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SOMEWHERE SOMEDAY (A romance novel)



Genre: Romance | Science Fiction | Drama
Format: Online novel (serial)



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    Somewhere Someday
    A novel by Patrick Louie Ilagan

    (Chapter 1 – My Heart Beats For You, Helena)

    Somewhere in my past, I fell in love with you. Someday, our hearts will meet again. For our love is timeless, and forever. You will always be my girl… my destiny.

    April 2012

    Where am I? I can’t move. Something is stopping me. Why can I hear people talking? I can’t understand what they are saying. My eyes are half-opened…

    Who are they? Why are they looking at me? And… am I inside a glass, or a cage or something? Are they watching me? Have I turned into a circus freak? I don’t know what is happening. I think I slept for a long time... so long that I can’t remember things.

    My heart… it’s beating much faster than it should. I listened to it, and felt it. In every beat, memories of someone flashed into my mind. Slowly, and gently, I remember the girl who has a very beautiful smile… the girl whom I always wanted to see… the girl whom I want to be with for the rest of my life… the girl of my dreams… my only one… my first love…


    April 1947

    It was a fun summer night at Grande Carnival, an annual fair in the small and quiet town of San Pascual, Batangas. Almost everyone was filled with joy and excitement. People jumped as they win games of chance, teenagers shout at the top of their lungs while riding the roller coaster, and kids run around while eating their favorite candy.

    It’s been 2 years since war ended, so people are still recovering from the horrors they have experienced. That may be one of the reasons why the carnival is a major hit. With the brilliant white lights and fancy structures, it is indeed, the happiest place in town.

    “There’s a fight! There’s a fight!” a teenage boy shouted. There was a rumble going on.

    People started to run towards the carnival entrance near the ticket booth to see what was going on. There they found two young men, fighting, as if they were in a wrestling match.

    The crowd formed a big circle to watch the guys fight at the center. It was a one-on-one duel.

    The guy on the left side looked like a goon armed with pointed knives. He seemed to be a troubled person who wants nothing but fun and attention. The other guy on the right side looked simple, not holding any weapon.

    “Please take back what you said!” uttered the simple guy.

    “No way! I was just saying the truth, you moron!” said the goon.

    The simple guy did not waste his time. He instantly grabbed the arm of the goon who holds knives and twisted it so hard that the weapons were dropped by the hand. He kicked the knives far from the two of them and faced him.

    “Take back what you said!” shouted the simple guy.

    “No way!” answered the goon.

    The guy swiftly punched the goon. Unguarded of the sudden punch, the goon fell down with blood running on his nose.

    “Next time, don’t you come here and insult me!” the guy said angrily. The goon was just looking and he can’t speak even a single word. After a few minutes, he left hopping on his right foot.

    The crowd clapped as they saw how the guy won his fight.

    The simple guy’s name is Alfred Rosales. He works inside the carnival as the person in charge of the ticket booth. During daytime, he helps in cleaning and maintaining the rides. Sometime this evening, the goon came and insulted him while buying a ticket.

    This is a preview of Somewhere Someday's first chapter. If you want to READ MORE, just visit:
  • plli_1991plli_1991 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Somewhere Someday
    (Chapter 2 – Smile of First Love)

    The two found themselves lying on the ground as Helena continues to catch her breath, still astonished about the quick situation. Alfred’s strong arms and firm muscles are enough to cover and protect her. People around them saw what he did and gave him an applause. For the carnival patrons, Alfred is indeed the hero of the night.

    “Are you alright?” Alfred firmly asks her.

    “Y-yes! Thank you!” Helena answers with full gratitude.

    It was Alfred’s first time to be this close to the girl he admires. He can almost smell her sweet breath everytime she exhales. As Alfred stares into her deep brown eyes, he wants to know her more. He wants to understand her as a person, and as a girl. He watches as her lips move, preparing herself to speak.

    “May I ask a question? How did you know my name?” Helena asks.

    Alfred had to think of an answer quick. He stutters as he starts to explain.

    “I… I… I just…”

    “Hey! Put us down!” passengers from the Ferris wheel shouted at the top of their lungs.

    In saving the girl, Alfred forgot to stop the ride. Now, people are complaining of inconvenience. Surely, he is tired of passengers who are impatient and demanding, but this time, he wanted to thank them… for the interruption.

    “What is the commotion all about?!” Don Rogelio steals the scene. He sees the passengers left alone in the wheel cars.

    “Alfred!!!” the old man shouts with a trembling voice.

    “Yes, sir?!” Alfred answers with panic.

    Even people watching is scared by Don Rogelio’s presence. He fits the description of a dirty old man dressed in a clean white suit. His strong scent spreads over the area which smells like cologne mixed with the smell of liquor.

    “You’re fired!!!” Don Rogelio shouted with his finger pointed at Alfred’s forehead.

    This is a preview of Somewhere Someday's second chapter. If you want to READ MORE, just visit:
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