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Cebu Restaurant: Blue Bar in Marco Polo Plaza

Last November 10, 2012 my bosses invited me to go with them on a dinner to show our new I.T. guy around Cebu. We went to the Blu Bar located in Marco Polo Plaza. I've been around the city but I have to admit that it was my first to dine here. The restaurant is part of Marco Polo Plaza's famed places to go to or could be one of the reason for you to visit the hotel.
Reaching Marco Polo is not a problem. Almost all the cabs and travel agencies in Cebu knows the place. Well, if you are new here's the address (Cebu Veterans Drive, Nivel Hills, Cebu). I hope Google map is accurate.

The experience.

The Blu Bar clamors with the banner, "Romance at 1,000 feet high".

here's the rest:
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