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Mga Handsome and Sexy YUPPIES' secrets

Mga yuppies like me. It feels good pag pumapasok ka sa office or naglalakad sa mall tapos you notice na may mga taong nagsisecond look sa inyo and you can feel na they look at you with admiration. It's because we spend time for ourselves naman para maging gwapo din at maimprove pa ang pagiging gwapo.

So, ano ang inyong mga vanity kits and rituals para manatiling gwapo at kaakit-akit?

Just to share mine

Papaya/Calamansi soap for my body
facial wash for my face
moisturizing shampoo for my hair, i only use conditioner once a week
lotion for my body
moisturizer/day cream

yung lang, hindi pa naman sobrang vain. hehe ;)


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