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Treatment Options for Cervical Myeloptahy

Hi guys, does anyone here have the same situation as i am. Any spinal doctor to recommend? I've heard Dr Bondoc of PGH is good in this cases. Do we really need to have this operated or conservative treatment is possible? Whats your take on this people? I was advised operations like this cost around Php500-600k, huge money.




  • ^^ How long has this been going on? What are your symptoms? The cervical cord is really compressed and only surgery can relieve the pressure. You can also ask a neurosurgeons opinion in your local hospital regarding the case.
  • Yes, that's correct my neurosurgeon is suggesting to have it operated but my dilemma is it will just create another problem like ex PGMA (Philippines). I'm looking for other alternative solutions to my problem cause i still believe that my problem will disappear by faith.
  • ^^ The CGMA case is another issue. You have a different problem as hers, because she has other factors which complicate her situation. Faith is very important but I also believe that only surgery can correct this problem. I reckon after the surgery, together with faith, you can have a better quality of life. I have seen a lot of cases like this which underwent the knife, and most of them improved. I know it is costly and scary to have surgery, but trust in your surgeon that he/she can help you in your case.
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