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KZ Tandingan (XFPH)

idol galing mo!!*okay*


Audition episode


  • ang cuuuuute nya dito:love:

  • wala ng matitinong video at tinatanggal ng abs:rolleyes:

  • *nabubog pa..wawa naman*:(
  • follow nyo po sya sa twitter account nya @queyzee :)

    paos sya ngayon:(
  • As someone who also sings, I suddenly remembered from KZ's emphasis on "singing high notes" a scenario when I used to perform on stage and my parents would remind me "Steph, you don't need to sing something high just to be able to prove your skills. It depends on how you sing it." And this is what KZ wanted to remind everyone of-- it's the delivery or style that comes first, and the rest of the package comes second.

    Everyone has a different singing style, and most of the time, people judge one's vocal skills depending on how high they can actually reach the notes, which KZ probably noticed. I remember how some are doubting Charice Pempengco's vocal skills because she does not sing high songs anymore, when in fact, she is just protecting her voice. She actually still sounds wonderful despite the lessened "birits", and it is sad how some measure the greatness of a singer through being able to sing high notes, when it is just one of the many styles of amazing singers.

    Now, the reason why I admire KZ so much is because she reminds me of myself. Just like her, I could no longer hit high notes, because something happened to my voice when I was in highschool (and I believe KZ mentioned that she encountered a problem that time too). We had a continuous practice for a competition and a bandfest that time, and I probably got really exhausted and lost my voice for almost 2 months, wherein nothing was really coming out of my voice box. I was really worried, because I had two performances coming up that time, and obviously, my vocal cords were tired. When my voice came back, I had a problem reaching high notes again, and decided to just sing songs that were no longer of Christina Aguilera's range.

    Basically, KZ just stood up for those who cannot sing high notes by proving that it is alright to not have a very powerful voice, because you can still make something beautiful out of what you have. Whether you have a low or high voice, everything still relies on the way you sing and touch people's hearts.

    As for the physical looks, I believe that she is beautiful and that she has the personality that can win the love of the many. You go girl! =)


  • sobrang ganda ng arrangement
    sobrang ganda ng pagkakanta nya
    sobrang ganda nya

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