rapid heart rate

ang bilis po lagi ng tibok ng puso ko.kahit ngpapahinga lang ako nasa 110-120bpm sya.kapag pagod po o kaya puyat lalong mbilis saka forceful yung pagtibok niya. minsan po kailangan ko huminga ng malalim kasi feeling ko kinukulang na ng oxygen yung lungs ko sa sobra bilis ng heartbeat ko. pwede po ba akong atakihen sa puso kapag laging ganito?ano po kaya ito. may sakit na po ba ako sa puso?


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    Have you been to a physician regarding this? Your fast heart rate may indicate abnormalities in the body. A very good assessment of the heart is needed, together with other tests to rule out common causes of tachycardia like thyroid diseases, anxiety, anemia, infection, etc.
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    thanks for the advice po.just had my check up last week.hindi lang *** masyado mbilis heart rate ko irregular din.sabi ni doc my problem daw sa electrical conduction sa puso ko tapos dahil late n ko ngpatingin ngkaron na rin ng prob yung left venticle ko mejo enlarged daw. pg-aaralan p daw ni doc kung may relationship yung previous heart condition ko sa symptoms ko ngayon. pahinga daw muna ako, iwas stress and anything n pde mg accelarate ng heart rate tapos may binigay din sya n gamot pampnormalize ng heart rate. ng advise din sya n mg-oxygen ako kapag natutulog may sleep apnea din kasi ako. msama daw yun para sa puso ko kasi ngkukulang daw yung oxygen supply sa heart muscles ko kapag tumitigil ako sa paghinga at pde daw atakihen ako sa puso habang natutulog. balik daw ako next week for more exams.
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    Your physician is right, you should avoid stressors and caffeine-rich foods for now, until you are more stable. The medicine will significantly help in controlling the heart rate, which will also decrease episodes of palpitation. Your obstructive sleep apnea should also be managed since this an important risk factor which may further aggravate your condition.
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    Your biggest stressor right now is lack of info. You could be scared and fear the unknown, so address that by reading up on these conditions -- tachycardia, sleep apnea, ischemia and arrhythmia. That way, you can ask your doctor more intelligent and specific questions.

    For example, you can ask your doctor what type of tachycardia you have. As for your sleep apnea, explore the other intervention options. Apnea is rather common and could be present in a person for several years. But, perhaps, yours is rather severe to warrant oxygen supplementation. Typical interventions are behavioral change (no more alcoholic drinks; sleeping on your side), medication, and oral appliances to keep your air passage open.

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