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Mocha Girl: ♥MAE DELA CERNA♥ ~Our LalabZz!!! #1


Due to her youthful appearance, small face and extra round-doe eyes, she was often mistaken as the groups youngest member, and because of this and also according to interviews, she was known to the group and nicknamed as their Baby. She describes herself as the more serious member of the group. Aside from dancing, she also has potential in the field of acting and singing, which makes her a good all-around performer in the group, these unique talent of hers shows in her performances at the show, a perfect example of these are her creative cosplay dance numbers and such.

Aside from undisclosed personal issues, she prompted not to renew her contract to focus more on her new found business, an internet cafe aptly named Maesure and possibly a chance to go back to school to resume her studies, thus the reasons for her exclusion in the group. Though not visible in the EB Babes roster, she can still be seen performing at GMA-7's late night show Cool Center as a member of the Cool Girls, the said shows very own dance group. The show had a long run but it had to be canceled because one of those is running for public office so the network had to replace it with a new show. Fortunately for Mae she was offered to join the Mocha girl group, and she became one of the newest member and she is known as Mocha Girl Mae.

♥ ♥ ♥



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