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Adjustable Coilover sleeves or lowering springs?

Guys can pls help me decide, iwant comfort ride at the same time that lowered look. Can you guys tell me advantage and disadvantage of this two? Thanks much!


  • Both will give you the same ride experience (i.e. hard). Problema kasi is the springs no longer give the same play or laro as compared to the longer stock springs. Advantage lang ng coil-over sleeves is you can adjust the height a little (so in theory you can get "a little more comfort", in theory ha) than lowering springs w/c are more or less set na. But for the price of Chinese-made R1 coil-overs you can get decent branded lowering springs like Tanabes, Merwedes, etc.
  • legit branded lowering springs paired with decent gas shocks would get my vote on reliabillity and longevity. ride height would depend on your taste as there are options but as stated above, fixed na sya. plus, branded springs have spring rates and have a little r&d behind it. coilover sleeves on the other hand, adjustable nga sya but to me, these are just knock offs ng real coilovers. yung iba pa, kahit sagad mo na yung thread mataas paren :confused: check some car forums since madami na reviews about this. since honda naman yata auto mo, try checking
  • Im thingking of getting coilover over lowering so icould adjust the height of my car whenever i please depende sa terrain ng roads db? And isa pa mas mura coilies. Same lang din pala ng riding comfort e.. Nagtataka lang ako bakit mas mura coilover sa lowering e adjustable pa nga.. Bakit ganun?
  • Ok sir iwill.. Salamat ha?
  • these so called coilovers sleeves are just knock offs ng real thing and mostly gawang china hence the price. try looking at real coilovers, some are priced close to a decent 2nd hand car. ingat lang sir.. ika nga "you get what you pay for"
  • Is that so.. You got me thinking new strategy again sir ah,, whew! Kelangan talaga you have the big bucks para ma address properly yung issue sa car ko.. 😲
  • I'd go either for real coil-overs (not coil-over sleeves), or lowering springs. Though you can't really get that stock ride comfort if you go low. As the saying goes, you have to pay to play. The only thing I can think of that will give you a comfortable ride while still allowing you to look good is air suspension.
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