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I dedicate this thread to all the "geographically single" men and women PExers out there who would like to find a community that would support them in strengthening and growing their bond with their Special Ones who are currently out of the country.

It's in the Single's Scene 'cause we are all geographically "single". :D

Usually, a lot of us struggle when we're not in constant physical bond with our partners. We all know the stories right? And for some of us who are still holding on and has a strong faith with the promises we made when we're still together, we long for the support of the people who understands us the way we see ourselves. Being able to accept the distance and the lesser time and the differences in time does not go automatically to anyone of us. Thus, this thread has been made. I'd like to share my experiences and my learnings as I go through this phase in my life with my one and only, and as I go through in this phase with the people around me.

I hope you can also share your experiences and your best practices with many people here too.

I only have 3 things to request before we post away:
1) Those who would like to share their comments, advices, and suggestions, it's best if you yourself have gone through the LDR experience. I understand that not all of you may have a good advice as you may have experienced a not so good path when you got into LDR, however, I think we all have our own perspective when it comes to our experiences. I highly encourage to limit your unhelpful / negative advices as opposed if you could share your best practices and if you have any scientific or psychological basis as to why. :)
2) Forging a relationship within the community to compensate for the lack of anything in your relationship is a no-no here. I don't want to get bad karma. May this community be an avenue to stay with your current partner and strengthen and grow your relationship with him/her no matter how far your guys are, and not the other way around.
3) Have lots of fun posting in this thread. Everyone are welcome :)

Thank you and always have a great sunshiny day! :)
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