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Electrolysis Philippines? Or Share Your Laser Hair "Removal" Experience

Hey guys,

I am just wondering if someone can help,
Has anyone heard of Electrolysis Hair Removal here in the Philippines?
I am a Student here and REALLY would like this done, I want to remove some hair that I just find uncomfortable to have, and it really gets to me at times,

I hear Electrolysis is the real deal 100% permanent,
But I cant find any clinics offering this?

Could you please help?

Those that have had Laser Hair Removal,
Please share your experience, if the results were good , How long it lasted and what laser was used,

Thanks everyone ^_^


  • BUMP

    Anyone? Please Give Advice..
  • chikkatodeathchikkatodeath PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Check out this thread:

  • la_reveusela_reveuse PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Laser removes hair permanently but from what i know it is painful. Meron din now yung skinstation (google mo na lang) na diode laser which is painless, but its a bit expensive (around 15k?), depends which part. 6 weeks interval every session, and depends too sa hair mo if ilan sessions need before youre completely hair-free.

    They have promos every now and then like unlimited for 1 year.

    Id like to try this too, but after xmas na siguro, sakit sa bulsa eh :lol:
  • You can see results in 4 sessions or less ( I can't remember). I had problems with cysts in my underarms that I had to invest on diode laser hair removal instead of plucking or shaving.

    The machine that was used that time was lightsheer (available at asian and let's face it). It was great. After that, I tried soprano xl (skin house and belo greenhills), and it was better. I got to experience the stamping mode and the in motion technique for the bikini area.

    Be careful to research about the clinic and feedbacks about the outcomes. So far I'm happy with asian and skin house. The procedure was explained thoroughly so I know what to expect :D
  • @beaute I wanted to try electrolysis at first kasi our family is an old school derma. Hindi natuloy yung treatment and I don't know if he ever had his machine replace, it was galvanic yata. I read reviews online and aabutin pala yan ng 1 to 2 years, tapos once or twice a month. Feeling ko ang mahal naman kung ganun, e may friend naman akong nag laser hair removal and happy siya sa kinalabasan.

    gentlemax ako ngayon, almost 2 sessions na and ang tagal wala pa din akong hair. This is the best permanent solution i can see, sa friend ko hindi naman daw bumalik.
  • I would recommend going for Diode Laser hair removal. Based from experience it is really effective compared to other hair removal treatment.
  • It`s a good idea you`re looking to get yourself inform first. I haven`t tried laser hair removal yet but people keep asking about it everywhere
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  • It's hard naman kasi to look for electrolysis here. Look up gentlemax pro and see if its something you can avail.
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