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Not a call center job but with call center pay!!!


We need Sales Support Specialists

-assist salespeople in the US by acting like a virtual secretary, depending on the need a sales support specialist is tasked to do research, create contracts, compute discounts among others.

-this is absolutely a non-voice account. The only instance you need to call would be just to follow-up very urgent deals.

-this is not a chat support account, you work at your own pace. It is an office job!

-schedule is fixed night shift, weekends off.

-we have a high annual performance bonus

-we offer a high basic salary and allowance(compared to other non-voice accounts)

-since you work at your own pace, you can take your break antime you want, listen to your ipod(yes, gadgets are allowed on the floor)

-you can speak your native dialect on the production floor(but this doesn't mean you're not required to be fluent in English)

-you can bring your food on the production floor(and eat it of course.) =)

-HMO available the day after you pass the training(if you are married, your spouse and 2 kids are covered)


You MUST be a COLLEGE GRADUATE, must be a 4 or 5 year course. (very strict requirement)

-preferably with call center experience(one year up)

-if you do not have any call center experience, we prefer those who have sales experience(field sales, medical representatives), marketing, advertising experience.

-ex-bank and currently employed bank employees are welcome to apply.

-FRESH GRADUATES with excellent communication skills with high grades are welcome.


Please send me your updated resume at [email protected]. Questions about the job, compensation package and others will be answered thru text. You will be receiving an interview invitation once I receive your resume.

***referred applicants have a higher chance of passing. HR expects that referred applicants have been pre-screened. Submit your resume now, slots are limited, we do not hire continuously.


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