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Cebu Pacific Refund

I made a early booking flight from Manila to Caticlan and Kalibu to Manila this coming December, unfortunately everything didn't go well as plan along the way. In short i have to cancel our trip\flight, i called the local ticketing office and she said that i can only store it in the travel fund which i can use later. Her answer didn't satisfied me so i searched to web for my dilemma, on my horror i found how HELL it was to go through the refund process that often times it takes 6 months to more than a year to process. Any experience in refunding on this airline company?
Other info: I paid the booking at full cash in the local ticketing office and i had no CC right now.


  • Another alibi from Cebu Pac to keep your money! I had travel trouble with them din with my previous trip usually luggage related.
  • Hi, basically you're only realistic option is the Travel Fund that they offered you. Basically means the amount you paid will be stored to that Travel Fund (minus penalty/other charges if there are any) and you can book some any other flight within the given month period (not sure if its 3 or 6 months).

    Having it refunded to your bank account won't really happen unless you put some work on it. Have it stored sa Travel Fund and book some other trip nalang to save you the hassle.
  • I experienced refunding from Cebu Pac, pero credit card. It took me a year bago narefund.
    Ang ginawa ko nung mga 6 months na wala pa, halos araw araw ako tumawag sa kanila.
    Nabalik naman sa credit card. Grabe nga lang pangungulit ang kelangan.

    I don't know kung pano pag cash.
  • xctrekkerxctrekker PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Anybody here with experience on how to apply money in the Travel Fund to another booking? The CebuPac website does not offer any details on how to go about it and how it really works.
  • benta mo na lang. december yan so mataas ang potential na mabenta. lalo na kung dec 24-dec31.

    or ipanalangin mo na magtext ang cebu pac--2 or 3 weeks before the flight-- then may option sila na itransfer sa ibang tao, sa ibang lugar, sa ibang oras, o sa ibang araw. yan dati ang binigay sa akin option kasi sira daw yung plane, biruin mo yun 1 month before ng flight alam nila na sira! hahaha.
  • i tried using my travel fund with cebupac. may account ako pero the fund was not credited. so i booked the flight through phone na lang. choose your flight schedule then call their hotline, sila na magbobook ng flight for you, and tell them that you will be using the travel fund. mabilis lang siya, after i spoke with the agent, isesend na din itinerary receipt. may call center fee nga lang, i was charged P400 (2 guest), just not sure if this is per booking or per guest.
  • pwede po ba mag refund if nakuha ang tix through promo fare?
  • xctrekkerxctrekker PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Supposing you cancelled an international flight, pwede kaya i-apply yung perang pupunta sa Travel Fund later to booking a local/domestic flight?
  • I have a bad experience for this Travel Fund thing the CebuPac. Last May 2012, ngbook ako online using my credit card and the ticket cost was 9K (for me and for my wife) but then we suddenly changed the plan that we are no longer travelling. I had to cancel my booking and there were a refund of 5K PHP (I kept a copy of the receipt thinking i would still be able to make future booking with the refund). My problem was I don't have a CEB account yet when i made the booking. Until now I'm struggling on how to get that 5K PHP back and its almost 7 months. I lost 5K for this damn Travel Fund thing.
  • purpleheadd07purpleheadd07 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    kung promo fare lang iyan naku, good luck at barya na lang maibabalik sa inyo.
  • your travel fund is good for 30 days only. so if after 30 days walang booking, na fo-forfeit ang funds...

    Though there is an option of using your travel fund, I was informed by my account handler na it's not available as of the moment, and that should we wish to book using the stored travel fund we need to call their call center....

    I have a corporate account with Cebu Pacific and refunds were easy, I have also helped several people who wanted to cancel their travels... Good thing with Corporate Accounts is that the fares are way cheaper than what we see sa site. The baggage cost less, the web admin fee is cut to half and no need to present the credit card if the card owner is not around.

    with regards to refunds and penalties, it is clearly stated naman po sa Cebu Pacific terms and conditions.

    Refunds based on my experience would take 3-4 months... Which I think is fair and normal.
  • xctrekkerxctrekker PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    virstud wrote: »
    You need to have an account in the Cebu pacific website first so they can credfit your travel fund on your account.

    You can verify from your account if the travel fund is already credited. When making new bookings, you can select travel fund as mode of payments.

    So how exactly do create an account with CebuPac? Please bear with me on this one- I can't seem to find any instructions on their site as to how to create one. Is it somewhere else?
  • May 5k na bawas dahil sa Travek Fund. Ano ba yang Travel Fund? o_O
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