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online gambling companies

i hope all can provide feedback or add companies here

1. Paragon
2. Bayview
3. Donzo
4. Pacific sea bpo
5. GWI
6. WilliamHill
7. 188bet
8. mansion88/opus gaming
9. pulse interactive
10. s-tech
11. novenix
12. intevalue



  • bakit walang masyado gusto magwork dito? haha hindi niyo ba alam na these companies can pay twice than what you earn from your customer service tasks as an agent? ill give you guys a sample.

    1 company from that list
    basic pay is 20k
    allowance 4k
    13th month - yes
    leaves - 30days per annum 15 vl 15 sl, all sl convertible to cash
    annual bonus... 20k-100k per year
    company outing? hongkong!

    will you still stick on your bpo company talking to customers all day and getting just enough salary for your monthly needs?

    wake up mga dudes.
  • ^ 'pag walang response, hindi na agad interesado? pwede bang wala talagang idea at sadyang walang employee registered on PeX? Hahaha!

    Relevantly, gusto ko din malaman. hehehe
  • pajupaju PEx Rookie ⭐
    mukhang ok ah. pa-send din ng details. thanks.
  • Can you please send me the details and requirements? Thank you ^^
  • sana may mag-respond.. sawa na ko sa call center..
  • update ko kayo... sa mga gusto mag apply hehe

    1. Paragon - 14f rcbc tower 1, ayala ave makati
    2. Bayview - 43f rcbc tower 1, ayala ave makati
    3. Donzo - 14f rcbc tower 2, ayala ave makati
    4. Pacific sea bpo - 24f rcbc tower 1, ayala ave makati
    5. GWI - 17f rcbc tower 1, ayala ave makati
    6. WilliamHill - Net lima, taguig - bago palang ndi pa hiring (from paragon na account)
    7. 188bet - 9f (not sure) pbcom tower, ayala ave makati
    8. mansion88/opus gaming - 10f (not sure din) pbcom tower, ayala ave makati
    9. pulse interactive - 8f the enterprise tower 2, ayala ave makati
    10. s-tech - 27f rcbc tower 1 makati (female online dealers)
    11. novenix - 25f rcbc tower 1 makati
    12. intevalue - 22f (not sure) rcbc tower 1 makati
    13. sbobet - 24f burgandy plaza buendia.
    14. skyarrow - 17f rcbc tower 1

    fyi most of these companies are non voice yet the compensation are the same or even above the BPO compensation. your years of cc experience will just give you a 10-20% benefit from this type of job as it is way different from call centers. mejo mahirap makapasok pero once you are in. its really worth it. most companies pa hindi strict. eating on your station, dress down everyday, anytime puwede mag cr, etc. i recommend to everyone that this is a must try opportunity :)
  • Diba may Paragon sa Eastwood?
  • pa pm nmn ng details qng san hiring sa mga yan thx!
  • Hi, can you send me details if my non-voice day shift pa bang account? [email protected]. Thanks
  • pa pm po or email the details @ [email protected]
  • ryrycryryc PEx Rookie ⭐
    hi, i actually want to switch sa online casino industry, i heard the operation here is matagal na din, di nga lang well known unlike BPO. kaso, puros girls ata ang need sa ganyang industry right? do they also allow undergrads to apply? hope to hear from you!
  • pa refer nmn po :D TIA!
  • sa lahat ng nagpaparefer,walk in nalang kayo hehe... just follow those addresses above.

    @ossified - iba po yan hehe, sa rcbc po *** company for online gaming hehe...

    @gelib95 - sir online gaming is a 24/7 operations, so all those companies listed above have morning,mid and night shift.

    @ryryc - stech and intevalue lang ang for girls only hehe online dealers po kasi ang work nila
  • jbpink87jbpink87 Mailap ang Kinse PEx Expert 🎖️
    What is the job exactly? I mean ano ba gagawin? Sorry I'm not really familiar with this.. I'm kinda interested though.. Thanks... :)
  • honga mukang maganda, kc *** pa mashado nakakaalam.. interesado ako, *** lang *** **** ako idea dito huhuhu
  • Hmmm. bka may kakilala po kayo sa mga ibang gaming sites jan? nag work na po ako isang gaming company kaso lumipat po ako hehe. familiar na po ako sa GWI sa Mansion88/Opus kaso wala pa po sila vacant ee. Operations Officer po ako dati. baka may alam pa po kayo iba? pa refer naman po.. thanks..;) [email protected]:)
  • jhomzz34jhomzz34 PEx Rookie ⭐
    I am also interested.. can someone refer me? my email ad is [email protected]

    thanks! :)
  • ang work mostly are:

    online dealer - like on live casino though ur in front of the camera (females only)

    csr - chats and emails

    fraud / risk management - backoffice work, account analysis, game analysis

    sports analyst / sports trader - backoffice work that focuses on sports, their pricing and computation of players winnings

    audit / finance - handles deposits and withdrawals from the website

    telemarketers - calling clients to promote promos and tournaments and encourage them to deposit money from us.

    other jobs from this industry
    web developer

    @payne: try mo sa novenix :)
  • @jhomzz34 try mo pmunta sa Paragon.. 14th flr rcbc tower 1, ayala makati. hiring sila ***** though mejo mahirap exams nila pero once you got in, its really a good training ground and madaming employees dito tumatagal.

    here is the link for interested applicants for paragon international

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