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Compulsive / Problem Gamblers, Gambling Addiction Support Groups or Help Centers

I know a compulsive gambler and I was wondering if there is help available already in our country. With the recent opening of Resorts World Manila and the government's plan to allow various other similar casinos to operate in the country, I am sure that compulsive gamblers will definitely increase in our country.

I know that here in the Philippines, Gambling Addiction is a taboo and people rarely talk about this and does not treat this as a disease. But after doing some research, I found out and I am convinced that this is a disease that is even worse than drug addiction as it most often leads to suicide attempts.

In first world countries, GAMBLERS ANONYMOUS is available and other various problem gambling help centers. However, I am wondering if the same is available in our country. Can anyone kindly advise on this?


  • There's one in San Juan-- They deal with all types of addictions, whether substance or process addictions:

  • Gambling is not a joke; some people consider it as daily habit as they throw almost thousand of penny just to satisfy their desire. Gambling addiction therapy is expensive so might as well avoid too much gambling. You can play in moderate and just for fun but not too much that you will not notice all of your properties were lost in just few bet. Get a payday loan to pay for your gambling adventure.
  • Bumping this up. Anyone know any online Philippine groups or websites like gamblers anonymous?
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