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is prostate massage ***** or not?


"[BeginQuote]Originally Posted By: Heather

I have found prostate massage a fine solution to a paradox I was confronted with in my family.

***** is prohibited in the bible, but with two teenage sons I know all too well the facts of modern adolescent life. I prohibited ***** in my house and was rewarded with messy sheets on an almost daily basis from nocturnal emissions.

Then a friend told me how she stops both in her household, via prostate massage. Now I drain the boys daily by having them take turns bending over the sink, dropping their pants while I insert a finger into their ***** and manipulate the prostate until they expel ***** into the sink.

Naturally I wear a surgical glove and use KY jelly to minimise discomfort.

I find this an excellent, non-sexual way of releiving their frustration and saving them from the sins of ***** and pre-marital sex. The youngest has this done daily, although I now find with my eldest I have to drain him in the mornings before school and in the evening before bed. At first it took a lot of effort to stop them from touching their penises when I massaged them, but now they are accustomed to it.

I recommend this to mothers everywhere, and also use this technique on my husband when his advances are unwelcome. The obvious health benefits for a man in his 40s are attractive too, and I have purchased a PS2 from this company for him to use.

Dear Sister Heather,

I believe thou are a sinful woman, who doth have a strange earthly craving. Thy surgical glove will not protect the from the sins of prostate penatration.

Does thou also picketha they nose with the same finger that thou anally poketha?

Remember, sins of the finger, will cause God to remove thy finger. Does thou only want nine fingers, Sister Heather?

We of the Forum will pray for you Sister and hope that you will turn from your sinful ways.

Yours sincerely,

Brother Blake

P.S. I think thou are full of bulletha, but you did give us a laughetha.


  • haha pag naenjoy nila sobrang kakaprostate massage baka naman mas gugustuhin na nila maging bakla para sa pw3t sila tirahin hehe
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