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    Early life

    He dropped out of school when he decided to become a singer. During his school days, he played bass guitar as a member of a band. During the years of 2001–2 when he was 14–15, whilst working as a waiter in a family restaurant, located at Jamsil-dong, he was introduced to a new set up management company CEO. Initially he was to debut in a 5 member group. Han Yeon of B2Y (now disbanded) was to be the Leader and Kim the maknae. While the group underwent training together, they were asked by their company to debut in China as a Hallyu project group, but the group rejected the offer and disbanded. Kim proceeded to audition for DSP Media (formerly DSP Entertainment) and became a member and leader of SS501. Kim went back to school and graduated in 2006 after debuting as SS501. In 2011, he enrolled in Chungwoon University to study stage production management.

    2005: Debut

    On 8 June 2005, Kim made his entertainment debut as the leader of SS501. The group appeared in the 2006 show, Thank You For Waking Me Up where he was proven to be a heavy sleeper, and the MNet show Idol World in 2007, in which SS501 did various activities in Japan.

    In May 2008, Kim joined the cast of We Got Married in episode nine. Known as the "Lettuce Couple", Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo went on to win MBC's Best Couple Award. The couple made their official exit from the show in episode 38, on 14 December 2008, due to scheduling conflicts with Boys Over Flowers.

    2009: Acting, Boys Over Flowers and H1N1

    Whilst in Japan, in 2008, Kim was casted as Yoon Ji Hoo in the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers. Where he won Best Actor Award at the Seoul International Drama Awards 2009 and Popularity Award at the 45th PaekSang Arts Awards.

    In 2009, SS501 released the album SS501 Collection, in which they each sang a solo song, along with being featured in a mini drama music video. Their Asia Concert Tour began in mid-August 2009 in Seoul at the Olympic Park. They continued their tour in Shanghai, Taipei, Bangkok before returning to Seoul for a closing encore concert. They staged two concerts for the encore closure on the 27th Feb and 28th Feb 2010 respectively.

    In September 2009, during promotions in in Yokohama, Japan for Boys Over Flowers, Kim was diagnosed with H1N1. He was treated in a Toyko hospital and was discharged on 15 September 2009. While recovering from H1N1, he could not attend the Seoul International Drama Awards. To accept the award on his behalf, his members of SS501: Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, and Kim Hyung Jun were present for the award show.
    He has also been the spokesperson for cosmetics brand, Tony Moly, an established company with numerous branches across Korea and Asia, including Taiwan and Hong Kong. He had since ended his contract with Tony Moly in End September 2010, and he had been chosen to be the Spokesperson for The Face Shop.

    2010: SS501 comeback and leaving DSP Media

    In April 2010, he appeared opposite Jung Ryeo Won in the music video for Korean Singer Gummy's new song "As A Man" (남자라서).

    In June 2010, SS501 released an album titled Destination, produced by Steven Lee. Their title song "Love Ya" was well received, rating high in record sales and online music stores, and it went on to top Music Bank's K-Chart. However they ended promotions after two weeks, because SS501's contract with DSP Media ended.

    On 19 June 2010, he then appeared at a concert in the Philippines along side BEAST.

    On 28 June 2010, it was announced that Kim has officially left DSP Media and joined Bae Yong Joon's KeyEast Entertainment company. Although Kim has left DSP Media he stated that SS501's activities will be top priority in their contracts. and definitely has not disbanded. Kim explained in an interview that, at the time, there weren't a company that would accepted them as a whole, thus the group decided to take the chance to focus on their solo activities.

    Kim played the lead role in the drama Playful Kiss, a Korean adaptation of Japanese shōjo manga Itazura na Kiss as Baek Seung Jo, who has a stand-offish personality. On the 7 November, Kim was interviewed by CNN's Anna Coren due to his success in Playful Kiss. Playful Kiss Special Edition is a big hit on Youtube as it is the first Korean drama to air on YouTube. Its first episode garners 1 million views just in 5 days and it proves so popular that there is a record channel view of 6.3 million and 17.5 million total upload views.

    Kim was invited to perform at the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou as the representative of South Korea to sing "Sunshine Again" with other 3 other singers from Chinese-speaking countries. In the early of December 2010, Kim went to Singapore and Malaysia to promote The Face Shop.

    2011: Solo artist

    In May, Kim named his official solo fanclub 'Henecia', which is a combination of 'H' and the Latin term 'benecia', which means 'blessed'.

    On 8 June 2011, Kim released his first solo debut mini album, Break Down. It was produced by Steven Lee, who composed SS501's hits, "Love Like This" and "Love Ya". The title track "Break Down", featuring Double K., is a high energy dance track, with a R&B heavy "Please", as the second lead track. The album exceeded 70,000 pre-ordered copies in 10 days. It peaked at number one on Gaon Weekly Album Chart for the week starting 5 June 2011 and was the best-selling album for June on Gaon Monthly Album Chart with 100,433 copies sold. It also top the Oricon chart in Japan in the International Imported Album category for the first week of July. The album's title track "Break Down" was the first place winner for two consecutive weeks on Mnet's M! Countdown music show, for 16 and 23 June 2011; and also won for two consecutive weeks on KBS's Music Bank. Break Down is certified platinum in Taiwan and Kim was presented with a platinum record by Warner Music Taiwan CEO Chen Ze Shan in a press conference held in Taiwan.

    Kim was also the first Korean to appear on Taiwanese TV show The Person. In July 2011, he also held the first of his nationwide concert in Japan. In August 2011, Kim Hyun Joong starts his Asian Tour, and become the new Ambassador of Seoul.The tour continued from November in seven cities across Japan: Sapporo, Sendai, Hiroshima, Yokohama, Nagoya, Tokyo and Fukuoka.

    On 11 October 2011, Kim released his second mini album Lucky. It debut at number 5 on Billboard's World Chart. It topped the Gaon Chart again for the third week of October, 2011 and was the highest selling album in Hanteo Album Sales Chart for the month of October, 2011. On 25 October 2011, Kim released a digital single together with Seohyun entitled "The Magic of Yellow Ribbon", which is the theme song of a commercial for The Face Shop. On 28 October, He along with Ha Ji Won acted as emcee at the 2011 K-Pop Super Concert held at Gwangalli Beach in Busan, which was broadcast on SBS on 6 November.

    In November 2011, Kim won the 2011 KIA Soul People’s Choice "Style Icon Award" for the third consecutive year. On 9 November, Kim announced at a press conference for his Japan Tour that he had signed a deal with Universal Music Japan for his Japan-based music activities. Kim successfully completed his Japan Tour that started on 9 November, attracting over 30,000 fans. Kim won the Best Male Solo Artist at the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards that was held in Singapore.

    On 15 December 2011, Kim released his digital album : Marry You/Marry Me. The digital album consists of 4 songs, namely Marry Me, Marry You, Marry Me (instrumental) and Marry You (instrumental). The music videos for Marry Me and Marry You were both released on his official Youtube account on 15 December 2011 12 AM KST.

    [2012: Drama, fan meeting tour

    On January 26, 2012, Kim released his first Japanese single (Kiss Kiss & Lucky Guy) (Japanese version). The singer who has focused mostly on his album promotions after his drama ‘Playful Kiss‘ which came to an end in 2010 has recently been confirmed for a role in ‘City Conquest‘. Playful Kiss was a hit in Korea and was even shown in China recently due to its success. Kim Hyun Joong is going to be the main lead for the upcoming drama, "Conquest for City" which is also known as "City Conquest". Kim will be playing the role as a wild man (Baek Mir), a strong individual who experienced and went through many kinds of hardships and difficulties and lived through a harsh life, growing up without parents, but a man who becomes infinitely weak when it comes to love. ‘City Conquest’ is a drama that’s been adapted from the original comic by author Shin Hyung Bin. This new project brings together humanism and action, and it tells the story of main character Baek Mir who grew up resentful towards his father who left his mother and himself. He takes revenge against the evils of society which drove his family into destruction.

    In related news, Kim will be holding his ‘Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting Tour 2012‘ in May, making stops in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and more.

    Kim announced that he would be releasing his second Japanese single album, "HEAT," on July 4. The album will feature two songs, "HEAT" and "Let's Party"

    2012: HEAT - 2nd JAPANESE ALBUM
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    SS501‘s Kim Hyun Joong has announced that the official name for his new fanclub will be “Henecia“!

    KeyEast Entertainment opened a fanclub naming contest for fans to submit their suggestions to. Over 500 names were submitted, and fans were asked to vote for a final three. Kim Hyun Joong then chose his favorite out of the three and revealed that it was “Henecia”, a combination of the letter ‘H’ from his name, and the Latin term ‘benecia‘, which means ‘blessed’.

    Through his official homepage, KeyEast wrote, “We will now be taking members for ‘Henecia’, the new fanclub that’ll promote alongside Kim Hyun Joong’s solo album.”

    The fanclub was created under Kim Hyun Joong’s hopes of communicating more directly with his fans during his upcoming solo debut. Membership is open to not only Korean fans, but international fans as well, and various benefits will be handed out.

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  • Kim Hyun Joong’s first fan meeting of 2012 sells out in 30 minutes
    credit: KPOPFEVER.COM


    Singer Kim Hyun Joong makes time together with the fans to start the new year.
    Kim Hyun Joong will be holding ’2012 Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting in Seoul’ on January 21st, 2012 at the Jamshil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul.

    Kim Hyun Joong is planning to present colorful performances of some of the songs off of his first mini album ‘Break Down’ and the second mini album ‘Lucky Guy’ at the ’2012 Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting in Seoul’. Kim Hyun Joong will also spend some time together with the fans to feel closer to each other.

    The Korean and overseas fans are already zeroing in and when the tickets went on sale for the fan meeting on December 21st, there were upwards of 10,000 people trying to connect at once resulting in all seats being sold out within 30 minutes. The requests for more dates from the fans who have not been able to purchase the tickets are pouring in.

    Kim Hyun Joong’s management company, KeyEast representative relayed, “Kim Hyun Joong is really looking forward to the day to meet with the fans. Even with the busy year end schedule, Kim Hyun Joong is working hard to prepare for a cool memory with the fans. You can bet on it.”

    After the fan meeting in Seoul, Kim Hyun Joong will release an official Japanese single and start promotions in Japan.

    Source: WStar News via Nate

    Photo Credits: KEYEAST


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  • [News]Kim Hyun Joong Makes History as the Highest Debut Sales for Overseas Singers


    Chinese Translation: 天使2002 @ Magic0606

    English Translation: khjgalaxy.blogspot.com


    The leader of the Korean 5 members boyband SS501 Kim Hyun Joong's Japanese debut single (Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy) sold 72 000 copies of its first day of sale ranking 2nd on Oricon Chart on the 24th of January. The first day of sales is the highest debut sales in history for overseas singers (including groups) after March of 2009 when Oricon Chart started its daily single chart. The previous highest debut sales holder was Jang Geun Suk whose first day of album sales achieved 52 000 copies.


    (News) Kim Hyun Joong's Japanese Single "KISS KISS" Tops Mobile Chart
    Source: http://www.dkpopnews.net


    Singer Kim Hyun Joong's Japan advancement truly a success, bringing up his Japanese debut single to the peak of the mobile ringback tone download daily chart, on Japan's largest mobile website "Recochoku".

    On January 20th, KEYEAST revealed that his first Japanese single "Kiss Kiss" has topped the chart immediately after its release on January 19th. Kim Hyun Joong is the first Korean male artist that has ever been ranked first in the chart.

    Aside from "Kiss Kiss", other tracks off of his single "KISS KISS/Lucky Guy" including "Lucky Guy, U", and "Break Down" have also been placed in the top 20.

    Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong's Japanese debut single "KISS KISS/Lucky Guy", which will come in three editions, will officially go on sale in Japan on the 25th. He will also be holding a fan event at the Yokohama Arena in the Kanagawa Prefecture on February 5th to commemorate his debut.


    [2012.02.12][News] Kim Hyun Joong received gold certification in Japan


    Singer Kim Hyun Joong received gold certification in Japan.

    According to January million single album list that Japan Records Association revealed on February 10, Kim Hyun Joong’s “Kiss Kiss” and “Lucky Guy” which were released on January 25 received gold certification.

    Gold certification is medal given to a singer who sells more than 100,000 albums. This is especially meaningful to him because he achieved this goal in just two weeks. Kim Hyun Joong created a stir by selling 71,812 albums on the day of the release.

    Previously on February 5 at Yokohama Arena in Japan, Kim held ‘Kim Hyun Joong Premium Live 2012 to celebrate the release of his Japanese album’ and met with 20,000 fans.


    Taken From: http://en.korea.com/kimhyunjoong/?p=29397 || TV Report
  • [News] Kim Hyun Joong Thanks Fans for Successful Beginning of Japanese Debut


    Kim Hyun Joong gave thanks for the successful beginning of his Japanese debut. On February 5 Kim Hyun Joong held a live concert celebrating his debut and it held 20,000 fans. Kim Hyun Joong stated, “My Japanese debut single ‘Lucky Guy’ had 10,000 sales in its first week. Thank you for giving me such a good result even though I am just a rookie. Thank you for all of the support.”

    He continued, “I am sad that I wasn’t able to meet all the 60,000 fans that signed up for the concert. However I will try to have a memorable experience with the 20,000 fans that are here right now.”

    Kim Hyun Joong donated all of the profits from the concert to an orphanage. He stated, “I hope that I can be at least a little bit of help. If you have any extra time please spend it for the children.”


    Kim Hyun Joong Brings in Even More Fans in Japan

    2012-02-06 13:32 l CJ E&M enewsWorld Park, HyunMin http://www.enewsworld.com/enews/con..

    Kim Hyun Joong’s debut in Japan is taking his popularity in the country even higher.

    Kim met with 20,000 of his fans in his Premium Live 2012 concert on February 5 in the Yokohama Arena. The concert came just 12 days after his debut album was released on January 25.


    In the concert, Kim performed many of his hits including Kiss Kiss, Lucky Guy and Breakdown, and sat down with his fans to talk about his experiences in Japan.

    Thousands of fans lined up in front of the Arena waiting for its doors to open five hours before the event was due to start, and some fans who weren’t able to get tickets appeared with pickets in the hope that they could get last-minute tickets.

    Many prominent Japanese media outlets such as Fuji TV, Nihon TV, TV Asahi, Nikkan Sports and Sankei Sports rushed to cover the fans gathered in front of Yokohama Arena to see Kim, and showed their interest in the power of his popularity.

    Kim made a successful solo debut in Korea with his first and second solo mini albums and his digital single album, and his success continued with his solo debut in Japan. His debut album ranked in the top 3 of the Oricon chart with its release on January 25 and blew through 100,000 sales in its first week.

    Kim Hyun Joong plans to release his follow-up single Lucky Guy on February 6.

    Photo credit: murdererq


    Best Of Korea
    Kim Hyun Joong concludes first concert in Japan with over 20,000 fans


    Kim Hyun Joong has taken Japan by storm! On the 5th of February Kim Hyun Joong had a successful first concert in Japan "Kim Hyun Joong 2012 The Premium live" concert in Japan. Over 20,000 fans gathered on the large scale event and the concert lasted for 5 hours and when the performance started thousands of fans started cheering and screaming.

    Kim Hyun Joong performed his hits "Kiss Kiss", "Lucky Guy" and "Break Down" and aside from his performances, he had a talk show segment and took time to talk with his fans. Japanese media were also not absent as media reporters from Fuji TV, Nippon TV, TV Asahi, Nikkan Sports, Sankei Sports and other leading media in Japan also watched and took full coverage of the event.

    Kim Hyun Joong is surely having a magnificent Japan debut with his debut single in Japan topping the oricon charts, fans swarming at his surprise fan meeting event and thousands of fans in attendance to his first concert.

    Source DKP


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  • Kim Hyun Joong donates profits from his Japanese concert to an orphanage
    by leesa86 –


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    Singer Kim Hyun Joong held a live concert at the Yokohama Arena on February 5th to celebrate his Japanese debut.

    At the concert hall, Kim Hyun Joong faced the 20,000+ audience members and remarked, “My Japanese debut song, “Lucky Guy“, has sold over 100,000 copies in the first week after its release. Thank you guys for showing me so much support, even though I’m just a rookie here.”

    “It’s unfortunate that I wasn’t able to meet all 60,000 fans who applied to be here tonight, but I will make sure to have a good time with all 20,000 of you,” he said with a laugh.

    Kim Hyun Joong also donated the profits from the concert to an orphanage in Japan. “I hope that it will be able to offer some help,” he said. “And if any of you are able to do so, please do what you can to help the children.”

    The singer performed 13 songs in total, such as “Lucky Guy“, “Let Me Go“, “Breakdown“, and “One More Time“.

    Kim Hyun Joong released his debut Japanese album on January 25th, which quickly climbed to #3 on the Oricon charts as well as setting a new record for most number of sales by an overseas artist.

    Source: OSEN
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  • [News] Kim Hyun Joong's fans gather around his large advertising poster
    FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2012
    Taken from http://www.dkpopnews.net/2012/02/news-k ... d.html?m=1


    Japanese fans just can't get enough of Kim Hyun Joong.

    On the 9th of February, Oricon music site in Japan reported an interesting news that a large poster of Kim Hyun Joong was placed on Omotesando, Japan. The poster was for a magazine he recently had a photoshoot with.

    When the poster was being placed, fans flocked and surrounded the poster causing quite a scene that required the security guards to step up and organize the people. The fans were excited and wanted to see the large poster of Kim Hyun Joong and they were enthusiastic to get the first look.

    The magazine which was also being sold after the poster was placed was immediately sold out due to the large amount of fans who went there, this shows how huge Kim Hyun Joong's popularity is.

    Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong released his first Japan single "Lucky Guy" last 25th of January and on it's first week it has already exceeded 100,000 album sales which gave it a huge boost in album sales ranking in Japan music charts.

    Source http://m.news.nate.com/view/20120210n08951
  • [Article] Kim Hyun Joong appointed an honorary ambassador for the UN
    Source & Image: Newsis via Nate, Asiae via Nate
    Trans: ALLKPOP


    The inauguration ceremony for the UN‘s Korean Campaign on Contributions to Social Welfare was held at the Plaza Hotel in Seoul on March 9th. It was here that Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong was selected as an honorary ambassador for the campaign, to spread hope amongst the Korean society.

    In the photo below, the singer/actor stands between Asian Campaign representative Kim Jung Hoon, and the interim leader of the ruling Saenuri Party Park Geun Hye, who interestingly also happens to be the aunt of singer Eun Ji Won.

    Congratulations, Kim Hyun Joong!
  • Kim Hyun Joong Stirs the Hearts of Fans in ‘Tokyo Girls Collection’ Fashion Show
    2012-03-26 18:14 l CJ E&M enewsWorld Lee Dong Hyun http://www.enewsworld.com/enews/conte..
    Translation Credit : Stewart Ho


    Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong has stirred the hearts of fans in Shanghai.

    On March 24 Kim attended the 2012 Tokyo Girls Collection fashion show as a special guest where he stood on stage for the grand finale.


    Aiming to help exchange culture and fashion between Korea, China and Japan, the first show was launched in Beijing last year and held in Shanghai this year.

    On the grand finale stage, Kim performed his hits Do You Like That and Lucky Guy to a passionate response from the international crowd.

    According to a representative from the 2012 Tokyo Girls Collection fashion show, “It was clearly evident that Kim Hyun Joong was a bona-fide hallyu star. The charisma and performance he displayed brought a passionate response from the crowd.”

    Photos Credit: HYUNBAR66


    [Fan Accounts] Hyun Joong Praised by Fans & Non Fans in China

    re-posted from: http://draculabobo.wordpress.com/2012/03/24/non-fan-praises-are-always-daebak/

    Just saw this comment on baidu, decided to translate it ^^ Having seen Hyun Joong in the flesh before, I can reawi see the below scene in my head. And every time non-fans praise Hyun Joong, it makes the mummy-fan in me very happy ^^v

    “@Gelzo: Korean fans are really fortunate!! They were walking right next to Hyun Joong, and he also stopped to take their gifts. When he was on the escalator, he also waved to fans. There was a korean fan who said to him, ‘Have a safe trip back’ and he said, ‘Yes’ ^^ Next to his ahjusshi bodyguard, he looks so slim ^_~

    There was a young couple with their child, after Hyun Joong went into the departure hall, the mum said, ‘He’s handsome isn’t he’, and the dad with a look of envy said, “Handsome, really handsome!” ^o^
    (via baidu forum 小孤单小情绪,twitter @Gelzo)

    He just reached Shanghai a few hours ago to perform at tonight’s fashion show. The great thing is, the turnout at the airport to receive him was amazing, but the crowd crush when he appeared was crazy -apparently the huge crowd surged forward and it was pretty chaotic, he was pushed and jostled and groped and people were stepped on etc, someone on Baidu also said that they even heard a korean lady on his team swear because of the chaos… I do hope everyone didn’t get any scratches or wounds…..


    Photo Credit: cafe.naver


    [News] An Yi Xuan nearly lost 500K for chasing after Kim Hyun Joong

    News Courtesy Yes Entertainment + (eng trans) [email protected]
    Please repost with full credits


    An Yi Xuan was invited to attend 2012 Shanghai TGC Fashion Ceremony on the 24th, she paid a high price in order to get Kim Hyun Joong's signature! First of all she was running mad in a pair of high heels, and after which she totally didn't realized that she left her 500K (kele: not sure in NT$ or RMB) branded bag in the toilet, luckily the cleaner found it and returned to her, An Yi Xuan exclaimed :"I was so shocked that I broke out in cold sweat!"

    An Yi Xuan expressed, her little cousin likes Kim Hyun Joong, so she was tasked to get his signature. This time, Kim Hyun Joong is the finale performer, he'll only reach the backstage moments before the performance, and yet the VIP room is so far from the backstage, when the staff notified that Kim Hyun Joong had arrived at the backstage, within a short 10mins span before Kim Hyun Joong go on stage to perform his 2 songs, immediately ran over in a pair of 15cm tall heels till feet also got cramps, just to get his signature!

    In the end through Kim Seung Hyun's help, she managed to complete her 'task', and even happily took a picture with Kim Hyun Joong. An Yi Xuan said:"Previously even when Xiao Ma (kele: I'm not sure whom she meant by 小妈 so I just translate directly) asked me to get a signature from Andy Lau, even when Andy Lau sat next table to mine at an event, I also don't dare to ask for it, this time for my little cousin I just give it all in!" And before the start of the show An Yi Xuan already carelessly left her bag in the toilet, she was so busy trying to get Kim Hyun Joong's signature, only to realize her bag was missing after finished the show, luckily she managed to get it back.


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  • [News]Kim Hyun-joong joins hands with “Yahoo! Korea” and communicates with worldwide fans

    [video][Engtrans] Y! Celeb Mission Interview - Kim Hyun Joong[/video]



    Hallyu star Kim Hyun-joong is going to communicate with worldwide fans with entertainment site "Yahoo! Celeb".

    "Yahoo! Celeb" is a domestic version of the American "Yahoo! OMG" and it supplies entertainment news about domestic and Hollywood stars.

    Kim Hyun-joong has been chosen as the first celebrity of "Yahoo! Celeb" and he will be taking part in the "Yahoo! Celeb Mission Interview with Kim Hyun-joong". This event will make a memorable page of communication between Kim Hyun-joong and his fans.

    Kim Hyun-joong who has proved his stardom through the Asian tour last year, had the honor of receiving 4 awards at the "2011 Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards".

    An "Yahoo! Korea" official revealed, "Like the best star in Asia, he has been receiving the Yahoo! Asia Buzz Award for 3 years in a row and has been judged as the most influential star in the country and internationally. Therefore, he has been chosen as the first celebrity for "Yahoo! Celeb Interview".

    Meanwhile, "Yahoo! Celeb Mission Interview" started since the 19th on (http://kr.celeb.yahoo.com/interview/) and for those who haven't been able to participate in the interview, it will be revealed in the Yahoo! Network.

    Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )

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    Yahoo! CELEB Mission Interview with Kim Hyun-Joong Promotional gained interest all over the World

    Photo Credit as Tagged

    Brief summary: Goggle translate: The interest on KHJ's interview thru Yahoo has gained more interest around the world. The ratio 5333 : 1; Wow! that's a 5333 hits in every minute, I am so proud of you KHJ

    It grows bigger and bigger in numbers as per goggle translate:To date, since the event started late last month, more than 23 million page views and 10,000

    established a record 6,000 participants of the event are not yet finalized expected to still grow in number until the 18 of April.
  • [News] ‘K-Pop Stars Captivating the World’ to follow around Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong


    Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong will be sharing his hidden passions through an MBC special titled ‘K-Pop Stars Captivating the World‘.

    The program will be following top K-Pop stars like Kim Hyun Joong, CNBLUE, B2ST, and IU and go through a full 24 hour day with them to see just what is behind the scenes, in an effort to better determine whether the Hallyu wave can continue to grow all over the world or eventually run stagnant.

    The focus will be on Kim Hyun Joong, especially since he’s created a Hallyu empire with his name alone. One Japanese critic had stated, “In 2012, the direction of K-Pop will change to focus on solo artists, and Kim Hyun Joong is expected to stand as leader of that change. All eyes are on him.”

    ‘K-Pop Stars Captivating the World’ will give a glimpse into his international activities and the preparation he undergoes for his concert at the Yokohama Arena.

    The program airs on April 14th.

    Source + Photos: Mydaily via Nate

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    English Subbed by [email protected]
  • Kim Hyun Joong, “The King of commercials”

    April 09, 2012 10:25 pm ilnungcha

    Singer Kim Hyun Joong has been chosen as a model for a outdoor clothing brand.

    On April 9, Kim’s agency, Key East, revealed that Kim has been chosen as the model for an outdoor brand.

    Kim who is also modeling for other brands such as casual wear, cosmetics, jewelry, and duty-free shops proved himself as the “commercial king” by modeling for an outdoor brand as well.

    A representative of the outdoor brand reveals, “We chose Kim Hyun Joong because his lively and healthy image suits our brand’s image well.”

    Kim will start working as their model from mid-April and appear in various magazines and pictorials.
    Source: Xportsnews

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    [2012.02.23][News]Kim Hyun Joong, chosen as a cosmetics brand model followed by Jang Geun Suk

    Translated by OnlyKHJtimes
    Copyrights @ ilgan sports & Joins.com
    Original Link http://media.daum.net/entertain/enews/view?cateid=1032&newsid=20120223092205633&p=ilgansports


    Hallyu Star Kim Hyun Joong has been selected to be a model for the Japanese cosmetics brand.

    According to the Japanese sports newspaper, Sankei Sports, on 23th, singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong, who was a former member of SS501, has become a TV advertisement model for the aesthetic brand, ‘Silm Beauty House’.

    This is the second time for hallyu star to be chosen as a cosmetics advertisement model in Japan followed by Jang Geun Suk, who works as a model for ‘Aesthetic TBC’.

    In the advertisement Kim Hyun Joong appears wearing a white shirts and stares at a beautiful woman. Kim Hyun Joong looks at her and says, “may I like you?”

    This is the TV advertisement which will catch the female audience’s heart.

    Sankei Sports commented “Kim Hyun Joong’s entering the ‘war’ of cosmetics model led to hallyu star’s CF ‘battle’”.
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  • [News]‘Hang Ten’ retains Kim Hyun Joong as their model


    Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong has once again become the face of casual clothing brand, Hang Ten Korea!

    Hang Ten Korea’s executive director Jung Yong Ha remarked, “Kim Hyun Joong increased the likeability of our brand by modeling for us last year. His image is one that appeals to the masses, and his stylish nature pairs well with our brand’s image.”

    Kim Hyun Joong will be endorsing the brand’s Spring/Summer collection, and will continue to serve as their official model for the next year.

    The concept for this season’s line is ‘casual and easy to wear’; highlighted pieces from the collection include light cardigans and comfortable plaid shirts.


    Source: Thefaceshop Korea

    Hi fans! A lot of rumors going on! KHJ will still be our ambassador until September 2013. During recent 2 year contract period, Kim Hyun Joong has successfully performed his role as a TFS celebrity spokesman, therefore we have decided to continue to use him one more year. He will be our model for both domestic and overseas market. Thank you fans & our dear customers for supporting throughout the years. Have a pleasant evening :-)


    Kim Hyun Joong attended the Face Shop Cocktail Dinner - 2012.06.26


    [News] Kim Hyun Joong’s appearance causes a standstill on the roads - 2012.06.13

    source: http://kpopfever.com/2012/06/kim-hyun-joongs-appearance-causes-a-standstill-on-the-roads/


    On June 13th at 11am, casual brand Hang Ten Korea held the ‘SAVE THE EARTH REFORM CLASS’ with Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong at Pure Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul.
    Hang Ten model Kim Hyun Joong personally participated in the ‘Reform Class’ presenting a unique and useful reform piece using a T-shirt. It was noticeable that there was a crowd of Japanese fans among all the fans gathered to see Kim Hyun Joong in person.
    ‘SAVE THE EARTH REFORM CLASS’ is a part of an environmental effort that is rooted in the meaning of reusing the clothes that are not worn by reforming them into something useful to protect the environment.

  • ThemeNo30-AsiaFanmeets.jpg

    SINGAPORE FANMEET - 2012.05.04
    Video Credit: [email protected]

    [News] Kim Hyun Joong melts 3,000 hearts at fan meet
    source: http://sg.entertainment.yahoo.com


    3,000 fans streamed in armed with posters and lightsticks for the fan meet (Photo courtesy of Running Into The …

    Hallyu wave idol Kim Hyun Joong redefined the meeting of fan-meetings at the Indoor Stadium on Friday night.

    Call it gimmicky or impractical, but the Boys Over Flower star made the dreams of 3,000 fans come true that night when he high-fived and shook hands with all of them.

    To his fans, some of who waited in line until midnight to go palm-to-palm with him, that was just the icing on the cake after a night of songs and games designed to melt the hearts of the hardest cynic in the audience.


    Top 10 highlights of Kim Hyun Joong’s Singapore Fan Meeting 2012

    The Korean heartthrob performed a string of old and new songs from his solo debut and boyband days

    Text: Joanna Goh
    Photos Credit as Tagged


    It felt more like a mini-concert with value-added fan interaction, going by the amount of songs Kim Hyun Joong performed for fans last night at the first stop for his Asia tour of Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting 2012 in Singapore.

    Flanked by a total of 10 dancers, Hyun Joong opened the two-hour long show with fast-paced tracks such as ‘Let Me Go’, ‘Breakdown’ and ‘Please’, and upped the ante of the show when he flaunted his man abs at the end of his third song.

    Singing and dancing non-stop to a total of nine songs from his boyband days, drama shows, and two mini-albums, Breakdown and Lucky Guy, he got his fans to participate in a sing-along for ‘Happiness’, with specially rewrote lyrics in English that went: Happiness without you, I cannot imagine it.

    He got fans cooing when he added in Korean, “I feel that this song truly expresses my feeling to all of you guys. I’ll put in my whole heart, and I really love this line so I’ve prepared it in English so that we can sing it together.”

    We revisit the top 10 highlights of Kim Hyun Joong’s Singapore Fan Meeting 2012 below.Read on and relive the best moments now!

    xinmsn is proud to be the official online media for Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012 Singapore. Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012 Singapore is organised by Running Into The Sun and AMC Group Singapore.

    #1 Hyun Joong’s man abs
    Having evolved from pretty boy next door in Boys Over Flowers to masculine hunk with an enviable bod in his first solo mini-album, Break Down, he teased fans when he unbuttoned his blazer at the end of his third song, ‘Please’, to showcase his ample chest. This definitely explains for his deep-v tops and sexy blazer-sans-the-shirt getup during the event.

    #2 Hyun Joong’s ageyo
    He’s straightforward and a little offbeat, together with his newly-crafted manly image these are some of the many reasons why it’s a rarity to see him do any ‘ageyo’ (cutesy actions) before a crowd. Last night, during the stage activities with five fans, Hyun Joong showed off his cute antics when he reenacted three iconic blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe’s signature moves. That’s priceless.

    #3 First performance of ‘I am Your Man’ on stage
    In the words of Hyun Joong “You guys are so lucky to be here at the stadium with me tonight. Are you curious why? It’s because, this song (‘I am Your Man’) is sang officially on stage for the first time.”

    #4 Live rendition of ‘Because I’m Stupid’
    Before it was recorded as an acoustic soundtrack for Hyun Joong debut acting series, Boys Over Flowers, this song – ‘Because I’m Stupid’ was originally performed by Korean boyband SS501, which leader Kim hails from. Seeing how members of SS501 are concentrating on their solo careers right now, we’re sure fans seated amongst the audience, who are fans of both Hyun Joong and the group, were secretly pleased and delighted when he gave a throwback to his boyband days with this song

    #5 Serenade a fan
    On top of his songs and dance, what’s a fan meet without the usual games and solo serenades? After the game segment with five selected fans who each got to bring home a mini present and truckloads of memories from their moment spent on stage with the Korean hottie, Hyun Joong surprised everyone when he later popped back up on stage, with one of the fans, and serenaded her with the love ballad ‘Marry You’, topping it off with a bouquet of red roses, and a mini cuddle on the bench. And we heard the fan girls breathe a collective sigh of envy when he took that lucky fan by her hand…

    #6 Hyun Joong’s brand of humour
    Yes, the proceedings of the fan meeting was designed and planned by the Korean heartthrob himself. Fans were given a hearty dose of his offbeat humour during his solo serenade when said fan was wheeled out on a hospital bed. The atmosphere was heightened when “he” supposedly leaned in for a kiss with the girl — behind a ‘smoke screen’ — and gasps of shock was heard throughout the crowd. Imagine everyone’s relief when the screen was wheeled away to reveal his dancers behind the ‘kiss

    #7 Mini-concert with lots of singing
    Hyun Joong fives fans more bang for the buck. We counted, the 25-year-old performed to a total of 15 songs last night – an amount that exceeded our initial expectations for a fan meeting.

    #8 Upclose interaction
    He made sure everyone sitting far away were given an opportunity to see him upclose. He reappeared at the back of the hall and slowly made his way to the front of the stage while shaking the hands of fans and dazzling them with his bright smile during a love ballad performance.

    #9 Hyun Joong gets fun with water
    Yes, he took a mouthful of water from a mineral bottle and proceeded to flick the rest of its contents towards the screaming crowd, whom appeared to be more than happy to bask in what we like to call – Hyun Joong’s showers of blessings.

    #10 The high-five session
    Definitely the highlight and record-breaking moment of the night, the 1hr16mins long session saw fans queue up in orderly fashion as everyone took turns to make their way up the stage to ‘collect’ their high-five or handshake with Hyun Joong. For someone who enjoys massive appeal amongst the young and old, we sighted a young toddler, and two elderly 72-year-old Filipino grandmothers, who were on wheelchairs, going for a handshake with him. And yes, he high-fived/handshaked

    Video Credits: [email protected]


    HONGKONG FANMEET - 2012.05.12
    Videos Credit: [email protected]


    TAIWAN FANMEET - 2012.05.18-19]
    Video Credit: [email protected]

    [News] Kim HyunJoong – Taiwan Fan Meeting Tour

    Source: http://news.cts.com.tw/nownews/entertain/201205/201205191005941.html
    English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
    Please repost with full credit

    Korea popular male star Kim HyunJoong held his fan meeting on 18th. Once started he ‘broke egg’ to make his appearance, performing singing and dancing, revealing his abs, other than singing 15 songs passionately. He even had some interactions on stage with fans, filming ‘bed show’.
    ‘U:zoosin’ Kim HyunJoong on 18th & 19th, for 2 nights hold his fan meeting at NTU Sports Center, but the stage effect was totally concert grade. Making his appearance at the start from a planet ‘breaking an egg to come out’, causing fans to scream. He who opened the show with hit song, wearing black jacket, with nothing inside, revealing his ‘dots’ from time to time (Mini UFO: erm… u know what ‘dot’ I m referring to right? kekeke). After the hit dance was ended, the entire line of buttons were unbutton, revealing his abs, causing his lady fans at venue to feel high!
    Other than hit dance and songs, Kim HyunJoong also sang ballad passionately, even invited lucky fans on stage, giving a gigantic teddy bear as present; during mid of the show, he even drew lots to select fans to play game with him, allowing 5 lucky fans to go on stage to pose according to movie poster, among them were ‘looking affectionately at each other’ pose from ‘Water for Elephants’; ‘Standing back to back’ pose from ‘Pretty Woman’; ‘circling waist from back flying high’ pose from ‘Titanic’; but there was a fan who was unlucky and selected the solo photo ‘Amélie’, luckily she still have Kim HyunJoong to help her took a photograph.
    As for the fan who had selected the ‘Joker card’, originally thought that she would not have a chance for close contact, unexpectedly after being sent to back stage, staff ‘placed her on bed’ and pushed her out, causing the envy of all fans! Kim HyunJoong other than singing passionately to her, even made use of shadow to fake kiss her hand. However when the screen was exposed, it had been switched to 2 staff, he and his fans magically raised up gradually on stage, making lots of fans to ‘feel relief’ that both of them didn’t ‘real kiss’.
    This fan meeting cost was over NT3.5million (approx USD117K), Kim HyunJoong had changed 4 sets of costume, basically it was modeled after a concert concept, singing and interactions continued until around 21:40, following by that was the High touch’ moment which fans had long awaited, it was said that Kim HyunJoong had personally made the request for this activity, allowing fans who didn’t have a chance to interact with him to also able to meet their idol in close contact.


    Photos credit as TaGGED
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