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thrift shop addict? anyone?

meron ba ditong mahilig magshopping sa mga ukay-ukay? is there a particular ukay shop that you frequently go to? or are 2nd hand clothes a big no-no for you?


  • gooseberry
    gooseberry very loosey
    I love going to them but I always end up not buying anything. I've got some accessories before but it ended up being back at that donation store after being used.

    Not my style and I don't feel confortable wearing clothes that have been worn by people I don't know. Also, I don't have the patience to rummage over clothes I don't really care for.

    Maybe someday but not now.
  • "one man's trash is another man's gold"

    there are more than just used clothes to pickup in a thrift shop. before the ukay-ukay phenom, thrift shops were dealing with 2nd hand toys, furnitures, accessories, LP vinyl records, and etc etc.

    used to visit the thrift shops along Kamuning.
  • whatthehey
    whatthehey Curves for daysss
    When I go to Thrift shops, I look for rare finds. Vintage bags and clothing pieces.
  • siberius
    siberius veil of ignorance
    vintage bags *okay*
  • There is a shop in CinemaSquare Makati, which sells good quality Ukay items. They say pag may bagong shipment, talagang dinudumog daw yung shop na yun.

    By the way, please visit my PinayAdventure blog for article about the Hermes Birkin Scam. Might interest you.
  • An ukay ukay addict here! I have been posting all my finds on my blog, my recent ones are branded clothing :)
  • now, thrift shops are called ukay ukay shops but before it was also called antique shops.:lol:

    ukay ukay shops are mostly about second hand clothes, appareal, shoes, toys and accesories. but, the original thrift shops never sold clothes and shoes. its mostly old furnitures, collectibles, arts and crafts, and appliances.

    try checking out those old trift shops at Bangkal, Makati.
  • merong old arts and crafts/ collectibles? you have an idea how to go there? at least from EDSA guadalupe? Thank you!
  • have been frequenting ukay ukay shops lately over the past few months and have been timing my visits during the times they have the "freshest" drops, and have been able to score quite a few good items, mostly street wear and some high fashion brands:

    - t-shirt ( carhartt, y-3, martin + osa, fred perry, black chocoolate)
    - shirts ( j.crew, brooks brothers, and a sugarcane shirt)
    - outerwear ( buzz rickson sweater, comme des garcons long sleeve shirt, uniqlo denim jacket, kenneth cole cardigan)
    - and a few other unbranded stuff

    i've seen quite a few other brands during my hunts( raf simons, paul smith, agnes b., a lot of marks and spencer, RL and the other common brands..hehe
  • DefiningX wrote: »
    merong old arts and crafts/ collectibles? you have an idea how to go there? at least from EDSA guadalupe? Thank you!

    to get to Kamuning st., take the bus or MRt to Monumento. if youre taking the MRt, disembark from the GMA Kamuning station and walk towards the Kamuning-EDSA intersection, then travel both sides of the kamuning road. the buses stops directly at the intersection of Kamuning-EDSA.

    to get to Bangkal, take the bus or MRt to Taft. if you are taking the MRt, disembark from the Magallanes station and walk your towards the Evangelista st. then, ride the jeepney towards Cabrerra and tell the driver to stop at Hen. Lim street. the buses stops directly at the Evangelista-EDSA intersection.

    note, second hand items in the Philippines is not in good quality but who knows if you may spot something valuable. some shops do not have price tags so, be smart when buying. it is best to go in the weekends.

  • hi, thanks! I'll visit the places/shops as soon as I find the time (and cash maybe, HAHAHA)
  • partyaddict
    partyaddict The funny one in Rom Coms
    From fellow lookbookers, ok daw sa Starmall Alabang. Of course Baguio (I don't troll around the shops much when I'm there though my latest good find was a black Aldo mid-sized leather overnighter in Epi-like leather for 500 bucks ... I use it now as a gym bag hehe).
  • there is a thrift shop at Katipunan Ave., QC. its a house at Blue Ridge Subdivision full of antiques and old furnitures.
  • toby21
    toby21 Picture Perfect
    No offense meant, but I have to admit I am afraid using anything that's 2nd hand.
  • theres a thrift shop along EDSA before the Santolan overpass going to south. its full of collectibles and antiques.
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