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JULIE ANNE SAN JOSE [Asia's Pop Sweetheart] - Tatt Awards Trending Personality! T30

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She started out in Popstar Kids as one of the finalists, and later on became a member of the group Sugarpop. Today, Julie Anne San Jose has grown up from this sweet little girl to a graceful young lady whose voice captivates the hearts of her fans, and she continues to rise as one of the most promising performers in the industry today. The personal choice of American Idol runner-up David Archuleta to be his front act in his Manila concert, Julie Anne proved once again that she is up to any challenges particularly showcasing her singing prowess.

:spinstar: [highlight]Basic Info[/highlight] :spinstar:
  • Name: Julie Anne San Jose
  • Nickname: Julie, JAPS, Lieanne, Juls
  • Birthday: May 17, 1994
  • Birth Place: Quezon City
  • Showbiz Anniversary: I started when I was 3 yrs. old (Batibot days pa hehe) but i stopped when i was 7 & focused instead sa studies, tumaba ako nun kasi walang bawal (pati ice cream pwede haha) tapos i was impelled to join the contest again by my lola sa Pop Star Kids when i was 11, kasi po ayaw talaga ng dad ko ang showbiz. So mga 2005 un, then sa Sugarpop 2006. The rest is history, naks parang nagkaron ng career haha!

:spinstar: [highlight]Personal[/highlight] :spinstar:
  • Full Name: Julie Anne P. San Jose
  • Claim to fame: Party Pilipinas
  • Adjectives that best describe you: A simple girl living out my dream
  • Most treasured item: a blessed rosary
  • Pet peeves: mischievous / rude people
  • Fears: fear of death
  • Goal: to be successful in life
  • Role models: My mom/dad
  • Facebook Account:
    [email protected]
  • Twitter Account: @MyJaps


  • 25381_109303682429353_100000491641856_181312_6285059_n.jpg

    :spinstar: [highlight]Julie Anne's Favorites[/highlight] :spinstar:
    • HOBBIES: singing, dancing, reading books, playing instruments
    • SINGERS: Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Avril Lavigne, Beyonce, Regine Velasquez, Kyla, Jay-r, Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Pixie Lott, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Haley Williams(Paramore), Usher, dami pa hehe
    • SONG: none in particular
    • MUSIC: All genres
    • ACTOR: Dingdong Dantes
    • ACTRESSES: Marian Rivera, Angelina Jolie
    • MOVIES: comedy, horror, inspirational
    • COLOR: orange
    • PET: dog
    • SPORTS: Badminton, volleyball (kahit hindi masyadong marunong)
    • GAMES: Super Mario Bros., Plants vs. Zombies, The Sims, Locoroco
    • BOOK: Doomsday Conspiracy, A Christmas Carol
    • AUTHOR: Sidney Sheldon, Charles Dickens
    • DISH: one would be grilled fish and sinigang..
    • DESSERT: i so love yogurt, crepes, and cakes (not so sweet), apple juice (wait dessert ba to?)
    • QOUTE: "For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted." [Luke 14:11]
    • EXPRESSION: O my God

    :spinstar: [highlight]Q & A[/highlight] :spinstar:
    • Why did you enter show business?

      - It was my lola's idea actually but i have learned to like it eventually.

      - To show/share my talents/skills to other people.

    • What do you consider as the turning point in your career?

      - When I'm visible/performing in Party Pilipinas regularly and I was given a project.

    • What was the toughest challenge you had to face?

      - My dad wanted me to quit showbiz 3 years ago (kasi ayaw nyang madaming issues & wala naman daw nangyayari sa career ko at nagkakaroon na din ng disputes with my mom), actually ayaw talaga nya ng showbiz from the very start. So i had to show him i really enjoy what i do & had to instill him singing is my life, so pinagbigyan niya ulit ako for the last time (kasi iniyakan ko ng todo haha)

    • What is your biggest frustration? Your biggest regret?

      - Mailap pa din yung break sa akin haha, sometimes naiiyak ako, I'm doing my best naman pero hindi nila nakikita yung potentials ko, potential daw oh! haha. But i'm still hoping somehow kahit konting respect & recognition lang ma-experience ko din regret? so far not so big deal.

      - When I felt left out.

    • What are you most proud of?

      - If for myself i don't have anything to be proud of. Siguro meron to be thankful for.... everyday blessing from the Lord.

      - I have parents who are so supportive and they love me so much.

    • What are your limitations?

      - I can't eat ice cream (pede tunaw). I can't drink cold water/juice (sinisipon agad ako). I can't take a bath without hot water (sinisipon din ako haha!)..

    • What is your biggest dream?

      - To be a professional singer/performer. And to be successful in all aspects of life

    • What do you want to achieve?

      - To be an international singer like Lea Salonga.

    • Describe yourself in three words.

      - kind-hearted, god-fearing, sweet, simple(na may pagka-maton haha)

    • If you weren't in showbiz, what kind of career would you have?

      - A scientist / lawyer.

    • What is your most unforgettable moment / experience?

      - When my grandpa died.

    • What do you value most?

      - My voice.

    • What do most people not know about you?

      - Clumsy

    • What are your fears?

      - Insects, heights...

    • What is your advice to aspiring artists?

      - Just be yourself. Give your best shot in everything you do. Pray and ask guidance from the Lord.

    [highlight] :spinstar: Getting to know more Julie Anne :spinstar:[/highlight]
    • Arcade/Shopping? Why?

      - shopping (me and my mom's bonding moments)

    • Website frequently visited?

      - facebook, twitter, I-GMA, Pinoy Exchange, pep, youtube..

    • Who's your celebrity crush?

      - Local: Marian Rivera.. (haha) International: Logan Lerman

    • Plan course to take in college?

      - 1st choice: Mass communication ; 2nd choice: Tourism

    • What do you like to do in your free time?

      - playing instruments, watching DvDs, playing computer games (super mario/ the sims), playing psp, surfing the net.

    • Most embarassing moment habang nagpeperform?

      - pag pumipiyok ako because of colds (very seldom naman hehe), at nung nadulas ako sa performance namin ni jasmine v. (decode yata un?) i don't know kung nakita on tv (pero parang hindi haha!)

    **** next question please ****

    hehe nabitin?
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    :spinstar: [highlight]2008[/highlight] :spinstar:
    • Aking Mundo (Dyesebel OST)
    • Siya Na Nga Kaya (Dyesebel OST)
    • Sugarpop Repackaged (Album/Sony-BMG Pilipinas)

    :spinstar: [highlight]2007[/highlight] :spinstar:
    • Sugarpop (Album/Sony-BMG Pilipinas)


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    [highlight][ 2012 ][/highlight]
    [highlight][ 2011 ][/highlight]
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    [highlight][ 2009 ][/highlight]
    • SOP Fully Charged

    [highlight][ 2008 ][/highlight]
    • Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan? (as Claudette Midrano)

    [highlight][ 2007 ][/highlight]
    • Planet Q

    [highlight][ 2005 ][/highlight]
    • Popstar Kids

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    [highlight][ 2012 ][/highlight]
    • Just One Summer (as Beto)

    [highlight][ 2011 ][/highlight]
    • Tween Academy: Class of 2012 (as herself)
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  • juliessalawikain.jpg

    • "Ang ilog na tahimik, malalim... ang ilog na maingay, may naglalaba!"

    • “Kapag may tiyaga, may nilaga.. pag may nilaga, may itlog...!!!”

    • "Kapag may sinuksok at walang madukot, may nandukot."

    • "Habang maliit ang kumot matuto kang mamaluktot......pag mahaba na ang kumot saka ka matulog"

    • “Kapag tumakbo ng matulin..may utang..”

    • “Matalino man ang matsing... matsing pa rin.”

    • "Huwag magbilang ng manok kung ang alaga mo ay itik."

    • “Pagkahaba-haba man ng prusisyon, mamatay din ang kandila!”

    • “When it rain, it floods..”

    • "A man falls in love through his eyes and a woman through her ears."

    • "Patience is a virtue for God is divine."

    • "Spread the love yo!"
  • :spinstar: [highlight]JULIE ANNE SAN JOSE :spinstar:[/highlight] (Self-titled Debut Album / GMA Records)



    She sings. She plays. She writes. She dreams.

    Now her dreams are coming true with Julie Anne's first self-titled album. The versatile musician showcases her talents

    as she sings both cover songs, including some of her compositions. Listen to her musical stylings as she plays the

    accompaniment to some of her songs.


    Young ang hip, with a touch of sentimentality.

    Inspired by both local and international artists, Julie Anne takes a fresh approach to her music to create her own unique

    sound. In this album, she explores a wide range of styles from singing slow ballads, belting like a diva, and even rapping.

    - GMA Records


    1. Baby You Are
    2. Bakit Ngayon
    3. Enough
    4. For Everything
    5. Glad It's Over
    6. I'll Be There
    7. MSB (My Sweet Boy)
    8. When I Close My Eyes
    9. When You Said Goodbye
    10. Hold On
    11. Let Me Be The One

    • Julie Anne San Jose: Track-By-Track Album Review by dailyraven

      Julie Anne San Jose‘s self-titled album was first released as a digital album on iTunes, and only a few hours after its release, it climbed up the Top Albums chart of iTunes Philippines, an incredible feat for an 18-year old Filipina singer.

      One week later, the album became available on Astroplus and Astrovision outlets nationwide. Over-all album sales are still unavailable as of writing.

      For a debut album, going the eponymous route in its title is always a smart move. It gives off a stand-alone statement right then and there. It almost feels like the artist is introducing herself and her sound. And her sound, I am about to review.

      The album has eleven tracks, one of which is a revival of a Jimmy Bondoc hit (“Let Me Be The One”), another revival is “Hold On” by Side A, and the rest are original tracks. Two of the tracks are composed by the artist herself, Julie Anne San Jose (“Baby You Are” and “When You Said Goodbye”). Julie Anne was also the arranger and the back-up vocals for all the tracks, which is telling of how talented this young singer is.

      Okay, enough introduction. Here are the track-by-track analysis of the album.

      1. “Baby You Are”

      This self-penned track is one of those tracks that emphasizes the singer’s vocal abilities and so, I believe this was the perfect first track for the album. The track is simplistically layered with an acoustic guitar accompaniment, which further focuses our attention to her raw vocal talent. It has this recording studio feel in it that reminds its listener of Julie Anne‘s YouTube and uStream sessions. The lyrics are also relatable and minimalist.

      2. “Bakit Ngayon”

      The very first time I listened to this track, I have always heard the band-feel to it. It brought me no surprise therefore that the composer of the song, Barbara Jeanne Bufete Ponciano, is a lead vocalist for a band. The lyrics is not at all wordy, but its repetitiveness isn’t annoying either. It is a great listen and one that has an easily recognizable hook at the chorus. The bridge is the significant continuation of the chorus which makes the track much deeper than it really is and makes it more interesting to listen everytime. The track is also the singular song that is in Filipino.

      3. “Enough”

      Alas, here comes one of my favorites off the album. This is the same song that has also managed to make its way to #6 of iTunes International charts. ”Enough” is one of the three songs in the album about break-up (“Glad It’s Over” and “When You Said Goodbye” are the otheres). I like the ironic take on the topic — light and optimistic. Unlike the typical mellow break-up songs, this song written by Toto Sorioso is more relieving rather than stress-inducing. The beat is lively, radiant and bouncy. It actually veers away from the melodramatic format of songs under this subject of heartbreak. The track starts off with hook (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) which makes it more irresistible and difficult to just skip. The rap part also brilliantly shows off the other dimension of Julie Anne‘s singing ability. Aside from that, the rap element bring makes the track more edgy and full of angst — something that the song’s message requires. Over-all the song is, in my opinion, the most radio-friendly and radio-ready track in the album. I just hope its music video will be nothing less than what is needed.

      4. “For Everything”

      The song’s message is flexible — it could be a friendship song, a romantic relationship song, a song honoring your parents or a song praising God. It could really be about anything, depending on one’s take on the song. Composed by Rebel Magdagasang, this song is an expression of outright gratitude. This message makes the track less of a mere bubblegum-pop song. It’s a feel-good and meaningful song that relaxes anyone. The melody is also nostalgic and reminds me of a 90′s song that I liked before. The back-up vocals are amazing and adds a “reassuring” sound to the song — something that the message of the song implies.

      5. “Glad It’s Over”

      Just like “Enough”, this song composed by Soc Villanueva and Jungee Marcelo is about breaking-up and uses the same approach to the subject. The beat and the drone drumbeat at the beginning of the track is enough to lure me into listening to the song all throughout. The piano solo at the beginning makes a compelling hook. Opting to manipulate the refrain by using a phaser for the song’s bridge part is brilliant as it emphasizes the core meaning of the song — optimism amidst heartbreak. This also achieves an amazing ‘climb’ to final chorus part. The melody is catchy and is easy to the ears. Replay value? I’ll give it a 10, just like Enough.

      6. “I’ll Be There”

      Written by Agatha Obar, this song was released as a single weeks before the release of the album and was used as the theme for the Korean drama, “Lie To Me”, currently being shown on GMA-7. After the album’s release on iTunes, it has made its way to #3 of Top Singles chart of iTunes Philippines. The song’s music video have reached a million views in just a few weeks and is dominating MYX charts. The song is a powerful ballad with a message similar to The Jackson 5‘s song of the same title, only this time, the lyrics are pertaining to a romantic relationship. The piano layer creates an inviting tone. The song elevates to the second verse by adding a wonderful beat. It then approached the final section of the song with a full blast of band instruments, then effectively finishes song with a soft piano layer once again.

      7. “MSB (My Sweet Boy)

      Much alike with “Bakit Ngayon”, I also heard the band-like sound in this song. And it comes to no surprise that it was also written by Barbara Jeanne Bufete Ponciano. This is one of the many tracks about unrequited and secret affection to someone. The intro was quite obscure and felt a little different from the rest of the song, but as the song went into chorus, it felt more solid and much more like a band song. Several listens to the song convinced me that the hook is within the chorus (“…won’t ever tell you ’til the day”). The bridge part of the song induces a suspenseful climb to its final section. The back-up vocals for the song’s final section is full of conviction which makes the singer’s emotions more heartfelt that it already is.

      8. “When I Close My Eyes”

      Another song written by Agatha Obar, this hopeful song about love shows the vulnerable side of Julie Anne. The simplistic tune and mellow melody contrasts itself from most of the earlier tracks of the same subject (“Baby You Are”). These kinds of tracks shows her tranquil voice without losing the power to support the conveyance of the song’s message. The back-up vocals for the song creates a flavorful and solid texture to the song, while still being able to keep the hopeful tone of the song.

      9. “When You Said Goodbye”

      Another self-penned track by Julie Anne, it is almost similar to the atmosphere and tone of “When I Close My Eyes”, but it has a different message. This is about break-up and is following more closely to the traditional mellow tone of most heartbreak songs. The refrain parts are great climbs to the song’s emotional chorus. Completely in contrast with tracks like “Enough” and “Glad It’s Over”, the song is dramatic and tear-jerky, but still shows off the powerful vocals in the bridge part to finish. The bridge is also able to justify in itself why it has to repeat the chorus, which is the ultimate purpose of bridge parts.

      10. “Hold On”

      Possibly the most melodramatic and heart-felt track off the album, this track was composed by Armando V. Eduque and was originally sung by the popular Filipino band, Side A. The song almost feels like the close-to-death end of a relationship. Yes, that’s how emotionally captivating this song is. This revival of the is definitely several times more genuine and more vulnerable than the original version. The violin solo in the intro alone injects that feeling. Adding to the emotional tone of the song are the lyrics that are sometimes too depressing to take and the instruments that blends with it naturally. The bridge part is too powerful and too emotional that you have to be numb not to feel the heart of the song. The nuance in Julie Anne‘s delivery of the song is outstanding and meets what the song really requires — pure and genuine emotions.

      11. “Let Me Be The One”

      Last in the track list is a song originally composed and made popular by Jimmy Bondoc. Julie Anne‘s version is more subtle while still keeping true and honest to the original version. I actually feel the emotion more in this revival. This version is more sensitive and vulnerable than Bondoc’s version. The high note at the song’s bridge is goosebumps-inducing and almost feels like a sudden outburst of contained emotions. It is refreshing to hear a girl’s take on this song. This is definitely worth the radio-play. It will give you a nostalgic trip back to the past when this song was still played every once in a while.

      I am not always impressed by OPM artists, so if a singer can get me through one listen of his/her album, he/she has to be amazing. And with Julie Anne San Jose‘s album, I was able to listen through it multiple times, which very much verifies how amazed I am with this album and its quality. Julie Anne‘s voice lingers and digs deeper in your brain in each listen. This album is definitely worth your P 250.00 (or $ 4.99 if you plan to download the digital album on iTunes).
    • Good Reasons To Listen To ‘Julie Anne San Jose’ by Sofia Maria Reyes

      It really is no surprised to see this debut release from Julie Anne San Jose whose star has been consistently and rapidly rising.

      Her roles in various TV series and films were just samples to what this young 18-year old talent could offer.

      Even then, Julie Anne stood out from her peers, there is clearly gift and her wonderful moments seem to have come this year.

      This album sees a true-to-form sensation stepping out of her colleagues’ shadows to assert herself in what she does best. And with a growing number of fans and admirers, this is one teenage dream everyone wants a piece of.And for good reason. Julie Anne has long been groomed as pop music’s next big thing. Although she is more than just a pop singer.

      Her album under GMA Records shows off different approaches to diverse songs that allow her versatile voice and artistry to shine through.

      Because she’s had opportunities to record quite a few TV show theme songs from her network, there’s sincerity and candor exhibited in her delivery that’s neither forced nor fake.

      Her carrier single I’ll Be There is both upfront and uplifting, illustrating the trappings of young romance that starts slow before building to a fantastic finish that demonstrates her range.

      Collectively, the album follows similar storytelling style expressed in an assortment of feel-good pop numbers, acoustic sing-alongs and off-kilter R&B/synth-fused tracks that indicates Julie Anne’s influences.

      Impressive to note, too, are the two songs she wrote herself. Opener Baby U Are is simple acoustic love song that would fit right smack in the soundtrack of romantic comedies.

      “You are my dream, you are my hope, you are my love and baby you are my hear,” she directly muses with the memorable hook.

      Her other self-penned pop tracks, When You Said Goodbye finds her longing and while Julie Anne the lyricist has ample time to develop her skills, her honest songwriting shows promise.

      There are plenty more song navigating the road of romance packaged in pleasant melodies. Enough is a refreshing R&B-infused blast of fun that sends the message that she isn’t a one-trick pony.

      The song alternates between synths and strings as well as superb chorus deliveries (that’s reminiscent of JoJo) and even a cool rap verse.

      That she can switch from fluttering notes to sing-speak rap and back to powerful lines confirms versatility and a
      confidence that adds fire to this record.

      Other sugary smash hits are the colourful MSB (My Sweet Boy), the catchy For Everything andGlad It’s Over all of which chase a modern teen-pop sound that complement her voice and more importantly connects with her personality as well as those of her listeners.ecord quite a few TV show theme songs from her network, there’s sincerity and candor exhibited in her delivery that’s neither forced nor fake.

      Check out how she vocally drives and twirls around the piano sample and pulsing synths in Glad It’s Over.

      While the recurring themes of love and dreams continuously run throughout this 11-track song collection, it’s bolstered by charming servings of classical showstoppers like the lone Filipino pop rock ballad Bakit Ngayon, the lullaby-like When I Close My Eyes and the emotional theme song inspired Hold On, all three of which masterfully showcases her blend of vocal harmonies and solos to its fullest extent.

      Her fantastic rendition of Jimmy Bondoc’s Let Me Be The One, reworked with a full-band setup closes this
      enjoyable mix of sleek pop songs and soulful anthems.

      Julie Anne’s first album finds her developing her own sound, incorporating new textures and adult arrangements to make something that’s more diverse but with enough emotional impact without losing her roots.

      It’s as irresistible fusion of music from one promising artist who’s only just going to get better.
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    Tamis Ng Unang Halik (04.30.2011)

    credits to mhadz

    On My Own (05.01.2011)

    credits to leslie
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      [highlight]5 in 5: Julie Anne San Jose[/highlight]

      1. What's your dream project? I want to be like Angelina Jolie. I want to try (making) an action movie... ‘Yon pa lang ‘yong hindi ko pa nagagawa so I want to try that some time.

      2. Who are your local celeb crushes? Richard Gutierrez, Dennis Trillo, and Dingdong Dantes.

      3. How do you stay fit? I (lessen my carb intake) and I exercise daily.

      4. What's your comfort food? Madalas kong kinakain cereals and fruits.

      5. Describe your ideal guy. He's a composed person, a gentleman, sweet, respectful especially to his family and the girl’s family. Most of all, he's (a) God-fearing (person).


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