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Is he goes only for sex?

I had this boyfriend who i found out dating with another girl. Well, he's honest that he even told me that. I just cried over it and well, i actually forgiven him. That was just last december.. And then, from that time on he promised me that he wouldnt anymore talk with that girl. Well i put my trust on him for that matter. Until just yesterday night. I saw in his flash drive a print screen text of his same other girl thanking him for the gift my bf gave to her. Well i was so hurted seeing he still get to save that conversation; feeling like that girl means a lot to him.

I just copied that screenshots on my pc and just this morning he said sorry finding him out that i found that screenshots...

The text screenshots dated February.. (Well, as far as i can remember, he promised me last december he wouldnt anymore talk to that girl) (but) he even gave her a gift. gushh..

And now I talk to him whats his feeling about that girl and for me. He said, he liked that girl before... BEFORE WE HAD SEX.

Yeah... He always demands for sex eversince. So i gave it to him.

Now i feel like i was just taken for granted. That i was only good for sex.

I punched him earlier. and he said sorry.. and he will give my trust back.

I cant tell if he's saying the truth..

What do you think, do you think, he only loves me for sex?

Or any advice regarding this.. Should i forgive him agen..

btw, we're in a relationship for 3 1/2 year. he started to cheated on our 3rd. and i am his first GF. He's been so loyal before. but now, i dunno what happened.

For that 3 and a half year, we had no sex. and just last month a gave him it. Cus he always demands for it. What can you say?


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