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A Notice...

I'm a pexer and this is the part of pex where I've posted most of my messages so this is where I'm going to post this particular thread. Besides, kakaunti lang naman ang nakakakilala sakin, mostly mga taga-peyups pa. :)

This is a notice to the whole pex community. I'm not going to use my old pex username anymore. I am judge_ojo, a.k.a. "j_o." I have used this alternick (sexyntanned) since last year when all of a sudden, I could not remember my password for "j_o." By the time I was able to remember my password, I used both usernames simultaneously... But, now, I've decided to use just one, and this is the one I choose. Why? Because I don't want to be a judge anymore. :lol: And yet, I still want to be, you guessed it, sexy and tanned, with sexy abs and all that. :lol:

Anyway, I don't want to be confused with another pexer, sexyfive, and I hope everybody concerned gets to read this message and understand that j_o will no longer be here anymore. I will be sexyntanned indefinitely or until something comes up that convinces me to change my username.






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