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DETROIT PISTONS 2012-2013 Official Thread


Hi there loyal Pistons fans! Are you excited for some Deeetroit Basketball? Schedule has been released weeks ago, the first game of the preseason will be this coming October 10 (EST) at the Palace of Auburn Hills against the Toronto Raptors. For more details about the team's 2012-2013 schedule, you can check out this page.

Offseason acquisitions
  • Pistons get an expiring contract in Corey Maggette ($10.9M this upcoming season). Bobcats get Ben Gordon and 1st round lottery protected in 2013.
  • Signed defensive specialist big man Slava Kravtsov from Ukraine, believed to be one of the best shotblockers in Europe.
2012 NBA Draft result
9th pick UConn's big time athlete Andre Drummond
39th pick Texas A&M star Khris Middleton
44th pick Missouri's three point specialist Kim English

Latest acquisition
September 21 '12

2012-2013 Pistons roster



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