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A heart-wrecking moment of my life.what's yours?

It was 2011 when i fell in love with a quiet, smart, fine-looking, fun-to-be with guy.From then on everything about me changed. all of me was occupied by him. Just the mere thought of him can set me off washing the dishes without being told while singing to my heart’s content and that was heaven! I get excited for work so I can be with him.To hug him,to kiss him in short to feel his love.Everything was so great.We are always happy until one day I heard the most heart-wrecking confession from him "there's another girl involve".I can't control my tears from falling.I felt unworthy. Most of the time I see myself crying because i can't accept the fact that he gave up on me,that he gave up on us.I felt the extreme hurt because I never included breaking up as an option because I love him so much and I’m willing to compromise just to work it out.Several months had passed, at one time we were happy; at times we’re struggling, but I never gave up on him.I am still hoping that the next time we’ll see each other, it will renew the spark and love he had once felt for me.

So it goes on and on and on until one day i asked him if we could see each other for the last time for closure.While i'm on my way to see him,I can't breathe,i feel nervous.I have waited for him.We're facing each other.I can't think of words to say, the truth is,All i wanna do was to hug and kiss him for the last time.Turned out,he didn't hug me,he didn't hold my hand.He treated me like a stranger.he was cold as ice.He called his girl and at that time i wanna cry as hard as i can but i held back the tears from falling.He dind't notice that those actions are actually killing me.I knew deep within me that he's not the same man i loved before.He had change and i have to accept that he don't love me anymore.At that point,I have decided to give him up.Despite of his cold treatment i stayed calm.I tried my best to play it cool.It's hard for me to act like that but i have no choice.I told him that i'll be fine.To take good care of his self and when he needs help i'll be there.I told him that i just need to keep a distance between me and him because it's not the same anymore but i can be a true friend.Every sentence was a blow to my own hopes, desires and life. But I was doing him (and myself) a final favor. I’m trying to save his life. I’m trying to save a part of me.

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