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magwheels, help pls.

Good day po sa inyong lahat. just joined in right now sa pex. bumped into it sa net while looking for an answer...hope you can help me with this guys. any help and suggestions is highly appreciated..

First let me tell the truth,..wala po akong gaanong alam sa mga sasakyan. just happened to buy a 2nd hand toyota estima lucida(van, 8 seaters), ( at last,..pinag ipunan ko for my first family car). maganda nmn sya at maayos,. and i´d like to give her a personal touch..heres my questions.

1. gusto ko pong mag palit ng rims. from normal rims to magwheels..specs is.. toyota, 5holes, pcd114.3, size ng gulong is. 205/65R/15. Gusto ko sanang mag palit from 15" into 16" or 17" magwheels. to give it a nicier look.

2. anu po ba ang adviceable mag size for this type of vehicle?. will 17" be a good one? or 16" will do?.

3. anu po ang ma a advice nyong size ng gulong at mags to make it look like a star. hehehe. nag uumpisa pa lang kasi akong i set up sya, and i want to start with the wheels. since yung makina ok n ok nmn and the interiors.

maraming maraming salamat po sa mga isasagot nyo. im sure makakatulong ito ng malaki sa akin.


  • eto po yung picture nya.
  • matic ba iyan ?
  • jpd74 wrote: »
    matic ba iyan ?

    opo. matic po lahat.
  • just keep it in stock mode.*okay*
  • Yeah. Stock mode. Just keep it fresh inside and out. But if you still insist on changing your mags, visit BCC at Banawe QC. Choosing a set of new wheels also depends on your budget.
    Remember, getting a bigger/ heavier set of wheels will increase your gas consumption and reduce the ride comfort "matagtag."
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    Kelan lang nagsale yung wheel gallery ah. Authorized dealer ng concept one bbs black rhino and such di ko lang alam kung meron pa ngayon
  • If you really want to change to bigger ones go for 17s, its no more expensive than 16s and its also easier to find. Although mukhang ok naman sa 15s eh.
  • Ok let me chime in to try and help you out. I don't know what the width of your magwheels are, but with the specs you've provided (205/65R15), the current overall height (or diameter) of the wheel and tire combo is at 25.9 inches.

    If you want to go 16 inches, the most common tire spec that's closest to your current size is 205/65R16 that would give you a diameter of about 25.28 inches.

    If you want to replace it with 17 inch wheels, then the most common tire specs that would fit to give you roughly the same height is 225/45R17 which would give you about a 25.37 inch overall diameter, or 225/50R17 which would be around 26.27 inches.

    Make sure you get the right offset wheels so that the wider 225mm tire width won't foul your fenderwells, especially in front when turning. Best to do a test fit.

    Also consider the fact that a 225mm width tire is 20mm wider than the current 205mm width tires you have on right now. Wider tires will mean more grip but will translate to more rolling resistance, and more gas consumption. Although this may be close to negligible if the magwheels you purchase are of the lightweight types.

    If you want to go anal about fuel consumption, bring a weighing scale with you when you go shopping for new wheels. Upon dismounting your current wheel/tire combo, weigh it on the scale. Then in the wheel shop you'll be buying from, they usually have 2nd hand wheels and tires already mounted on display. If there's one in the specs you like, weigh it. If it's equal to or lighter than your current wheels, chances are, it won't be detrimental to your fuel consumption. That is, unless the tire is wider than your current tires (e.g. 225's vs. 205's).

    Hope this helps. Just sharing based on experience. Here's our project car, where we went from the stock 15 inches to 18 inch Rota Wheels:
  • Pwede maki post and ask my own question? Where do you suggest to buy BLACK mags for 2012 Kia Sportage 18 inches? The casa rims kasi sobrang highway robbery ang price, grabe. Will appreciate your suggestions, especially the prices.
  • Pwede maki post and ask my own question? Where do you suggest to buy BLACK mags for 2012 Kia Sportage 18 inches? The casa rims kasi sobrang highway robbery ang price, grabe. Will appreciate your suggestions, especially the prices.

    DKC Tires along P. Tuazon Rd.
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    this might also help you determine the right diameter of the replacement wheel/tire combo.

    lagay mo lang stock tire/wheel specs mo and the target tire/wheel.

    Also consider the offset ng wheels. For the tires naman, some are most common than others. MEron mga sizes na mahirap hanapin locally. May mga nag sasabi na rare daw mga 16inches tires sa Philippines pero that is probably old news kasi a lot of new cars have stock 16inch rims (Ex Honda jazz/Civic).
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