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hi guys watching Dramas from different parts of the world is a bit educational, you get a glimpse of the way of life, different views, new ideas in terms of technology, acting, sceneries, angle of camera, dialogue, music background, culture, way of thinking,cinematography, fashion...

it can motivate, inspired, at para ka narin nakapapamasyal o nakapunta sa mga foreign countries...

So please, come and share with us your personal reviews. Regardless of positive review or otherwise. Tell us all about the drama, what is interesting, what is not. For the drama that many have not see yet, Shared with your first impression or a sneak preview. Share your thoughts, what is good and not great thing about chilean drama While I will not be the same.
That you would like to share with others. Recommend your favorites Recommend to others.


  • From Chile to the world

    TVN Channel 7 operates national networks, has an international signal and a relevant web. In 1978 it created the drama area and made more than 30 telenovelas and, since 1993 it has produced at least two telenovelas every year reaching such quality in its products that they sell to Mexico, Ecuador, Paraguay and the United States.
    Canal 7-TVN is a national channel and has become the only Chilean channel that has steadily sustained utilities for the last ten years and besides, it has been the top one in the prime time with its own telenovelas. Chile is a country in the south of Latin America made up of 13 regions with a population of 15 million people of wich, 5 million 410 thousand of them live in the capital city, Santiago de Chile.

    “Last decade remarkable results have encouraged us to develop another simultaneous project to the production of a 6-month telenovela and we are producing a third telenovela. This is about the creation of an area of young telenovelas production”, David Belmar explains to TVMAS from their own studios in Chile during our recent visit to those extraordinary facilities. Their stories are also being bought to be adapted such as Amores de Mercado, acquired by Telemundo from the USA which is now under production in Miami.
    The channel managers gave an important step at last MIPCOM where they had a booth to show their products.

    “We are proud of offering high quality products because it took us many years and big investments to specialize ourselves in telenovelas. We have trained our people in different Latin American industries. We have created script writers workshops with relevant people from world literature, film and theatre industries and we have worked with professionals and technicians graduated from important universities. In other words, we have professionalized this job of making telenovelas and television products in general”, said Ernesto Lombardi, commercial director and Daniel Belmar, executive producer.

    Facing this Canal 7 huge growth, its competitor, Canal 13, once the leader, installed its own drama area and bet with a successful telenovela as Machos last year. Its topic is men and the mysteries around them. Its script writers, Coca Gómez, Sebastián Arauz and Pablo Yánez, have captured an audience that did not usually watch telenovelas. “We tried to reach young public to start showing another position”, explains Verónica Saquel, executive producer, in Canal 13 production studios where she was exclusively interviewed by TVMAS. “In an adult language we have serious conversations and we speak about different topics related to familiar planning, homosexuality and the Church role today. All this, from a male point of view. To get to know the mystery of being man is to speak about these young people topics: men virginity, ways of relating themselves in a funny way and how they live with women today”, says the Chilean successful telenovela producer and the person who gave the idea.

    “To penetrate international markets we had to include neutral Spanish and excellent outdoors scenes supported by breakthrough technology and high quality art and photography work”.
    Sony Television International acquired the telenovela for its international distribution during the First Telenovela World Summit held in Miami last year, where the product was introduced by Canal 13 executives in its first stage of production.
  • 291787_2483368406912_1333668810_2951288_1028048942_n.jpg

    Birthday was a Chilean television series in 2011, produced by Valcin Issued by Televisi?n Nacional de Chile Directed by Leonardo Valsecci and written by Jaime Morales ("Temptation", "Mart?n Rivas") and Paula Del Fierro ("My Best Enemy," "red, the film "). The series is about a forced meeting between former classmates in memory of a dead girl ten years earlier in the day just celebrated her 18th birthday. However, the ultimate goal of this meeting will reveal the true causes of his death. The story consists of eight chapters real.Es developed almost time history that lived 10 youths when they were 18. On that occasion celebrating the birthday of Emilia (Juanita Ringeling) group and that day she has an accident and dies, spends a decade and the twin sister of the dead girl Fernanda (Fabiola Matte) reunites the group to find out what was what really happened, because she is sure it was a crime and not an accident. The suspect is in that circle of friends.
  • 181591_129837997086480_122868524450094_180449_243361_n.jpg

    During the cruise on the ice fields of Patagonia's family engaged in marine tourism, celebrating their golden wedding head of the family (Luis Alarcon) and his wife (Delphine Guzman). Passenger appears that no one expected: Amparo (Maria Gracia Omegna), the daughter of a servant of the family, which happened eight years ago, an accident of their fault. Today, modest young woman returns to their lives, becoming an attractive and powerful woman. During the festival, is a series of murders, suspects are all passengers, and the killer is ready to strike again. Investigation begins 8 years ago, all the victims were present at the celebration of the new year on board the ship. At the celebration, which ended in tragedy.

  • In telenovelas, from Latin America and Asia, there is usually a character that we all root for, and then there is that evil character that ruins things for him/her. The difference in Chilean telenovelas is that it really reflects everyday life in that there isn’t always a heroine/villain aspect, in fact, in chilean telenovelas, many times there are no villains at all. They have a different format for the way they make their telenovelas than the way Spanish-speakers and Asians do it. There are no villains in chilean telenovelas, there are just conflicting desires among the characters, which is exactly what makes it more human.

    Chilean Telenovelas: Unlike many telenovela stories, the characters are not larger than life. Instead, they are like everyday people who make everyday decisions. Consequently, the viewers can relate to what is happening in the story.Moral issues arise which produce fruitful debate for the television viewers. There are no simple answers because none of the characters or issues are strictly right or wrong, black or white. The issues and personalities are gray and will cause the viewers to change their minds during the storyline.viewers can savor the panorama, the story and the acting.
  • gergoz24 wrote: »
    high quality picture, cutting edge storyline, innovative plot...chilean telenovelas are a bit more complex, with convoluted subplots, There is no black-and-white cut between good and evil characters, with the protagonists (Bida) often displaying weaknesses like promiscuity, drinking, stupidity, excessive ambition, etc. and the antagonists (contrabida) showing features or motivations that attract sympathy, like abuses suffered in the past, family problems, poverty, etc. It is not uncommon for a villain (contrabida)to attract the sympathy of the public, or even to end well. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for a hero to be relegated to a secondary role due to the actor's lack of charisma.
    it also also approach sensitive social issues and try to present a bit of the country's actual culture (sometimes in an idealized way, though).usually feature themes, cultures, characters, historical and contemporary events and glossy on-location scenery. are often very racy, with ample female nudity...

    seriously?! for a soap opera? primetime? :naughty: can u site some example?!
  • La%2BDo%25C3%25B1a.jpg

    Еste is the portrait of "a woman over 40, now a widow, who comes back, absolutely determined to rule their land under its own law and not taking anyone to impose or tell how to do things. Therefore , is rebellion and conflict. "

    In the first chapter shows the passionate relationship Lisperguer De los Rios and maintained at the same time, two brothers, played by Ricardo Fernandez and Juan Falcon, who characterized the governor of Santiago. In the scenes, the protagonist maintains relations with both and there are several shots of full frontal nudity.

    Another strand of the story is the one carrying the actress Catalina Pulido, a sister of an aristocratic family which becomes Quintrala antagonist. Pulido's role also has a double life: one is married and is conservative and, on the other hand, deals with the frustration of being married to a homosexual (Alejandro Goic), taking a lover, played by Alfredo Castro. The latter character also serves to graph the problem of trafficking in slaves at that time, as it is involved in these talks. And on the side of the Indians, the main figure is an attractive young woman, by Fernanda Urrejola, who faces Catalina de los Rios. He, meanwhile, has as a lover Antonio Campos.

    Sabatini said that the topics of production arising from Chile in 1647, where the soap opera begins: "Behind Quintrala history is a question of gender. Is a woman who struggled to do things as I thought they had to be done in within a patriarchal society. The intolerance was practiced almost like a creed, from the Church. "

    With a cost of nearly 3 million dollars in its more than 90 chapters, "The Lady", based on the mythical and unscrupulous Quintrala, became the most expensive TV series has made Chilevisi?n.

    With no more than 30 actors, led by Claudia di Girolamo in the role of Catalina de los Rios, the series had a considerable investment in costumes looking accurately recreate the fashion of the seventeenth century. The campaign began to prepare strong debut has not yet release date.

    Pablo Nunez is responsible for the look of the production, directed by Vincent Sabatini, who has over 25 years of experience in television, from "Marzipan" through "El show de Gloria Benavides" to "Los Pincheira" " The Lord of the lair "and" Manuel Rodr?guez ".
    Nunez, designer and costume designer of the Municipal Theater, teamed together to tailor Jose Vergara, 14 people have been working for 9 months just for this project. They started making 2 months before starting the recordings. The result: 500 costumes for women (ladies of the city and Indian) and 350 men.
    The designer explains the inspiration for the designs were paintings of Francisco de Zurbaran, Diego Velazquez, the paintings of the San Francisco Colonial Museum and Coello, the court painter of Philip II: "That was in the middle ground of 1500 and the story of "La Do?a\" was developed in 1600, but clearly had an influence of the previous century. In addition, the clothes were inherited from generation to generation. "
    The more different fabrics are used for different pieces: velvet, brocade, silk, satin, burlap, cotton. "From the richest to the poorest, and making original creations like the mix of brocade and mantles, shawls Peruvian those with colored stripes, which works really well. In addition, there have been pleated, with lace trim on thick pressed velvet, making the effect of a patterned fabric. "
    Have also been made leather clothes that looks "La Dona" (Di Girolamo), her husband, Fernando Garcia de Leon (Ricardo Fern?ndez) and foreman Ascencio (Rodrigo P?rez).
    Aging in pan and dry cleaning
    The jewelry worn by women are mostly Peruvian. Claudia di Girolamo bought several in Peru ... "The rest Nunez admits inventory and weapon gem. I used a lot of river pearls."
    For the decorations on clothing items there range as trimmings, embroidery, fabrics and one or shine, because not actually used much at the time.

    "All the costumes are well treated. We must bring the fabrics to an aging process ... In a large pot full costume dips or rough, depending on what needs to be dirty or older. The clothes of the Indians, example, is always dirty, stained to spot. "
    But there is also the reverse process: wash all that dirty. "A lot of blood, sometimes true and other props, and all those soiled clothes must be cleaned. There is much dry cleaning every week," says Paul.
    He does not like picking a favorite among all his creations, but is left with the clothes they used the star. "I'm happy I managed to experience has been very exciting this job."

  • these are edgy telenovelas indeed.very creative and artistic...more?
  • 1257173132966_f.jpg

    Conde Vrolok (Count Vrolok) is a telenovela that mixes the traditional themes of love, class and retribution with sci-fi and supernatural elements including vampires.

    The show, which was produced by and aired on Chilean public broadcaster TVN, takes place during a war during the 1880s and follows the arrival of a mysterious stranger, who is a vampire and whose presence changes the lives of the local town's inhabitants forever.

    The series has been a ratings hit in Chile and has been sold across the region. It was written by Pablo Illanes, who has 3also written on Telemundo Internacional's Donde esta Elisa? (Where is Elisa?), and directed by Maria Eugenia Rencoret, who directed series including Amor en tiemp Record (Love in Record Time).

    Count Vrolok was part of Telemundo Internacional's slate of programming for MIP TV. Other titles that the NBC Universal-owned distributor touted at the market include Where is Elisa?, Gabriel Porras-fronted HD drama Missing, Cruel Love, which stars Carlos Ponce and Behind Every Woman, which is produced by Argos Comunicaci?n\, the Mexican production company owned and operated by Epigmenio Ibarra, which has long coproduced telenovelas with Telemundo.

    In the days of war, 1880, a mysterious stranger and his companions arrive at a small called locality Santa Barbara.

    The town reacts with distrust to the visit of this one mysterious personage, the arrival of this one attractive, seductive man and elegant it totally changes the destiny of this one town. Now of return in Santa Barbara, count Domingo Vrolok (synonymous of vampire in Slovak) unties to the passions of the women and the envy of the men, while the suspicions about the past of the foreigner will increase. Soon, the count will have to face his condition when falling in love with the mistaken woman; Emilia Twig. But, the legendary curse that afflicts to those of its race will be more powerful than the love.

    Vrolok, to the being a vampire, cannot understand the human feelings with clarity. In addition, a love of the past returns to confuse plus the things; the spirit of Teresa Salvatierra has returned to recover his lost love, Vrolok. Domingo is in crossroads between two loves, Emilia and Teresa.

    For surprise of all, Emilia waits for a daughter of Domingo. The unexpected thing is that the small one is devouring its mother on the inside. Desperate situations deserve extreme measures. Once been born the daughter, Domingo and the others they discover, to his grief, that the girl is an old vampiresa, that is to say, is weak before the light, garlic, roses, etc. and he is not everything, Lucio Martino, old and powerful enemy of Vrolok, to arrived at Santa Barbara to take to Monserrat with himself and to kill to that interpose in their plans.
  • 22250_359331626814_1602633_n.jpg

    Soledad Gutierrez (Tamara Acosta) is a hardworking teacher who moved to Santiago from Temuco, and their three children: Leo (Ignacio Garmendia), Damian (Cristobal Tapia-Montt) and Benjamin (Simon Gelsich) in search of a better future and economic stability. The family arrives at the condo "Rincon de Pe?alol?n" where he meets with Guillermo Soledad Bernard (Cristi?n Campos), his love of youth, now a millionaire and owner of the place. Guillermo Soledad abandoned more than twenty years after the marriage request, without any explanation. She never knew the real reason for his disappearance: William was turned into a werewolf and had to get away from it not to hurt.
    William is now a successful and ruthless businessman, and maintains a relationship with wild Kiara (Patricia L?pez), a sexy female werewolf who will do anything to keep Bernard at his side and away from Soledad.
    In college, Leo and Damian know Amanda (Manuela Martelli) and begin to fight for their love, while she is in the middle of the two brothers. Leo, a young interesting and mysterious, that immediately attracts and Damian, a seductive young woman who hides a big heart behind his cool armor, but the conquest by his strong personality. Thus, the moon will play with hearts in a story full of passions and impossible love. People like you and me, who must fight his demons and his nature to love.
  • Los%2BArchivos%2Bdel%2BCardenal.jpg

    Cardinal files is a series of fiction, but based on real events.

    The series tells the story of lawyer Ramon Sarmiento (Benjam?n Vicu?a) and the social worker Laura Pedregal (Daniela Ramirez), both employees of the Vicariate of Solidarity, an organization founded by Cardinal Raul Silva Henriquez, and whose mission was to defend the human rights during the Chilean military dictatorship, between 1973 and 1990. In this institution social workers were tasked with receiving political refugees and their relatives, especially the disappeared. Later, the lawyers were working to bring legal action as a habeas corpus which were designed to protect people.

    The series part with Ramon Sarmiento, a lawyer and member of a high class family that had suffered the expropriation of their farms during the land reform of Eduardo Frei. Researching for the occurrence of bones in a ranch near his own, he meets Laura Sarmiento Pedregal, who works at the Vicarage with his father, Carlos Pedregal (Alejandro Trejo). Together they begin to engage in the stories of those persecuted by the security agents of the dictatorship, as the National Information Center, under the leadership of Christian vicar (Francisco Melo), inspiring role in the story of Father Cristi?n Precht.
  • 423076_270096126402364_1467491855_n.jpg

    In "Life for Life", a new surgeon joined the staff of the Hospital Nathaniel Cox, causing the immediate interest of Dr. Mackenna. On the other hand, the doctor and professor Vasquez, live a persistent harassment of one of his students and chose to put distance between them. Unfortunately, the student had a seizure after the unexpected happened, so they had to go to the nearest hospital, Nathaniel Cox Hospital. Four doctors trying to save lives and, in turn, own and deal with personal problems, will they be all right? The reunion between doctors Mackenna and Vasquez was inevitable, these two former friends had long without being uncomfortable and spoke words about the symptoms and diagnosis of the student. However, after thinking about it, Dr. Vasquez joined the team of doctors Nathaniel Cox Hospital. Maria Teresa, a nurse at the hospital, had a third micro abortion, a fact that led her to lose for a moment the hopes of being a mother, but perseverance and desire to achieve his dream are stronger.Relive and discuss Chapter debut "Life for life, doctors in the emergency"!
  • discovering & learning somethng new...

    HEREDIA & ASOCIADOS http://youtu.be/FGpV3i6AR50
    Carcel De Mujeres http://youtu.be/psFyX7U8Y6Y
  • Serie Chilena HBO: Profugos

    Fugitive is a television series Chilean produced by Fabula Productions . It is transmitted to America by HBO Latin America .

    "Profugos" is worth watching because it shows the best of Chilean talent in action.

    The premise of the series is a drug deal that misfires. Cocaine is brought from Bolivia to Chile to be shipped from there overseas. The group involved is the Ferragut family controlled from prison by Kika, the matriarch. Her right hand man, Salamanca is a heartless criminal, who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Salamanca's troubles go back to the Pinochet era. Vicente Feragut, the son of the woman in jail, must take a second role in the deal. The other members are, Mario Moreno, a man without scruples and an undercover policeman, Tegui.

    The processed drug comes to Chile aboard a gasoline truck. After crossing the border, the next stop is to get the cocaine in wine bottles to be exported. The operation is extremely professional. The initial drop off point was Iquique in the North of Chile, but then, plans are changed to Valparaiso, where a supporting team of the Ferraguts are in place to see that everything is transfer to a merchant ship. Unknown to Tegui, the Ferraguts have three snipers in place, and the police is undercover at the drop site waiting for them at the pier where a bloody battle ensues.

    The following chapters show to what extent these criminals will go in their fight against the forces that are following their steps. The direction is shared by Chilean Pablo Larrain, and Jonathan Jakubowicz from Venezuela. The vision of the writing team composed by Josefina Hernandez, Pablo Illanes, Mateo Iribarren and Pablo Videla, makes exciting television. With the resources of HBO, the end result is one of the best series about power, drug trafficking and law enforcement.

    The four principals do a wonderful job. Francisco Reyes, Nestor Cantillana, Luis Gnecco, and Benjamin Vicuna, a promising young actor whose career has expanded to other international films. The supporting cast is excellent as well, notably, Claudia Di Girolamo, Angelica Castro, Antonia Zegers, Blanca Lewin, Amparo Noguera.

    The beauty of the country comes through in the great cinematography by Sergio Armstrong that photographs the action throughout Chile in spectacular locations.
  • carcel_de_mujeres%201.jpg

    "Prison for Women" is a fiction series that chronicles the adventures of Camila Prado, a famous journalist who is imprisoned, accused of murdering her husband. Through it, we will know the world inside a women's prison. We want to move, learn a new reality and vibrates with the stories. Our idea is to know who is behind these crimes, which actually led to their situation and what life behind bars.
  • i ♥ this teleseries :

    Esperanza=> http://www.myfriend.cl/home/en/?p=28

    La Tirana => http://www.myfriend.cl/home/en/?p=19

    (Goodbye to seventh of line) => http://www.alceproducciones.cl/EN/television/adios.php

    (Letters of a Woman)=> http://www.alceproducciones.cl/EN/television/cartasmujeres.php
  • Infiltradas.jpg

    Athena manages to escape from his confinement with the help of the great love of his youth, the psychologist Horacio Leiva, in order to recover his sister's daughter Minerva remove them in the past. During his flight, Athena Minerva is able to reduce and change clothes with her. Thus, posing as his sister, taking her place in the Brigade Police Investigations (BPI) and ensuring that the cruel sister is detained in the psychiatric clinic.
    Magellan turned into the inspector, is in charge of a squad of detectives infiltrated beautiful and brave, who without knowing it will be led by former actress Athena, who will guide you through the arduous task of uncovering hidden in the mafia family and Santo Domingo step, find the daughter he snatched 20 years ago and is much closer than anyone imagines.
    The detectives will infiltrate the corrupt life of Santo Domingo. Barwoman Nina will be the Hell in the Hall, an exclusive event center where Lucio and his associates give free rein to their excesses. Consuelo will become the personal assistant Lucio. Under the nurse's father, the sinister businessman Faustino health Santo Domingo, and Ivanka infiltrate as the family nanny, learning secrets that go beyond the imaginable.
    Everything is further complicated when the inspector enclosed check Minerva achieved Magallanes has been erroneously confused by his sister Athena, and return to the outside world with the sole mission of destroying her sister and all his followers.
  • 1248150264131_f.jpg

    Without anesthesia
    Love has no prescription

    Jose "Pepe" Qui?ones ( Nestor Cantillana ) unfairly blamed for the death of his sister and left the country for Switzerland again ten years later, this time with Pablo Goicoechea identity and a different look to avenge themselves on who was to blame of the tragedy, Dr. Alfonso Valenzuela ( H?ctor Noguera ), the renowned director of the Clinica Santiago. There, Paul meets Antonia Valenzuela ([Angela Prieto]]), daughter of the famous doctor and girlfriend of Dr. Barbiri ( Paulo Brunetti ), which became his instrument of vengeance and later in his Achilles heel, because it madly in love with the internal and Alicia ( Varleta Carolina ) will be attracted by the new doctor and will be used to achieve the much coveted scholarship to study abroad. Things are no longer equal, Dr. Valenzuela will be surprised by his wife Isabel ( Magdalena Max-Neef ) infidelity in a relationship with the head nurse of the institution, Laura Santana ( Antonia Zegers ), Dr. Montalban ( Willy Semler ) attempt harm by all means the director with the help of Araceli ( Alejandra Herrera ), his wife, although this is denied. The chaos will take over the clinic and the secrets and lies of the past begin to come to light.
  • comic novela


    Alegre and dreamy, our protagonist is a girl as surely as extra kilos. Responsible and beloved only daughter of Aurora and Martial, is also one of the most outstanding students of the "New Times School", proposed by the "nerd" unconditional friend Jerry and SDC and Pepa.

    However, not everything that glitters is gold, and despite the constant smile of Amelia, the girl's heart is incomplete. The reason? Carter Carrington, popular and arrogant son of the director Bestiana, wonderful boyfriend who Sophia and Amelia is in love in silence for years, not more than indifference in response.

    Clumsy and impulsive, Genius is released by Amelia after being trapped in the bottle for more than two centuries. In good heart but bad magic skills, Genius will only complicate the lives of Amelia and his close, especially when the girl discovers that he is not otherwise Linda Fairy who really has power.

    Empe?ecido due to an error of Linda and the sensual love Ricarda, Genie empecinar? in reversing the desire of his mistress, arriving at New Era School as Professor "Sim Sa La Bim" and touching the danger of being discovered by Bestiana, who is obsessed with the desire of eternal youth.

    Can you outwit the crafty genius Bestiana and wicked witch of the mirror? This time, it is he who needs magic.

    A platonic love ironically change the life of the girl, when during the school shower victim of a cruel joke led by Carter, and plunged into sadness, know that a magic genie to become the beautiful, slender Carrie .

    However .... Will the thin solution to the problem of Amelia, or the beginning of his worst nightmare? Is it true that the fine is more fun? And more importantly how long you can hide your secret Amelia friends and acquaintances?

    These and other responses will be part of the journey of Amelia in "Gordis." A hilarious and magical adventure with Genie, promises to get us laughing while we discover that true beauty is not physically, if not the purity of heart.

    Statuesque and charismatic Carrie is release "Barbie" Amelia created by the genius Eugene. However, although at first she and Amelia are the same person in different bodies, the blonde slowly develop its own personality, coming dangerously close to the side of the popular and completely forgetting that his mission to avenge the honor of Amelia.

    So blinded by fame be Carrie, who not only betray the values ​​of Amelia, but it will struggle with it to keep your body once one of them can only exist in reality, achieving overcome it and sending it to the remote and isolated Land "Gordipolis". Free and frivolous, Carrie will live under the rules popular with Carter Carrington, reign the most cruel and vain stage has been seen in the New Era School.

    Will Carrie get away with it and live forever destined to Amelia reality, or is the pure heart of its creator who saved chubby?

  • trivias:

    ♥ Televisa Mexico: La Madrastra ("The Stepmother"), another Chilean soap but better known by its Mexican remake, about a woman who, while attempting to solve the Miscarriage Of Justice who left her in prison for two decades, ends becoming the stepmother of her own children (who were told she died and were too young to remember her when she was sent to jail). And that's before the plot becomes truly convoluted.

    ♥Televisa Mexico Salom?- is a remake of :telenovela "La Colorina" (Chile, Protab para canal 13 UC-TV), where the heroine was played by Liliana Ross and her friend by Violeta Vidaurre, the gallant was Patricio Achurra.

    ♥TV Azteca Mexico Marea Brava- is a remake of telenovela "Marparaiso" (1998, Canal 13 de Chile) with Cristian Campos as Ivan Andrade.

    ♥Zorro: La Espada Y La Rosa ("The Sword And The Rose"). Yes, there was a Zorro telenovela (loosely inspired by Isabel Allende's (Chilean Author) Hotter and Sexier version).

    Alguien Te Mira



    ?D?nde Est? Elisa?



    Gitanas (It was largely based on the Chilean telenovela Roman?)



    La Casa de al Lado (This mystery is a remake of Chilean telenovela La familia de al lado produced by TVN in 2010-2011 and is being adapted by the author of the original, Jos? Ignacio Valenzuela.)



    Sin Verg?enza (It is based on the 2006 TVN comedy-drama Entre Medias ("In Between")


  • Los Herederos Del Monte ( It is a remake of Chilean telenovela Hijos del Monte produced by TVN in 2008.)





    Los Plateados is a remake of telenovela "Los Pincheira" (Chile, 2004) with Francisco Reyes and Paz Bascu??n.



    Amor Descarado is a remake of telenovela "Amores De Mercado" (Chile, 2001) with Alvaro Rudolphy, Angela Contreras, Luciano Cruz Coke and Alejandra Fosalba.



    MACHOS, a TV Azteca remake of a successful Chilean novela first aired by UCTV Channel 13 in Santiago. Offering 120 one-hour episodes, this production has been well received by the audiences of Latin America and some Asian countries. In Colombia it garnered an impressive 43% share on its premiere; while in Mexico its average share is that of 27%. Machos is the story of a traditional family conformed by 7 brothers who have been raised under the strictest and most rigid views? that is until a woman makes them fight for her love

    UCC 13 CHILE


    Primera Dama (stylized as Deseos de Mujer) and English (first Lady) is a Colombian telenovela Caracol Televisi?n\, adaptation of the eponymous Chilean telenovela Channel 13 in 2010.

    UCTV Chile

    Caracol Colombia
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