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Why Most Entrepinoys Have Very Little Success In Business

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Recently, I had a conversation with a full-time call center
agent aspiring to be an entrepreneur.

She said she’s tired of her job and I asked her “Why?”

“Ok naman ang sahod but I don’t get a chance to spend more
time with my kids.” She said.

Then she added, “I like my team (officemates) but I think it
changed my lifestyle. I’m in this job just for the salary
lang talaga.”

“So what’s your plan?” I asked.

“I’ll start a small sari-sari store in our subdivision.” She

In my mind, it tells me her thinking is too small.

So I tried to persuade her to think BIGGER and start a
business where she can make at least twice or thrice of her
current income or can potentially make her a millionaire.

But I knew she didn’t like what I said. She probably felt
that I’m killing her business idea.

The following morning my thoughts are still with her and our

I’m just wondering why most aspiring entrepreneurs would
like to start a “too small” businesses.

Is it lack of capital? Lack of experience? Lack of education
maybe? I’m not sure.

While thinking through this, I turned on my TV and saw the
scene where a rich business woman is mistreating a poor

Then it hit me…

One reason why some Filipinos have a “too small” business
idea is they don’t want to become like this rich abusive
business woman.

But it’s in their subconscious so they’re not aware of it.

They would rather be like Dolphy in Home Along Da Riles
where they’re poor yet they’re happy.

Unfortunately, that thinking also implies that you can’t be
rich and be happy.

The truth is, the size of your business and your success
will only be limited by your thinking.

Break the old “Bahay Kubo” mentality and think BIGGER.

Remember, if you start a business you’ll spend a lot of your
time, money, and sweat on it.

You might as well be handsomely rewarded by your business.

You deserve it kabayan.


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