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****** gma's primetime princess ~ mona louise rey ******


Mona Louise Rey started out her career as a Commercial Model until given a break in the acting industry by GMA and Direk Maryo J DeLos Reyes. More popularly known as Jennifer daughter of Camille Pratts and Mark Anthony Fernandez in the much loved drama series Munting Heredera where she showcased her acting prowess and won over the hearts of Kapuso Viewers nationwide, she's starred in several series of Spooky Nights with various GMA artists and has continued to inspire kids to dream and to never give up.

She's passionate about what she does and it shows in every scene, at the age of 8, her professionalism has continued to garner the respect of directors, producers and cast members she works with. Having recently starred alongside Jillian Wards in Luna Blanca, she's not taking a break anytime soon......... Her latest project Aso Ni San Roque is a very ambitious project and is hopefully going to be another top rating primetime show, she is also doing an Indie Horror film titled The Basement which will also be showing by the end of this year or sometime around 2013. She already has a twitter mona_910, an official fanpage and now it's time to make her home here in Pex.

This thread is for updates on Mona Louise Rey, for her fans and for all those who admire this little angel's acting talents. More popularly known for her live performance in malltours, she's also an aspiring songstress. Who knows what surprises are in store for us this year, she's on a role and maybe one day her dreams of someday acting in Hollywood might be a reality.

"Anything's possible for those who believe." - Mark 9:23


  • The Kapuso's little darling

    By Jerry Donato (The Philippine Star) Updated May 19, 2011

    Mona Louise Rey (with GMA 7’s Munting Heredera director Maryo J. delos Reyes, inset): She is instinctive and receptive. — Photos by ENIE REYES
    | Zoom

    MANILA, Philippines - Mona Louise Rey is the new little darling of GMA 7’s Telebabad block. Her smile and bright-eyed innocence make you instantly adore her. She behaves well and never babbles like many kids her age. Mona is prim and proper like her character Jennifer on Munting Heredera airing weeknights after Captain Barbell.

    “I’m six and I study at Southville International School in Paranaque,” Mona introduces herself in the vernacular. “I’m in Grade Two.”

    You read it right. Mona is two years ahead of kids attending their preparatory education. Southville International School allows kids to advance their studies for as long as they can meet the classroom and learning demands.

    Is she a smart pupil?

    “I don’t know,” replies Mona. “Even if I’m absent, I still get a perfect score because mommy teaches me (lessons) at home. My lowest score in Math was 95. My favorite subjects are Math, Science and English.”

    At her tender age, Mona seems to juggle work and school pretty well. That’s why Mommy Fatima (Al-Alawi) supports her daughter’s dream of becoming a TV star.

    “I want to see myself on TV,” says Mona of her reasons for entering the biz. “(One time,) me and my older sister were watching TV and I said, ‘Gusto kong pumasok sa TV.’ And she told me, ‘Mona, hindi ka pwedeng pumasok dyan.’” That’s how Mona’s journey to showbiz started.

    Mona wants to help her family from the earnings she’ll be getting from TV assignments.

    “So, I can buy things I want,” she shares. “And I can give people gifts during Christmas.”

    How is Mona as a budding child actress?

    “She is instinctive because she hasn’t learned yet any method,” describes director Maryo J. delos Reyes. “It’s good. Her acting is raw. She is very receptive. However, you have to call her attention to be focused. Sometimes she gets lost and sees many things from playing with other kids on the set (which distract her). You have to get her attention and be patient.”

    Mona doesn’t get special treatment from direk Maryo J. She is reminded when it’s time to work and to play.

    “I treat them like adults,” says the director. “I treat my actors all in the same manner. I don’t give them special treatment because they are kids. I don’t baby talk them.”

    To keep the kids on the right track, direk Maryo J. reminds them of their motivation to become an actor because acting is not as easy as ABC. It requires hard work, he says. Nevertheless, Mona and the two other child stars Barbara Miguel and Kyle Daniel Ocampo still find time to relax, sleep and play in between takes.

    “Being the lead, I ask her to be there (on the set) three times a week,” says direk Maryo. “But she is not that exposed all the time. They play (computer games) and laugh in the rest area.”

    This is perhaps where Mona gets all her energy to survive the long hours of shooting (an average number of 20 scenes per day) and the mental and physical demands of playing the lead. In the past episodes, Mona was seen crossing the street, running in the forest and falling into a hole. But production people observe precautionary measures all the time.

    Does Mona show potential of becoming a child sensation like Jiro Manio of the director's famed film Magnifico?

    “I hope she becomes,” answers direk Maryo J.

    Meantime, let’s allow Mona to enjoy the TV world as her new playground while she learns this early the ropes of show business.

    “I wanna be rich,” she concludes playfully. “I wanna be famous. I wanna be a star.”
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