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Occasional pain inside the ears while/after listening to music through earphone...

Hi, I just want to know if somebody here is also experiencing that pain inside the ear while/after listening to music through earphone. kasi ako I've experienced it once approximately 30 mins. right after listening music through my earphone, actually gabi nangyari yun kasi I used to have sound-trip 1 hr in bed before going to sleep, so that time nga naalimpungatan ako since ang sumasakit yung right ear ko.

Then kinabukasan, I consulted our school physician. She checked my both ears, found out that infected daw yung right ear ko, & prescribed me a drug- co-amoxiclav. She said na I need to take it 3x a day for 7 days.

So yun nga I took that drug for days and fortunately nawala nga yung pain sa right ear ko. Pero habang tumatagal uli, whenever I listen to my earphone again, I'm experiencing occasional pain, this time sa both ear na but not as painful as before.

I dunno kung normal lang talaga ito for a person like me who loves listening music through an earphone. I found out na yung co-amoxiclav ay isang anti-bacterial, so I was surprised na infected pala ng bacteria ang tenga ko noon & I guess hanggang pati ngayon since bumabalik yung pain- it may not be as painful as before pero it happens on random time. And I also don't know what makes my ear infected- kung yung direct music from earphone or yung earphone itself since I'm using the kind of earphone w/ buds- yan kasi ang mga modern design ng earphone ngayon di ba? yung tipong pwede mong ipasok sa loob ng tenga for noise isolation...

So sino po ba dito ang naka-experience din ng ganito?, Should I seriously worry about this?, Would it lead to a permanent ear damage? ..
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