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GMA network the new home of Racism !

I am black and i love it. i go to the Philippines at least once a year, i love it there, until i started seeing these GMA's Network billboards painting people black to represent black people. The funny thing is next to is another Billboard that says "it's more fun in the Philippines". I think Filipinos are better this, and better then these shows. I know for fact cause i have lot of great Filipino friends. I think Filipinos should speak out against this. The sad thing is GMA only cares about making money and not about the feelings of the many black filipinos walking around. Just as long GMA can sell the harmful skin whitening product Add, GMA Don't care about the feelings of it's own people. The Millions of black filipinos who never gets represented on the T.V. unless they are painted black. Help by signing this petition.


  • jen_buga
    jen_buga oh yes, gone
    i'd say yes to this..

    just did the sign up
  • I think this belongs in another forum.

    Btw if we considered the feelings of everyone, then we wouldn't be able to do anything.
  • Black is beautiful. Things have changed as far as racism against black is concerned. I dont flinch nor avoid blacks when I see them. The black stigma still exists but people dont think of it until a black person starts exhibiting or behaving like a "black" eg: wife beater, inconsiderate of others, trouble maker, bully, pimping, loud, rude, crude, dude. the black stigma

    What Im trying to say is IF YOU'RE BLACK dont act like BLACK. Same thing goes to other races. If you're a Flip dont act like you're gangsta.

    There's some sense in that somewhere.
  • Bigot3AtBalbas
    Bigot3AtBalbas Kiss me and I'll be
    ipa ban nyo na rin ang mga skin whitening products :bop:
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