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Rear window crack

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Nag-crack yung window sa likod kasi naglalaro yung mga kapatid ko sa loob ng kotse kanina, siguro mga 3 inches yung haba ng crack. Saan pwede ipaayos yon? Kung hindi maayos hindi ko na gagamitin yung sasakyan. Finger prints at scratches pa lang inis na inis na ako what more pa itong crack na to. :rolleyes:

I hope you can help me guys coz I could really kill someone anytime. :grrr:


  • K.I.L.L.
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    Are you talking about the rear windscreen or the rear window? I can only recommend that you replace that immediately. A 3-inch crack can grow into a large crack really quick and it can just buckle under the wind once you start accelerating. There are places where you can have that replaced. Try looking up Aguila Auto Glass.

    Telephone is 6345277. Good luck! Replacing that is quick and easy.
  • slamm
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    If it's the rear windscreen, you can have it assessed if it's repairable. Try googling Manila Midwest windshield repair. I've used this on several cars with hairline cracks from highway stone damage and it's okay. If the crack is on the thinner side glass panels, then that warrants a replacement.
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