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pls help me **** po..were planning to visit residence inn tagaytay and paradizoo this weekend po...commute lang po kami...pls give me some direction at ano sasakyan po..from imus cavite po..thanks in advance..:):)


  • michymichymoomichymichymoo PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    It's more than a year ago since we went there, but hope I could help.

    From Imus, ride a bus to Tagaytay. From Crossing, sumakay kami ng jeep to Mendez Crossing. Then sakay ulit ng jeep papasok ng Mendez. Baba sa may kanto across 7-11. May trike terminal dun papuntang Paradizoo.

    Papuntang Residence Inn, sakay ulit ng trike pabalik sa main road. Balik sa Mendez Crossing then jeep papuntang Nasugbu sabihin mo sa driver Residence Inn, alam na nila yun.
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