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PVC/Skipped Heartbeats/ Palpitations

Does anybody here who also have PVC or Premature Ventricular Complex or skipped heart beats? I just noticed that I have PVC 3 months ago, nung tinitignan ko yung pulse ko napansin ko nag skip sya ng beat and madalas na ako mag palpitations, natakot ako nung una akala ko severe yun but when I went to my cardio and had my ECG ni confirm nya na may PVC ako, and said that it is harmless.. my 2d echo is normal by the way.. just wanna ask if you have PVC how do you handle it? Nakaka stress lang kase nagpapalpitate kase ako once in a while and my cardio told me to take a half of Isoptin SR... hope you can share your experiences too.
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