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Bullet in the Face (IFC)

been reading this for quite a while the producers say the MOST VIOLENT TV-series that will ever be produce.. (mala Sin City).. can't wait to see how this play out...:D

and now the trailer is finally out!


“A series about a psychotic criminal trying to juggle the demands of violence and an active social life.”

“It stars Canadian actor Max Williams as Gunter Vogler, a brutally psychopathic, deliriously misogynistic German assassin-turned-cop. The character is utterly without conscience or filter, shooting people indiscriminately and accompanying it with radically offensive invective. The blood spurts freely and often. Eric Roberts and Eddie Izzard co-star as wacko mob bosses…We see Gunter in a church using a crucifix as a backscratcher and casually lumping former VP **** Cheney with Hitler and Stalin in conversation. He mows down basketball players on a court as if taking target practice.”

Premiere August 16 and 17th


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