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~QUENATICS: ♥ Enrique Gil as Boggs the "Campus Crush" in THE REUNION ♥ [Kingdom 17]

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:spinstar:Welcome to the kingdom of ENRIQUE GIL & QUENATICS.:spinstar:




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    Enrique Mari Bacay Gil V was born on March 30, 1992 in Cebu City. He is the second son of Enrique Sr. and Bambi Gil. He has an older brother Enrique Jr. (Javier/Javy) and a younger sister Diandra Frances. He is a Cebuano with Spanish roots.

    Gil started acting in the summer of 2008. He was 16 years old then, and boredom led him to enroll in commercial modeling workshops as well as musical theater workshops conducted by Trumpets. He later appeared in a series of TV commercials, including one of Lewis and Pearl's ad.

    He landed his first television role in the action-drama series Pieta where he played Harold. Before Pieta, he has made a cameo appearance in I Love Betty La Fea as one of the Ecomodels.
    A year after, he was cast in the sitcom George and Cecil as Carlo Barredo. He also was cast in the indie film Pitas.

    In 2010, he co-starred in the indie war film Diego and His Brothers. In April, He joined ASAP XV as one of Star Magic's "Gigger Boys". In May, he co-starred in the teleserye Rosalka where he played the role of Andrew. He was originally set to appear in Kokey @ Ako, but his character was written off in favor of Jason Francisco. He played the character of Joco in the film Till My Heartaches End.[9] He got his first hosting stint in the ABS-CBN teen variety show, Shoutout!.

    In 2011, he got demoted from host to a regular performer in Shoutout!, which was revamped and renamed to Shoutout!: Level Up. The show was eventually cancelled due to poor ratings. He played Jim in the 10th episode of Your Song Presents: Kim. He got his break when he was cast to play Michael Miranda—originally played by Diether Ocampo—in the 2011 remake of Mula Sa Puso. He played Troy Cabrera in Good Vibes. Gil admitted, during the Good Vibes press conference, that he was set to appear in the ABS-CBN's remake of María la del Barrio but had to let go of his role due to conflicting schedules. He replaced Albie Casiño in the upcoming Star Cinema film Way Back Home—the film debut of Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes. He appeared as BJ Maniego in Budoy. He currently stars in Princess and I opposite Kathryn Bernardo as Dasho/Prince Jao.
    [B]Personal Informations[/B]
    Name: Enrique Mari Bacay Gil V
    Nickname: Quen, Quenito
    Birthday: March 30, 1992
    Height: 5'10
    Shoe size: Size 10
    Shirt size: Medium
    [B]Family Background[/B]
    Mother: Barbara Anne Gil
    Father: Enrique Amadeo Gil Sr.(deceased)
    Siblings: Enrique Javier Gil (Javy) & Diandra Frances Gil (Andie)
    [B]Career Background[/B]
    Education: Took up BS I.T at San Beda College-Alabang until 1styear
    Management: Stages & Star Magic
    How he got discovered: Workshops then auditioned in Star Magic advised by Mr. Audie Gemora
    First TV appearance: I Love Betty la Fea!
    First TV show: Pieta
    Affiliations: ASAP GiggerBoys, ASAP DreamBoys
    Hobbies: Playing computer games (PS3 / PS Vita)
    Favorite Food: Chicken, Pizza, Pasta (Carbonara), Sea foods
    Favorite Color: Red, Black, Pink
    Favorite Movies: Big Daddy. Little Nicky, Harold & Kumar, Act of Valor, Mission Impossible, Project X
    Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp
    Favorite Actress: Jessica Alba
    Favorite Singers: Manny Pacquiao :lol::lol: (while roadtrip namin w/ Quen)
    Favorite Music: Awooga by Calvin Harris, Turbulence by Lil John, Halik by Aegis (depends on the mood)
    Favorite Chocolate: Kinder Bueno
    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Cookies & Cream
    Favorite Sports: Basketball (stopped playing coz of injured ankles), Swimming
    Favorite Cartoon Character: Stewie (Family Guy)
    Favorite Superhero: Iron Man
    Favorite Collections: Basketball & Pokemon cards, Supra shoes, seashells
    Most Prized Possesion (as of now): Dodge Nitro
    Dream role: Zombie
    Dream house: Beachfront house in Cebu
    Dream vacation: Maldives!!!
    Dream car: Camaro
    Dream girl: simple, cute, sweet & funny
    Dream Date: In an island, activities & dinner by the beach
    [B]Questions You Might Wanna Ask..[/B]
    Allergies: Cheese dati, pero nawala na.
    Hidden talents: can imitate voices, can scream like a girl :lol:
    How many GFs have you had? 2.
    Submissive or Aggressive type? A bit of both.
    Do you ignore texts from strangers? Yes.
    Do you snore? Yes!!!
    Anything that annoys you? Know-it-all people.
    How do you manage stress? Listen to music.
    Anger Management? Keep it cool.
    If you're not a celebrity, what would you be? Marine Biologist.
    Anything you're good at? Having fun
    Do you play any instruments? Guitar dati.
    Anything you wanna learn? Cook or Bake.. para pag kakain ako, ako na lang.
    If you can change the color of the sky, what color would it be? Gold or red.
    Small fish in a big pond or big fish in a small pond? Small fish.. para comfortable, more space to explore.
    More of a Dancer or an Actor? Both, when you dance kailangan din may emotions.
    Sunrise or Sunset? Sunrise.. because it's another day.
    In an airplane, aisle or window? Window!!!
    Do you often say ILY? I do.. because you'll never know what's gonna happen the next day.
    Are You Gwapo, Cute or Hot? Because Ms.Janice de Belen calls me "Hotness", I'd go for HOT.. Pero nasa personality yon.
    [B]Fast Talk!!![/B]
    Coffee or Tea? Coffee.
    Adobo or Menudo? Adobo.
    Black or White? Black.
    Airplane or Ship? Airplane.
    House or Home? Home.
    Apple or Orange? Apple.
    Sweet or Spicy? Sweet.
    Light on or Lights Off? On.
    Boxers or Briefs? Boxers.
    Miki or Bihon? Bihon.
    Hot or Cold? Cold.
    Sexiest Part of His Body: Behind! :p
    Pork or Beef? Pork.
    Chocolates or Flowers? Chocolates.
    Facebook or Twitter? Twitter.
    Love or Family? Family.
    Sweet or Caring? Sweet na lang.
    [U][B]What is "LOVE" for Enrique Gil?[/B][/U]

    Enrique Gil @ CgeTV in the Loop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOGQP25YhqQ&feature=plcp
    SuperMorgy interviews Enrique Gil: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sGAIrYEBZM
    Enrique Gil @ Bandila [04.11.12]: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=342102079172977
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    [list]Budoy - BJ Maniego
    [*]Good Vibes - Troy Cabrera
    [*]Mula Sa Puso - Michael Miranda
    [*]Your Song presents Kim - Jim
    [*]ASAP Rocks - performer, host
    [*]100 Days to Heaven - teen Bobby Ramirez
    [*]Mara Clara - Mara's debut escort[/list]
    [list]ShoutOut! - Host
    [*]ShoutOut Level-up! - performer
    [*]Rosalka - Andrew
    [*]Maynila - Mark
    [*]ASAP XV - GiggerBoys
    [*]Maynila - Tim[/list]
    [list]George and Cecil - Carlo Barredo
    [*]Pieta - Harold[/list]
    [list]I love Betty la Fea - Ecomodel[/list][/B]

    [list] Way Back Home - Michael [/list]
    [list]Til My Heartaches End - Jaco
    [*] Diego and His Brothers - Anton[/list]
    [list]Pitas - brother of Crystal Moreno[/list][/B]


    "PRINCESS AND I" weekdays after TV Patrol![/INDENT]


    ENRIQUE GIL as Dasho/Prince Jao in Princess And I wants to thank YOU!!!

    ASAP 2012 every Sunday, 12:15 pm!

    :spinstar:ASAP BOYFRIENDZ!!! :spinstar:
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    :spinstar: LATEST TV COMMERCIAL:spinstar:



    Watch the TVCs here:


    [B]BREAD PAN[/B]
    [B] JOLLIBEE[/B]
    [B] SPRITE[/B]
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      Folded and Hung
      Folded and Hung billboard of Enrique Gil up along EDSA-Balintawak.

      Folded and Hung billboard of Enrique Gil up along EDSA-Guadalupe.

      Enrique Gil spotted wearing #Skechers during a mall tour for ASAP Rocks!
      (via Skechers Philippines Facebook page)



      [*]Gold's Gym

      [*] FreshLook contact lenses
      [*] Civic Duty shoes
      [*] Lacoste eyewear
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        Cosmo Mag 15th Anniv Special issue: 15 Men Who Set Us on Fire

      [*]StarStudio Mag April 2012 issue: Not An Overnight Sensation + The Hot 12 of 2012

      [*]StarStudio Mag June 2012 issue: Spread The Love

      [*]Inside Showbiz Mag February 2012 issue: That's Mr. Dougie!

      [*]The Freeman newspaper (Dec.29): Cebuano Cutie Enrique Gil is Next In Line

      [*]Cebu Daily News (Dec.18): Enrique Gil: TEEN DREAMBOAT

      [*]Candy Mag 2011 PosterBook

      [*]Cosmopolitan Magazine Centerfolds 2011

      [*]Metro Mag November 2011 issue
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      :spinstar:AWARDS :spinstar:

      • Star Magic Ball 2011 BREAKTHROUGH STYLE Awardee


      • Pasado Awards 2012: PinakaPASADOng DANGAL NG KABATAAN Awardee


      • Yahoo OMG Awards Most Promising Actor of 2012


      :spinstar:NOMINATIONS :spinstar:

        MYX Music Awards 2012 Favorite Guest Appearance in a Music Video
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      :spinstar: The Worldwide-trending Heartthrob; The Trending King :spinstar:

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      [list]Enrique Gil + Coleen Garcia = EnriLeen (Lewis & Pearl)
      [*]Enrique Gil + Lauren Young = QuenRen (Mula Sa Puso)
      [*]Devon Seron + Enrique Gil = DevQuen (Mula Sa Puso, Good Vibes)
      [*]Enrique Gil + Linn Oeymo = QuenLinn (Good Vibes)
      [*]Enrique Gil + Kim Chiu = Quenimmy (Your Song)
      [*]Jessy Mendiola + Enrique Gil = JessQuen (Budoy, Head & Shoulders)
      [*]Kathryn Bernardo + Enrique Gil = KathQuen (Way Back Home, Princess and I)
      [*]Julia Montes + Enrique Gil = JulQuen (soon in The Reunion)[/list]
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      :spinstar:Origin of QUENATICS:spinstar:

      Enrique Mari B. Gil V or simply ENRIQUE GIL, as what he is popularly known today, is fondly called by his closest friends and relatives as QUENITO because of his Spanish roots. His nickname is QUEN and that's what he prefers to be called. He was given ENRIQUE GIL as his screen name in honor of his father (Enrique Amadeo B. Gil), not to mention that he and his brother Javy both have the same names (Enrique Javier B. Gil).

      On the day of December 16, 2010, during a live episode of Shoutout, diverse individuals (originally from different fan groups) decided to unite and create a group called QUENATICS with one common denominator -- ONE LOVE FOR ENRIQUE GIL. It all started when one of the Quenatics wrote "I Love Quenatics" in a short brown envelope -- Enrique's very 1st fan sign for Quenatics. At first, Quen being the most humble of all and the guy who still-does-not-consider-himself-as-famous type, treated it as a joke and laughed about it. But since then, Quenatics showed all-out love and support to Enrique Gil always and in all ways -- from mall shows, tv guestings and taping visits every now and then until it grew on him. Right from the start, Quen never fails to reciprocate the love in every possible way he can.
      Huli man kaming dumating, simula no'n, hindi na kami tumigil..

      :spinstar:QUENATICS' MOTTO:spinstar:

      "Walang magbabago, walang magsasawa"

      Origin: One time, one of the Quenatics hugged Quen and said: "Quen, wag magbabago ha.." he smiled and answered, "Wag magsasawa ha.."


      :director:How to be part of QUENATICS official fanlist:
      1. Make your first post in the current thread of Quenatics by telling us your name, age, location.
      2. If your name is not yet in the list, someone will welcome you by adding your name to the updated fanlist or you can just add it yourself.
      3. Simple as that: WELCOME TO QUENATICS!!! :love:

      :director:Rules on posting:
      • This thread is our home. This is where we get to interact, chat and share QUENtos with fellow members. So make sure that our home is filled with nothing but GOOD VIBES.
      • One post per day is okay but you can post as many as you can everyday.
      • As much as possible, all topics must be related to Quen and his whereabouts. There's Twitter for other unrelated topics.
      • At the end of each thread, top PEXers will be rewarded by getting a group video greeting from Quen.
      • Every member who gets a chance to have an encounter with Quen (anything and everything, whether personally or not) is semi-required to share his/her QUENto to everyone.

      Enrique Gil & Quenatics: The One Year Journey
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      Quenatics Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/QuenaticsOfficial
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      Quenatics all over the country:
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      Take note: ENRIQUE GIL has no Facebook account.

      If you have any inquiries about Enrique Gil or about our group, please email: [email protected] and we will try to update you. Thanks!
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      UPDATED as of July 30,2012:


      Please feel free to add your PEX username.
      1. foryoutoknow
      2. janname013
      3. itsmenayumia
      4. mzsaldana
      5. xtian1224
      6. katluvjade
      7. phinie22	
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      Please put your name and location.

      1. Demie - Bulacan
      2. Dyan - Bulacan
      3. Joric - Quezon City
      4. Boj - Cavite
      5. Iya - Manila
      6. Pot - Laguna
      7. Jayne - Cavite
      8. Daniella - Cainta
      9. Jenine- Antipolo
      10. Jasmine- Antipolo
      11. Vea - Manila
      12. Miru - Caloocan
      13. Aika - Fairview, QC
      14. Arianne - Marikina
      15. Cassie - Manila
      16. Charissa - Laguna
      17. Chen - Bataan
      18. Janine - QC
      19. Julie - QC
      19. Khim - Manila
      20. Lannie - Manila
      21. Maika- Bulacan
      22. Molie - Olongapo
      23. Shane - Pampanga
      24. Pauline – Bulacan
      25. Janna - Makati
      26. Cheska – Caloocan
      27. Tey - Bataan
      28. Lian - Antipolo


      Please put your name and location.

      2. Claire - Cebu
      3. Janine - Cebu
      4. Haje - Cebu
      5. Shen - Cebu
      6. Caryl - Cebu
      7. Azil - Cebu
      8. Cherry - Cebu
      9. CJ - Cebu
      10. Christine - Cebu
      11. Sha - Cebu
      12. BJ - Cebu
      13. Kathlyn - Cebu
      14. Joylyn - Cebu
      15. Eula - Tacloban
      16. Rose -Tacloban
      17. Raymond - Tacloban
      18. Bianca - Tacloban
      19. Bethea - Cebu


      Please put your name and location.

      2. Jina - Iligan
      3. Jayrold - Davao
      4. Xhermae - Davao
      5. Gieroislove - Davao
      6. HeidiMae - Zamboanga
      7. KC - Dipolog
      8. Carlin - Dipolog


      If you're not from the Philippines, please put your name and the state/country you are from.

      2. Lara - Japan
      3. Faye Santiago - Canada
      4. Chai - Los Angeles, US
      5. Kamil - San Diego, CA
      6. Len - Taiwan
      7. Bajoy - Singapore
      8. Eia - Singapore
      9. Allyne - Finland
      10. Didi - Malaysia
      11. Rae - Toronto, Canada
      12. Sharmaine - California, US
      13. Shane - Canada
      14. Isabel - Arizona, US


      Please add your nickname and your birthday.
      Janna - 13
      Lannie - 15
      Jah - 24
      Jayrold - 25
      Shasha - 26
      Iya - 01
      Demie - 01
      Joylyn - 11
      Lian - 25
      Haje- 26
      Jyn/Potpot - 27
      Boj - 28
      [highlight][B] [U]QUEN - 30[/U] [/B][/highlight]
      Anne - 29
      Shane - 13
      Bethea - 28
      cherry - 30
      Jayne - 04
      Khim - 24
      Daniella – 26
      Chesckaa - 28
      Vea - 08
      Joric - 14
      Michelle - 25
      Chen - 26
      Claire -12
      [highlight] [B][U]ANDIE - 17[/U][/B] [/highlight]
      Dyan - 20
      Joyce - 20
      [highlight][B][U] TITA BAMBI - 23[/U][/B] [/highlight]
      Caryl - 7
      Gie Gie – 1
      Molie - 11
      Jina - 31
      Angelli - 2
      Tey – 5
      Julie Mae - 8
      [highlight][U][B] JAVY - 12[/B][/U][/highlight]
      Shanetan - 18
      Isabel - 20
      Janine - 30
      Ann – 2
      Eula - 8
      Rica- 16
      [highlight][U][B]Quenatics Anniversary - 16[/B][/U][/highlight]
      Faye - 19
      Kuya Jerome - 20
      Kuya Mart – 24
      Xhermae - 26
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      "You guys make me stronger.." - ENRIQUE GIL

      Gil Brothers' message for all Quenatics PEXers :)

      Other messages for Quenatics:



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      Enrique Gil in Dipolog City [06.08.12]


      Enrique Gil in Robinsons Place-Tacloban [06.11.12]


      Enrique Gil @ Imall-Canlubang, Laguna [06.01.12]
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      :spinstar:Enrique Gil as the Dougie King of the Philippines:spinstar:


      Everything started back when Enrique Gil and JM de Guzman were guests in Gandang Gabi Vice. Enrique taught Vice and the audience how to do the dougie and then boom, he trended effortlessly on Twitter WORLDWIDE!!! *okay* Thus, bagging him the "Dougie King / Dougie Prince" and the "Trending King" titles coz everytime he does the dougie, the whole world can't help but swoon over him, as seen on his consistent twitter dominations. :love:

      [Other dougie vids:


      Enrique Gil's Yangdon-version dougie in Princess and I


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      (Enrique Gil tweeted this when he was with the Quenatics at "Princess And I" taping.)

      Other kulitan vids:

    • TheQuenatics
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      Quenatics 1st Anniversary/Christmas Party [12.15.11]


      Enrique Gil celebrates his birthday at Child Haus via Yahoo OMG

      Enrique Gil spends birthday with the kids of CHILD Haus via PEP.ph

      Enrique Gil @ Quenatics' surprise bday party :) [03.30.12]
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      :spinstar:[highlight]QUENto alert...[/highlight]

      Note: We coined the term "QUENto" for our stories about Quen. Anything and everything about Quen, we post them here! Here's a sample:

      [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Si Enrique Gil, kapag dinadalaw ng Quenatics, kahit pagod at puyat na at kahit fresh pa ang mata sa kakaiyak.. haharapin nya kami ng nakangiti at wagas ang yakap. At syempre hindi mawawala ang super bentang laughtrip, sobrang puro kalokohan lang :rotflmao: Dito ko naramdaman yung sinabi nya sa Quenatics na: [highlight]"You guys make me stronger."[/highlight] Kasi sinabi nya din dati na kahit gano kangarag yung eksena, kapag andiyan ang Quenatics, GV na siya at nakakawala ng pagod. :)

      Nandito lang kami parati, Quen.. Lahat ng pagod, hirap at puyat mo sa bawat ginagawa mo ay worth it naman dahil susuklian namin ng bongga at walang sawang suporta. Tandaan mo yan *okay*

      [highlight]WALANG MAGBABAGO, WALANG MAGSASAWA. :stolenkiss: - QuenDeeGirl[/highlight]

      Enrique Gil with Quenatics-Manila

      Enrique Gil & Quenatics 1st Year Anniversary [12.16.211]

      Enrique Gil with Quenatics-Cebu

      Enrique Gil post-bday celeb with Quenatics-Cebu [04.04.12]

      Enrique Gil with Quenatics-Tacloban

      Enrique Gil with Quenatics-Dipolog

      Enrique Gil thanking Quenatics-Dipolog [06.08.12]

      Enrique Gil with Quenatics-Iloilo
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      Enrique Gil's "Tunay Na Ligaya" is currently no.2 at MyMusicStore.com.ph! Download now for only P25!

      "Please grab a copy of Love Songs from #PrincessAndI!" - Enrique Gil
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      :spinstar:Ulan Station ID :spinstar:

      :spinstar:Star Magic 20 Years Music Video :spinstar:
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      :spinstar:Enrique Gil only on Yahoo OMG :spinstar:
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