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Boxers vs. Briefs: Nakakabaog ang masikip na underwear?

Male infertility: boxers vs. briefs stirs up hot debate

This week the UK press has been buzzing over a new study that finds that for men with infertility issues, lifestyle changes such as cutting smoking and alcohol don't make much of a difference. But avoiding tight-fitting underwear does. On Wednesday, the National Health Service issued a report that it hopes will clear the air, claiming the study's findings were "overblown" for hype.
"Before dads-to-be ponder the boxers-vs-briefs debate over a beer, a cigarette and a burger, it should be noted that the research behind today's attention-grabbing headlines does not suggest that unhealthy living is not detrimental to ***** quality," reports NHS.

The study -- carried out by researchers from the University of Manchester, the University of Sheffield and the University of Alberta in Canada -- looked at a very select group of men with fertility problems, and the findings indicate "very little about the general population or the effects of these vices." The reports adds: "Also, the study has not explored the reasons the men were experiencing fertility problems."

In the findings, researchers found no association between ***** motility and smoking, alcohol, recreational drug use or being overweight, although wearing tight underwear was associated with reduced ***** motility.

The researchers recruited 2,249 men from 14 fertility clinics around the UK. The men had been trying for a baby with their partner for at least 12 months. They filled in detailed questionnaires about their background and lifestyle and provided ***** samples, which were examined for healthy *****, or ***** that swim at normal speeds.

Around 40 in 100 men had a low number of healthy ***** -- but these men were no more likely to smoke, drink, use drugs, or be overweight than men with normal ***** count. However, they were more likely to work in manual labor and less likely to wear boxer shorts. The study appears in the journal Human Reproduction.

Previous studies have suggested that wearing tighter underwear could slow ***** production by raising the temperature of the testicles. WebMD cites that other research points to the chemicals used in manufacturing, building, and other types of manual work as possibly playing a role in reducing men's ***** count.

source: yahoo

true kaya to?

buti na lang di ako naguunderwear. kidding :rotflmao: :rotflmao:

eh kayo?

boxers o brief?

pa-thread lang


  • not true! :hmm:

    just had a kid :bashful:

    i always wera my underwear.. tight and sexy :rotflmao:
  • ^mali pa title ko dapat "boxer vs. briefs" pwede bang baguhin hahaha :rotflmao: :rotflmao:

    ayun. title edited 12:18 pm
  • i wear my boxers but they are tight because i have a huge d1ck, my boxers always gets ripped off so i decided, f.u.ck it. ill go commando for the ladies' delight. when i do my 1000 crunches bebeh, my d1ck lifts weight.

    ladies, you know that i got abs.
  • hell_boy04 wrote: »
    not true! :hmm:

    just had a kid :bashful:

    i always wera my underwear.. tight and sexy :rotflmao:

    ah talaga,
    nice congrats pala *okay*

    well, i wear boxers mas madalas pag nasa bahay pero pag nasa labas mostly briefs, mahirap nang makitaan nang boner in public :rotflmao: :rotflmao:
  • Simula bukas, hindi na ako magsusuot ng underwear. :lol:
  • Aizrith wrote: »
    ah talaga,
    nice congrats pala *okay*

    well, i wear boxers mas madalas pag nasa bahay pero pag nasa labas mostly briefs, mahirap nang makitaan nang boner in public :rotflmao: :rotflmao:

    thanks bro! ;)
  • I stopped wearing when I hit puberty. Everytime I get a boner It just get ripped off. Besides, more stuff to take off.
  • limahllimahl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i alway wear boxer brief even at work sometimes boxer short when sleeping i dont use brief anymore theyre to tight for me
  • JoBoy08JoBoy08 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i wear both, at the same time. call me jologs, naduy, or weird.. but i feel naked with briefs only, then pants na, unless masikip n talaga yung pants.

    i think this habit started during high school and early college, wherein I and my friends wore basketbll jerseys inside our school uniform or jeans just so we can be ready for pick-up games after school.
    I'm referring to basketball games nga pala, heheh.

    onT: I don't think na nakakabaog yun, but it's also true that ***** production is more favorable pag maluwag ang crotch area. Anyway, it only takes one active swimmer naman e.
  • lawrence1lawrence1 PEx Rookie ⭐
    i have tight boxers and loose boxers depende sa mood ko. i dont think so, me kids ako ehhh.
  • Definitely! Nakakabaog talaga ang tight briefs and boxers. May studies na about dito.
  • PinoySaNorwichPinoySaNorwich PEx Rookie ⭐
    Exact fit but not tight na briefs.

    Kalolokohan ang study na yan. :lol:
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