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Mitsubishi Mirage 2013

hmmm. not bad para sa P498,000. & maganda ang dashboard/panel niya hindi mukang cheap.:bashful: sa tingin nyo guys papatok kaya ito sa pilipinas?...

>>1.2L three-cylinder DOHC MIVEC engine,70 to 77 horsepower.
>>21 km/L
>>Keyless Operation System with Engine Start/Stop Button
>>five-speed manual or a highly-efficient INVECS-III CVT.
>>>5-inch touch screen GPS Navigation system.
>>>the all-new Mirage is actually a bit smaller than the likes of the Mazda 2, Ford Fiesta, and Honda Jazz, but is a whole lot bigger than the Hyundai EON, Chevrolet Spark, and Kia Picanto.

>>Deliveries of the all-new Mirage will begin in November of this year, but if you book one between August 16 and October 31, 2012, you WILL get a P40,000 discount (P25,000 cash, P15,000 genuine accessories);););)





  • hmmm, nice dashboard
  • K.I.L.L.
    K.I.L.L. My brain only has 512mb!
    I think it would. It sort of reminds me of the Civic EG hatch except this has 4 doors. I can imagine enthusiasts replacing the engine with a much larger one.

    I like it. I think it'd make for a great everyday car for the city.
  • ^^ oo nga eh.. eversince hindi pa ako bumili ng Mitsubishi dahil sa mga negative feedback ng mga ibang owner, pero with this new mirage try ko bumili, mura naman eh..:):):)
  • K.I.L.L.
    K.I.L.L. My brain only has 512mb!
    I had a Mitsubishi Lancer before and it was quite good. I had a lot of fun with it but the stock suspension can't handle low profile tyres. I was running 17 rims on 40 series tyres and the ride was pretty rough. I did upgrade to a sport suspension to improve handling later on but I got tired of the stiff ride. I ended up going down to 15 rims on 55 series tyres and downgrading to fluid shocks and stock springs to improve ride quality.

    One thing I didn't like about the Mitsubishi vehicles we have had is that the windows always develop problems. We never had this problem with our non-Mitsubishi cars.

    But I still like this Mirage. I can imagine adding a body kit and dong some upgrades to the engine plus modifying the suspension for one fun car.
  • Much better in the looks department than the hyundai i10 thats for sure.
    The 3 cylinder is such a miser, only 1.2 liter so 21 km/ liter is probably for highway driving mileage, a more realistic figure would be 18 Km/l.
    These types of cars is what we need, very compact for our small roads, super economical for runaway fuel prices, and not to mention youre always stuck in traffic anyways. Imagine 3 small cylinders on idle compared to a Ford Expedition's large 6 cylinder on idle, you still use a lot less fuel even stuck in traffic!

    Btw to quote wikipedia:

    Most straight-three engines employ a crank angle of 120°, and are thus rotationally balanced

    Suzuki, Hyundai, are two companies with 3 cylinder engines offered like the Alto and Aeon repectively. The only downside to small compact cars are obviously its size, cramped and less cargo. But I do see a lot of people who do not need a landyacht and is more concerned about initial purchasing and maintenance cost.
  • jason_10
    jason_10 auto enthusiast
    Looks bland (front fascia) for a 2012 released car. The Fiesta and Jazz has a bit more spunk. I'd wait for a facelift to want a Mirage.
  • ask ko lang... reliable ba ang CVT transmission? dati kasi ang honda city & jazz and alam ko CVT pero ngayon hindi na...

    Personally I would still stick (no pun intended) with a manual tranny, the most rugged, simplest, easiest to maintain. CVT has better fuel economy even compared to manual, but I would tend to think not all auto shops knows how to rebuild this. I remember the '96 vtec civic in Hong kong came out with the belt drive tranny, which never did come out locally. Better to stick to KISS philosophy.

    Back to topic, smaller displacement engines are the future, mr old civic vtec 1.6 is way too much for city driving. Engines nowadays are more efficient, less fuel for more power compared to 10 years ago.

    Was in Vmall greenhills earlier, the Hyundai Eon looks small but is adequate for 5 people inside (not hobbits). It is also priced similar to the Mirage, starts at 430K for the basic model.
  • finally saw one on the road this morning dec 6, in black. must be a better value than a toyota yaris, if you are looking for a second car.
  • cotton_on
    cotton_on strive for greatness
    eprot wrote: »
    finally saw one on the road this morning dec 6, in black. must be a better value than a toyota yaris, if you are looking for a second car.

    Yaris is priced 700k+ if brand new because its engine displacement is higher than the mirage (the former has a 1.5L engine displacement while the latter is 1.2L)

    ka-level ng mirage yung Chevy Spark, Suzuki Celerio, Hyundai i10; while the Yaris competes with Suzuki Swift, Chevy Sonic.
  • I rather like it. Though it reminds me of the older Fit/Civic and the front part the Yaris/Vios, or even the Echo, meaning the design is not that innovative.
  • einhander
    einhander thank god for the atheist
    any review about FC and cabin space? nakikita ko na sya sa daan.
  • sa mga forums sa tsikot umaabot daw ng 17km/l {with aircon max speed is 80kph } ... not bad for a 1.2 engine ....
  • Meanie!!
    Meanie!! because pex
    Hindi pala siya ganoon ka liit. Kudos to mitsu for trying to lower the price and improving fc.

    It's a sensible buy if it fits your profile(single, office job in the city, etc)
  • i saw one, and frankly, it looks like something that you can easily crush.

    may nakatabing kia pride, and it's even smaller than that.


    at 700k starting price, you gotta be kidding me,
  • parang chery na pinalaki.
  • peternato9
    peternato9 Banned by Admin
    i thought it's 480k
    i saw one, and frankly, it looks like something that you can easily crush.

    may nakatabing kia pride, and it's even smaller than that.


    at 700k starting price, you gotta be kidding me,
  • mirage glx mt - 498k
    glx at - 548k
    gls mt - 588k
    gls at - 638k
  • 500k is borderline.

    640 is absurd
  • cotton_on
    cotton_on strive for greatness
    ^kasi it's automatic. (GLS cvt)

    so you're also saying that an entry level GLX with a/t is also absurd?
    heto yung specs ng GLX at GLS:

    common specs of the two:
    - 1.2L Mivec Engine
    - both available in m/t and cvt
    - Rear torsion beam suspension

    - front MacPherson Strut Coil Spring suspension
    - manual aircon
    - 2din stereo
    - 14" steel wheels (with cover), 165/65 R14 tires
    - front power windows

    - front MacPherson Strut Coil Spring w/ stabilizer suspension
    - auto climate aircon system
    - touchscreen entertainment system
    - engine start/stop button
    - keyless operation system
    - ABS with EBD
    - 15" alloy wheels , 175/55 R15 tires
    - all power windows

    just to name a few specs.
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