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Overnight Parking Around Makati

I work in V.A. Rufino. My shift is 9pm-6am.

Any suggestions where I can park my car? How much?


  • virtuoso
    virtuoso sometimes u see me
    park along the streets. libre parking ng ganyang time.
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    ^Just make sure you move your ride by 6:30am... or else you'll ruin your day and have an all expense paid trip to Yakal Street.

    Just walk around the vicinity of your workplace to inquire at the parking lots as well. I heard that some buildings offer a discounted/fixed rate for night parking, primarily to attract the BPO/night shift parkers.
  • may mga condo owners that will let you park your car sa slots nila at night. :) especially yung mga condos that are used for office.
  • You can also search at sulit or ayosdito on a parking rent around makati...price is around 2500-3000 per month.

  • anong oras free parking sa kalsada ng makati sa bandang valero? hehe un range mismo. maraming salamat :)
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