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Plantar Fasciitis

I don't know if it's because I'm overweight or if the rubber shoes (or other shoes) i use are not feet-friendly but maybe a couple of months now, i've been feeling pain on my left foot's arch (near the heel). i looked it up and it said symptoms were close to plantar fasciitis.

It hurts after i play basketball or run. it hurts when i walk after playing.

anyone know a quick solution to this? i don't want to live a sedentary life. huhuhu...


  • any health issues that ends with 'itis' has something to do with inflammation. it starts from single cell then affects nearby cells then eventually the tissue and so on.. i can recommend something but i don't know if pwede selling dito.. pm if interested. :)
  • rushmoretpcrushmoretpc PEx Rookie ⭐
    Steroid if needs urgent relief of pain..

    Nagparehab na ako niyan kaso temporary effect lang..

    Best talaga is frequent stretching and massage..

    Change/correct your foot stride/strike from heel to midfoot or forefoot..

    Makakabawas din ng impact sa heel ang shoe insoles..
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