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Top 20 Things You Don't Know About Coco Martin

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If you want to know what are these top 20? Try to read these….

Coco Martin is known as the “Prince of Indie Movies” He was acclaimed for his performances in films like Masahista, Serbis, Tambolista, Kinatay and Jay, which won him a Gawad Urian Best Supporting Actor trophy.

1. Coco Martin’s dream if he was not in showbiz was that he wants to work in abroad as an OFW or work in a restaurant as a manager. (Coco Martin graduated with the degree of Hotel and Restaurant Management in National College in Business Art)
2. He wants to see a movie in Tagalog version that’s why he is now in Showbiz.
3. Coco Martin wants to join any plays while he was in his High School year he did the role of Noli and Fili.
4. Coco Martin is one of the most awarded young actors in this new Generation.
5. Coco Martin Started out his showbiz career as a member of 9th Batch of Star Circle of ABS-CBN’s talent center.
6. Coco Martin’s idolized Philip Salvador, Bembol Roco, John Loyd Cruz, and Jericho Rosales.
7. Coco Martin and Vice Ganda are the solidified friends. The popular stand-up comedian revealed he met Coco, whom he fondly calls “Deng-Deng” (his real name his Rodel Nacianceno), at a Christmas party of a restaurant where Coco served as a waiter back in 2003.
8. Coco lives with his 70 year old grand mother who raised him.
9. Coco has 5 siblings. Three from his both parents and 2 step sibling on his father's side.
10. Martin joined GMA Network, and appeared in several GMA TV shows starting with Daisy Siete
11. Coco Martin screen name is came from the word “totoy na totoy” as Coco and then the Martin which his look a like.
12. Coco is a silent type of person but if you try to hang out with him his very humorous type.
13. Coco is also one of the sexiest male in the world.
14. He has tried to work before as TNT.
15. When he shoot for a love scene Coco really brush his teeth thoroughly and then gurgle with mouth wash and shave.
16. Coco is also a type of person which he will not choose a partner for kissing either male or female.
17. Coco does some exercise every morning like 10 push ups.
18. Coco first looks a girl in the “butt”.
19. And he sleeps wearing “brief” only.
20. Coco turns “torpe” when he likes a girl, and he plays for it like when she admire it he will just pretending and ignore it.

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I didn't know that he likes jericho rosales, sana magkasama sila ni echo sa teleserye.
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