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Why should UST be proud of YOU?

zacharaiolsenzacharaiolsen PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
after graduation, i have met many Thomasians at different points in my lifetime. When i entered the working world and changed careers, or went to different places abroad, i realized some things that are common among us, generally.

most, if not all, are successful in their chosen careers. they really have with them the 3 Cs: compassion, commitment, and competence. they are happy and contented with their lives. they are hospitable, down to earth, very humble, and can blend well with different types of people. most of all, Thomasians are very truthful and God-fearing.

saying that all Thomasians have all these traits would be a lie, perhaps i'm just blessed to have this as my personal experience. its not the school's rich history or unending achievements that i am more proud of, but the culture it promotes to the students. the melting pot that molds students in a unique manner, the principles and values that are unconsciously absorbed by the thomasian community.

we've always been proud of our university, i guess it's time we realize why it should be proud of us.


  • Because I always pay my tuition on time :lol:
  • Hmmmm.... pero by my observation, UST alums are good followers, so in a sense they make good employees, nasa kanya kanya nang traits if they want to be bigger than employees siguro.
  • zacharaiolsenzacharaiolsen PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    yup, napansin ko rin yan. yung mga thomasians na nasa employee level, laging gusto ng mga boss at HR kasi walang reklamo at mabilis matuto, walang arte at mahusay makisama sa mga katrabaho.
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