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MOBO by Lesley Mobo a tale of Modern Couture

Lesley Mobo has carved and polished his own niche of modern couture. Born in Philippines, he began his fashion studies at Central Saint Martins College in London. Mobo’s first appointment in London was at Jasmine Di Milo (Harrods) in 2002, where he employed his demi-couture techniques to their ready-to-wear line for revolutionary results.

MOBO by Lesley Mobo

MOBO by Lesley Mobo couture

MOBO by Lesley Mobo: Silk lined corset dress

MOBO by Lesley Mobo French lace lined dress

MOBO by Lesley Mobo intricate hand beaded dress

MOBO by Lesley Mobo: Modern Couture

MOBO by Lesley Mobo : Leopard hand beaded dress

MOBO by Lesley Mobo

Call us crazy, but we can only think of one spots worthy of Mobo’s quirky style and commercial appeal that are opening up. One is, of course,the very big chair that is creative directorship of the house of Emanuel Ungaro . Although the House of Emanuel Ungaro which would be a much better fit for Mobo than Schiaparelli. And if that’s the case, Emanuel Ungaro’s businessmen can get Mobo to do a good job for less than what Giles Deacon is asking for, they’ll save money and they’ll at least make people curious enough to start talking about Ungaro’s future, and not its past.
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