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Monica Seles!

I just want to make a thread for the only legend in the tour. Come on here Selestials and express your ideas. This classy player deserves respect!


  • I like the way she plays but I am very much annoyed when she grunts.
  • We're opposite, I like the way she grunts. marami na ang mas malakas sa kanyang mag grunt. Nariyan ang Williams sisters. Anyways thanks for appreciating her.
  • Actually, grunting makes sense in tennis. Exhaling when you hit helps you conserve your energy until the instant you hit the ball. That helps you power it forward. Holding your breath when you hit, or timing your breathing wrongly, will be detrimental to your game.

    I've followed Monica's career for a while now, and even though she isn't as dominant as she used to be, I can honestly say that I admire her even more now than I used to. She's got class, which is more than can be said for a lot of players out there. The press hasn't always been kind to her-- first for the loudness of her grunting and then, years later, for her lack of fitness-- but never once has she lashed out at anyone. She's been more than satisfied keeping her head down and sticking to tennis, which is what she does best. And unlike some players whose supposedly private lives are open for everyone's scrutiny, she keeps quiet and only opens up reluctantly in interviews (well, and for her book too). You have to admire someone who keeps her head high and who, despite all opposition, keeps working at what she believes she can do. And it's been paying off too. Until the US Open, where she lost to Daja Bedanova, she was riding high (she'd beaten Capriati, Serena Williams and her old nemesis Hingis-- twice). A sports commentator said that this year it was quite heartening to see Monica out on the courts and not tiring like she used to, just playing really good tennis and not fading away.

    Monica's a lot like Lindsay Davenport. They aren't at all flashy despite their millions and their success. (Monica loves Manolo Blahnik shoes, though, and Lindsay drives a Range Rover and a couple of Porsches, but hey, we've got to live a little, right?) These two girls are my two favorite tennis players precisely because they're people who don't have themselves up for display, but who concentrate on their remarkable tennis games. Plus they've had to fight against considerable odds to get to where they are. Seles had to combat being stabbed and then had to face the media and lots of dubious people; Davenport was insecure due to her appearance and size for a long time when she was growing up.

    Sure, they don't win as much as I'd like them to, but their attitudes make all the difference. Their wins are only icing on the cake for me because their grit-- their triumphs over themselves, their overall classiness-- won me over long ago.
  • I just want to make a thread for the only legend in the tour. Come on here Selestials and express your ideas. This classy player deserves respect!

    I'm glad you started this thread honoring my favorite tenister. She may not be winning now but she still owns my admiration.
  • Monica Seles is a Tennis Player I admire a lot, she is down to earth and has no airs about her. Young tennis players of today should emulate Monica because even if she was on the top she was not arrogant or boastful of what she achieved.

    It is such a shame what happened to her but things must go on and Monica still has teh chance to become #1 again if only she would put the past behind, get in shape and look Tennis in another point of view.

    Monica Seles will forever be #1 for me, better than Steffi Graf even.
  • tamisguytamisguy PEx Rookie ⭐
    She exemplifies grace and sportsmanship.
  • Originally posted by razzp
    I just want to make a thread for the only legend in the tour. Come on here Selestials and express your ideas. This classy player deserves respect!

    all i can say is....HAHAHA!
    Lumabas din ang pagka Seles fan mo razz.
    Grabe, idol!

    Well, hindi ko na siya naabutan. Tanda na eh! ( sarcastic!)
  • Problema mo na yan cool_water! Basta kami kilala namin siya. We're grateful that we're not ignorant about her. Good news dearest Selestials. Monica have just won her 49th career title. She beat Jelena Dokic in straight sets, another Yugoslav like her.
  • tamisguytamisguy PEx Rookie ⭐
    Good for her. :cheers:
  • im a big monica fan too. what i like and admire most especially about monica is her congeniality, down-to-earth attitude, not diabolique, being a good sport and her style of playing.

    eventhough she's not a favorite in the US Open this year, i still wish her the best in every game. actually she just beat barbara schwartz today in 3 sets! galeng! :)

    she remains a darkhorse in the tournament i suppose.

    good luck monica!
  • newel: It doesn't matter if she's not a favorite. She's in a league of her own. She's a legend.

    Wow! That was a thrilling match! It could have gone either ways. Seles summoned her mental prowess that won her 9 Grand Slams that we haven't seen for many years. I hope it was not just a glimpse of her glory days. I'm optimistic that it will continue through the next rounds.

    Go Monica!
  • I like the way she plays but I am very much annoyed when she grunts.

    man, it's music to my ears. the sound of overflowin' energy and verve. awesome.

    oh and when she creates those awesome angles, 'tis like poetry in motion!

    to my sentimental favorite, GO MONICA!!!!!!
  • i think monica seles is being overshadowed by the williams' sisters
  • i like her a lot too..
    I like it when she grunts while playing. she is indeed a power player. Yes, I agree that she has class, but i think that things aren't turning out her way.. Nonetheless, She is still the most awarded active player on tour, having 9 grand slam titles...
    Not even Hingis nor the Williams come close to that..

    Anyway, Im a big gRaf Fan too..
  • Actually, Monica's grunt is original. She was the first female tennis player who had, if not invented :), loud grunts on court to the point that she was complained by her opponents in the early years of her career. But look what's happening in tennis now. Even the men grunt! The fact is, they grunt louder! :lol:

    go Monica!
  • monica advances to the fourth round. she'd probably play hingis. ;)
  • i think monica seles is being overshadowed by the williams' sisters

    the williams sisters overshadow everyone! that huge butt of serena blocks the sun, eh?

    seriously, monica doesn't need the publicity. she's an accomplished player. she can well rest on her laurels and retire as one of tennis' greatest players.
  • We have the same favorites on both tour mravel22. :)

    Monica breezed through another hard fought match. I hope she spank the ball with authority and scare the hell out of Hingis.

    I love Monica's grunt. Have you seen her ad with Andy Roddick? She's grunting while buying in a grocery store. The owner answered her with another grunt.:D That was funny.

    Her grunt sounds better than Serena's. Serena's is a bit scary. Monica's grunt sounds like a cat screaming!!!
  • am torn between the two...

    on paper, monica should beat martina, but martina's humongous mental edge over monica could spell the difference.

    am rooting for monica this time, but my hunch is, hingis will win.

    either way, good luck to both! ;)

    ey razzp! :wave:
  • Monica will win in 3 sets!;)
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