump the fence from GMA to ABS CBN six years ago, Marian still might be playing supporting roles today. Or working her old job at a mental hospital. Seriously.

    Tracing our steps back to 2005, it was the year GMA got the rights to remake the hit early ’90s Mexican telenovela Marimar, and with Angel as the studio’s resident crown jewel at the time, naturally, the title role was hers. While Angel is still a huge star in her own right, when she signed with rival network ABS CBN, GMA wasted no time finding her replacement. To put it mildly: Angel out, Marian in. “Well, everybody knows that Marimar was really for (Angel),” Marian told Star entertainment editor Ricky Lo in 2009, “But I think one of the reasons why the public accepted me as Marimar is that siguro nakita naman nila na talagang pinag-sikapan kong gampanan ‘yung role ng mabuti. I really worked hard for it. Ibinuhos ko ang sarili ko doon sa role. I believe na kung nasaan man ako ngayon, pinag-hirapan ko ‘yon.”

    The woman speaks the truth. Her audition tape for Marimar is still on Youtube, if you want to see for yourself. Perhaps the most astounding quality about her in that tape is the lack of rawness. More often than not, if you look up old photos and videos of stars today, you’ll notice something missing. Either their makeup isn’t right, there’s still some weight to be lost or a certain measure of lingering self-doubt. Whatever it is, what industry people call “star quality” isn’t there yet. In Marian’s case, however, she was the complete package: She had the looks, the talent, the moves, and most noticeably, the appeal. Watch as she brings the buxom Thalia’s moves as Marimar back to life and the way she stood her ground while throwing lines with one of the industry’s long-time leading men, her current beau, Dingdong Dantes. There wasn’t a slight instance of inhibition or hesitance; she was ready for stardom.

    The woman everyone loves to hate: Marian possesses one of the sweetest faces in the industry, which belies her fieriness when the gossip surrounding her gets ugly.

    The very fact that she was hailed as GMA’s newest star in as little as two years in the industry while steadily earning her crown as her studio’s Primetime Queen within the next four years is uncanny. But as quickly her ascendance to fame occurred, so did the onset of haterade. From the beginning of her career, there almost hasn’t been a time when Marian wasn’t entangled in some sort of mess. She could give Gretchen Barretto a run for her money. A number of these controversies include being the called third party in Karylle and Dingdong’s dissolved relationship (but is there an actress who hasn’t been labelled as the “third party”? Anyway, she was absolved by Karylle herself.). Another issue involved having a video uploaded on Youtube of her losing her cool and telling off a male onlooker who was rude to her on the set of Dyesebel (hey, she’s a fiery Caviteña).

    Perhaps the worst and most absurd instance was when she supposedly locked actress Bela Padilla in a bathroom because Bela’s romantic scenes with Dingdong in the TV show Endless Love made her jealous (the issue was resolved behind closed doors, but it’s hard to believe that any sane person would do that). The most recent issue is a reported feud between her and co-Temptation Island lead, Heart Evangelista, which supposedly involved Heart’s mom telling Marian to stay away from her daughter. The report is surprising considering the talk that it was Marian who convinced Heart to join the cast in the first place, but with Heart all the way in Brazil now, resolutions might have to wait.

    In all the controversy hounding her throughout her entire career, the running theme, curiously, is that Marian is always portrayed as the aggressor. As such, she’s a potential PR nightmare and this type of thing never usually works out for any burgeoning or reigning artista. Yet somehow, her popularity has never diminished and she’s still never given the dreaded boxed-in kontrabida roles. For the most part, she’s untouchable and that’s one niggling fact that must annoy her aggravators most. If anything, these persistent issues keep Marian interesting and most of all, relatable. After all, it gets tiring to see these actresses pretend that they’re perfect human beings who never lose their tempers, never make mistakes (admittedly, that “Isa po akong Psychology” crack never gets old), never feel pangs of jealousy when your boyfriend has to kiss another actress for a scene. Come on.

    We may never know the true character of Marian Rivera or if the invectives hurled at her bear any semblance of truth. All we can say is that she stands alone when it comes to her candidness, refreshing honesty, and willingness to speak her mind, even if it means getting misinterpreted and misunderstood. From the start of her extraordinary career, Marian knew exactly what she was getting herself into when she chose this path six years ago and she’s not about to regret her decision over little more than mud slinging. She took control of an industry known for its volatility and for all her faults, that’s a pretty mean feat — one that deserves some respect. And that’s just something that her haters have to deal with.
  • amaya-1.jpg

    The Amaya Epic Finale Wins In The Ratings

    “With much anticipation leading up to the finale of GMA Network’s first-ever epic series, Amaya, the program landed on Twitter’s list of most discussed topic worldwide and even locally last Friday, January 13.

    “The hashtag #AmayaEpicFinale became the talk of the day on the microblogging website after trending to the No. 1 spot both in the Philippines and worldwide during the finale episode of the Marian Rivera-led series.

    “The program, likewise, concluded with high TV ratings after it posted an impressive 43.5 household audience share points in Mega Manila, way ahead of ABS-CBN programs Ikaw Ay Pag-ibig’s 28.6 points and Budoy’s 29.8 points, according to data from the industry’s widely trusted ratings service provider Nielsen TV Audience Measurement.

    “Avid viewers of the epic series tuned in to witness Amaya’s final battle against her mortal enemy, Dian Lamitan (Gina Alajar) and the conclusion to the love story of the warrior princess and her greatest love, Bagani, played by Sid Lucero.

    “Meanwhile, Marian is currently taping for her upcoming primetime drama series My Beloved opposite real-life sweetheart Dingdong Dantes. This original Telebabad offering is the reunion project of the couple, which is set to premiere on February 13, 2012 under the direction of Dominic Zapata.”

    Amaya Epic Finale Trended Worldwide and Philippines.









    2013, watch out

    “Pumasok ako sa showbiz na naging totoo ako sa sarili ko. Minahal ko ’yung trabaho, minahal ko ’yung mga taong nakapaligid sa akin,” she explains. “Public property ang artista so dapat matuto ka na hindi talaga lahat ng tao mape-please mo.”

    “Once a week, pinupuntahan ako ni Nanay (her maternal grandmother) at ni Mommy ko. Bonding kami,” she shares. “Nakakapag-unwind ako kapag kasama ko mga mahal ko sa buhay.

    “Likas kasi akong payat. Hindi rin ako nagdyi-gym, pero aware ako sa mga dapat kong kainin at hindi. Sa trabaho ko, hindi pwedeng hindi nagri-rice kasi puyatan. Mawawalan ako ng energy.”

    “Boring ang buhay ko!” “Walang smoke, walang gimik.”

    “Gusto ko maging certified na chef talaga! Hinahabol ko yung toque!” she giddily says. “Malay mo, balang araw magkaroon ako ng restaurant. Gusto ko ako ang head chef.”

    “Magkasama kami? Oo. Nagde-date kami? Oo. Pero ’yung magkasama sa set, ibang usapan na ’yan.”

    “Naniniwala ako na ang magaling na actress, alam niya [ang] ginagawa niya,” “On time siya, binabasa niya script niya. Kung gusto mong maganda ang kalabasan n’yan ay matutuo ka dapat mag-homework.”

    Not one to rest just because things are going too well, Marian still wants to fulfil a few more things on her acting to-do list. These include: playing a mad person, playing a man, and being in an Angelina Jolie-type Mr. & Mrs. Smith action role. For a woman who refused a stunt double for her action scenes in Amaya, that’s a big assertion.








  • Dingdong defends his beloved: "Sobrang pure ng kanyang soul, she really only has good things to say about everyone. If these people say otherwise, that's because they offended her. Someone has done something bad to her and it's just how she reacts." - Dingdong Dantes [Cosmopolitan Philippines April 2012]

    "Kung sino siya before, nothing can change her, not fame, not the things that come with being a celebrity." [Cosmopolitan Philippines April 2012]

    unfolding herself to unwrap dingdong's pasalubong of pesto pasta from cibo. Minutes earlier My Beloved leading man ( their fifth pairing in six years) strides in with a brown bag, eliciting a ladylike squeal from marian. "ay sweet siya, nagsa-spark ang mata di masyadong in love!" she kids him.

    MARIAN RIVERA: "bumagsak ako dito, umangat ako dito, gumulung ako dito, lahat ng ito, may dahilan"






  • "There are a lot of things to sacrifice bilang artista. Naniniwala ako that we have a big responsibility and kailangan pangalagaan ang image. Kailangan kaya mong i-handle ang sarili mo" -- (MARIAN RIVERA, Speed Mag May 2012)











  • “Sana di daw ako magselos. O.M.G, selos issue
    na naman? Nasusuka na ako sa selos. Kulang na
    lang sumuka ako ng dugo para lang sabihin sa
    inyo na hindi ako nag-seselos.”
    – Marian Rivera
    ( Rogue 2012)












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