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Tuberculosis and lung nodule

nag apply kasi ako sa isang cruise ship and i passed the series of interviews. bukas i'll be having my medical exam which ofcourse include xray. but last month, nag medical din ako sa other company na napag apply-an ko and the doctor said na my spot ako since last year from my last year xray result caused daw ng tuberculosis and now my nodule na daw. the doctor told me to take fixcom3 for precautionary purposes since i was healed from Tuberculosis without undergoing medication before. last week i visited a pulmonologist tapos my reseta ako ng quadtab and vitamins and scheduled me for another xray next month.

my question is, is it ok na mag xray every month?? i heard daw na harmful ang radiation ng xray.

the previous doctor noted that insignificant na ang TB and "im fit to work" but hindi ako tinanggap ng company dahil sa nodule. sa cruise ships ba ganun din ka strict?

it is possible mawala ang nodule na ang size is 1.5x0.9cm with medication?

im worried kasi baka hindi ako makapag trabaho.
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