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What to do with Seigle and his ilk?

annann PExer
it's bad enough that the fil-ams r taking over the pinoy basketball scene ... then here comes andy seigle trying to take the bad boy throne from robin padilla!

on the court, he badmouthed a referee ... off the court ... u read this in the inquirer and find out he's a cowardly bully ...

"In his statement to police, Camantique said he was traversing along Temple Drive in White Plains at around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday when his vehicle, a Mitsubishi L-300 van with plate number PXL 824, was bumped by Seigle's Toyota pick-up bearing plate number TNC-736.

"After the accident, Seigle alighted from his vehicle along with a certain Ponce Castelo and headed toward Camantique.

"But instead of apologizing, Camantique said Seigle, who was allegedly reeking with liquor, grabbed him by the shirt and dragged him inside the latter's car.

"It was reportedly inside Seigle's car where the suspect punched Camantique several times, resulting in injuries on the engineer's ears and head.

"Seigle, whose younger brother Danny is also a PBA player with San Miguel Beer, then reportedly pushed Camantique out of the vehicle and fled the scene."

who likes him, anyway? he's not even cute ...


  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    I don't really follow the elder Seagle's career, but I am familiar with the said headline from the newspaper. Well, what can I say, drunk people are never themselves. But still, there's no excuse for what he did and he should be punished accordingly.

    He is improving as a player though, especially since he was traded to Purefoods.
  • My opinion...
    Seigle is over rated! He was the one who started that brawl in the states against one of the college teams (it might have been Arkansas) who were blowing them out of the water. Ang sakit sa mata panoorin si Andy. Buti pa yung brother nyang si Danny, nice moves.

    I was at the last Nike 3 on 3 tournament a couple of years ago when the Nike athletes came and signed autographs, Patrimonio, Limpot, Cariaso and Espino all had people flocking toward their booths while Andy's was empty. I kinda felt sorry for him at the time but not anymore.

  • May he's just letting out his frustrations because he's so dumb on court.
  • crush980400: u said it, "according to the corporate lawyer of purefoods" ... i doubt if he'd give an unbiased report ... he's a lawyer, not just retained by purefoods, but employed by the company as well
  • well, it seems that the issue died down. Ano na ba ang nangyari...white wash na naman :)
  • jack: maybe the lawyers r going for an out-of-court settlement ... there isn't much going for both sides naman ... seigle has to protect his rep, the camantigue guy naman has no one to act as witness ... quits [how much kaya?]
  • but at least it thought Mr. Seigle a good lesson about being role-model to the youth. :)
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