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How do you deal with anti-anime critics?

How do you deal with people who oppose anime's existence and influence?

Below is a caricature reflecting the mindset of some people who opposed anime based on moral and religious grounds.



  • ObjectionObjection Too much winning PExer
    Havent met one anti-anime critic before, its either people are hooked watching this stuff or they dont

    They know probably understand they saying... if they dont like it, just STFU

    Below is the image... yeah you know the drill

  • sharkey360sharkey360 Member PExer
    Does religion influence your views about anime?
  • ObjectionObjection Too much winning PExer
    sharkey360 wrote: »
    Does religion influence your views about anime?

    Meh, internet has already corrupted me, seeing some of the dark side of humanity, it's like waiting for the question...can anime top that

    So please dont overthink much about petty things like relationship of religion and anime :lol:
  • sharkey360sharkey360 Member PExer
    Objection wrote: »
    So please dont overthink much about petty things like relationship of religion and anime :lol:

    You should tell that to those who consistently speak out against anime. I have nothing against anime.
  • kesoluvskesoluvs Your Handsome GF ✭✭✭
    as far as I know i haven't encounter such people.
    most of them doesn't oppose anime but its just not their interest
  • hethlerhethler Moderator PExer
    Anime is my thing.

    Tulad ng iba na patay na patay sa Koreanovela (at lahat ng "vela"), that's their thing and this is my thing.

    Heck if you take it (reference to what the images says below) seriously.So far naman wala pa naman akong na-encounter na nasabihan ako ng ganun. Normally they just got surprised that I'm still into this thing :D
  • keehlnatekeehlnate Best Wrestler in the World ✭✭
    e di wag mo pansinin. Hindi mo naman kawalan yun.
  • AbulugAdventureAbulugAdventure Fate Harlaown's husband ✭✭
    I haven't encountered anime critics. However, I have encountered some anti-manga peepz. These were usually the persons who are practicing and/or favoring the Western style of drawing. Some of them are working for Marvel...and several of these idiots are Pinoys! Not just ordinary Pinoys, but mlti-awarded Pinoys!

    These guys make my blood boil!
  • sharkey360sharkey360 Member PExer
    A friend of mine who graduated high school last March said that the guest speaker (a lady of over forty, a veteran educator and reportedly an author of locally published school books) during his graduation ceremony at school spoke out against pop culture and modern entertainment arts. Intriguingly, she spoke out negatively and a lot on anime which she described as a "clear and present danger" to both kids and teenagers.
  • hethlerhethler Moderator PExer
    sharkey360 wrote: »
    she spoke out negatively and a lot on anime which she described as a "clear and present danger" to both kids and teenagers.

    Fck! Kaya nga meron tayong "Parental Guidance". How your kids grow up depends sa lifestyle, values and environment sa bahay.

    Paki-tanong kung sino itong speaker na ito, gagawa ako ng hate letter :rotflmao:
  • AccIdPExAccIdPEx Harmony–Seeking Idealist PExer
    Anime-critics like yung mga nagsasabing isip bata lang ang may gusto nun? Bah, humbug! :lol:
  • hethlerhethler Moderator PExer
    Anyway, correct me if I'm wrong ha, pero diba kapag sinabing anime-critic meaning they are watching the show??? As in watching the show faithfully, hindi yung random comment lang just because nakapanuod siya ng isang episode na may violence, etc. Tama ba?

    Parang ako, I'm a self-confessed Windows Phone Evangelist so whenever I give critic to iOS, RIM, Android, Symbian, I can basically qualify my arguments because na-experience ko silang lahat gamitin (and to date meron ako nung lahat and Windows Phone is the best :hiya:)

    Anyway, I just realized parang confusing yung thread title kasi I think "anti-anime" is different from "anime-critics"??? :hmm:

    anti-anime ---- wala, yung mga boring na tao at walang ibang mapansin kundi anime :rotflmao:
    anime critic --- yun nga, watching the show faithfully hindi lang random episodes

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