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touchscreen head unit for hyundai accent

minuj23 Partner,
anu po ang best touch screen head unit for 2012 hyundai accent? kasi nakita namin sa youtube na parang ok ang garmin eh kasi for 29k all-in na ang package including gps and rear cam. kasi nung naginquire kami sa hyundai yung headunit nila cost 28k wala pa rear cam dun and pag with gps naman is 38k. yun nga lang pag sa labas kami bumili mavovoid daw ang warranty ng electronics ng sasakyan namin. can they really do that? pa advice naman mga sir. thanks!


  • saan dealership kayo nakakuha ng accent? musta feedback sa accent?
  • K.I.L.L.
    K.I.L.L. My brain only has 512mb!
    Yes Hyundai can really do that of course. That is outlined in the vehicle's warranty that if anyone else outside of the authorised parties services their vehicles, then they would void the warranty as they cannot and will not guarantee what parts or systems get damaged if the technician was not trained by them. This case also stands for even electronics, watches and other items covered by a manufacturer's warranty.

    Are you sure you want a touch screen head unit? I had one before which i got back in 2007 which also had a GPS and rear camera and it just gave me headaches after a couple of years. In a flood-prone country such as the Philippines, I would recommend you minimise the electronics in your car unless you change vehicles every 2-3 years. Those electronics can be a major headache as your car ages.
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